Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Mr. President, please speak, not tweet, to the people

November 19, 2017 --

Reaction to the Democratic gubernatorial wins in Virginia and New Jersey point to what the lead editorial in the November 9 Wall Street Journal called "The Anti-Trump Wave." The lead story in the November 9 New York Times declared "The American suburbs appeared to be in revolt against President Trump...," and referred, in the headline to "SUBURBAN ANGER/ AT TRUMP...."

What, LPR wonders, are that "Anti-Trump" voters so mad about -- a rising stock market, reduced unemployment, stable fuel prices, cutbacks in regulatory rule imposed not by Congress but by President Obama with his phone and his pen?

Is the heavy-handed campaign on the left, joined by GOP Never Trumpers, based mainly on hatred for Donald J. Trump, having an impact on voters, generally? How many hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, would the vast media war on President Trump amount to -- if tabulated?

LPR calls on President Trump to address the American people from the Oval Office -- not by tweet -- and respond calmly, and, indeed, eloquently, to the non-stop campaign of political hate directed against him throughout his presidency and, indeed, well before.

LPR believes that the country needs this speech as rallying point for the people who made Mr. Trump their duly-elected president, to point up the mean-spirited nature of "The Resistance," and to persuade congressional Republicans that it is time they supported President Trump in his campaign to give voice to the politically voiceless, to those desparaged by leftists as "deplorables" -- and, indeed, to make America great again. The way of the left would consign the American people to a future of national misery and demoralization. Lead the American people, Mr. President, by revitalizing our legacy of liberty and let them appreciate how it is you, not the left, who defends our Constitution and the liberties it was established to protect.