Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Speak Up, Republicans, Speak Up

May 19, 2021 --

Lead articles in The New York Times, the week-end of May 1-2 provide evidence that Republicans are fools if they believe the hostility from the left is directed solely at Trump - and his "base."   That the Republican National Committee and  elected Republicans refuse to join in forceful response to the left's vicious anti-GOP propaganda campaign leaves one to wonder:  have Democrat moles successfully infiltrated  the RNC (and GOP leadership in Congress)?

Here are the lead headlines in the Pravda-like New York Times for May 1 and May 2.

              NATIONWIDE PUSH 
              TO RESTRICT VOTE

              TO EXPAND POWER
              OF POLL WATCHERS



               Fear That Observers Will
               Target People of Color
               to Suppress Vote

The first thought that comes to mind is that the Times intends to bolster possible corporate execs who may be wavering in remaining part of the left's campaign , in the words of David Plouffe, Obama acolyte,  to thoroughly destroy Trump and his kind. -- his kind referring to anyone failing to march in lockstep with the totalitarian-minded Democrats.  The May 1 and May 2 lead headliens are obviously signals to corporate America to remain steadfast in attacking the "racist" Republicans.

(It has been said that Democrats now agree that America is not a racist country.  But have they backed down from the slander the Republicans are racists?)

And see how The Pravda-like Times publishes anti-factual information in its campaign to address the toxic effects of the Trump presidency.  There is, of course, no daylight between the propaganda of the Democratic National Committee and the "reports" printed in the faux "news" columns of the Times.

The fourth paragraph in the poll-watching article reported that "Republican lawmakers in major battleground states seek to make voting harder and more  confusing through a web of new election laws [and] are simultaneously making a concerted legislative push to grant more autonomy and access to partisan poll watchers...."

The writer-cum-propagandist Nick Corasaniti continued in the next paragraph. Charging that "election officials and voting rights activists alike" are "alarmed" by the "effort," he referred to "a long history of poll watchers being used to intimidate voters and harass election workers, often in ways that  target Democrat-leaning  communities of color and  stoke fears that have the overall effect of voter suppression."

This partisan Times "reporter" falsely and maliciously cited "Mr. Trump's lies about last year's presidential contest, which included complaints about insufficient poll watcher access."

Please compare this account how poll watchers in Michigan were barred from observing ballot counting. 


And how could there have been poll-watching when vote-counting in key states was halted overnight, as  vote harvests were brought for unseen counting to key precincts?

An ACLU official was quoted in this propaganda pronunciamento as accusing Republicans of promoting "'the Big Lie."  (What else would we expect from an official of the far left radical ACLU -- that is strangely silent about the intimidating practices of cancel cuiltists at social media outlets?)

The penultimate paragraph of this "Big Lie" report, itself, acknowledges that while "widespread reports of intimidation never  materialized last year, voting rights groups say the atmosphere after the election represents a dangerous  shift ion American elections.  Unstated by propagandist  Corasaniti is the identity of these "voting rights groups."  Does anyone doubt that they are auxiliaries of the totalitarian-minded Democrat party?

The Republican National Committee and the GOP congressional leadership should be protesting to the heavens the scurrilous lies of the left and its media minions.  True, it is unlikely that their protests would be printed in the Pravda-like Times.   (Did Pravda ever print letters criticial of Stalin?)  Still the GOP should be holding press conferences denouncing the lies of the left in accusing conservatives of falsehoods.

And, perhaps more importantly, the Republican congressional leadership should purge its membership of those who would make common cause with the totalitarian-minded left, like a Liz Cheney, for pertinent example.  That Cheney is third-ranking House Republican member is intolerable.  Who is in charge of Republican congressional policy?  The deference-to-Democrats consultant Frank Luntz?

How can a Republican president ever hope to drain the swamp when his own party is silent as leftist propagandists cheat in elections and lie about GOP efforts to restore fair and honest balloting, with transparent and trustworthy vote-counting?

Perhaps the only political phenomenon worse than a Never Trumper is a Silent Republican.  Speak Up for Liberty, Republicans.