Friday, October 23, 2020
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Senators Tell State Department to Resist

November 19, 2019 --

The ten Democratic  senators on the Committee on Foreign Relations sent a letter to the State Department  November 12, calling on Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan and Under Secretary of State for Management Brian Bulatao to "unequivocally support and protect" the State Department officials who are expected to testify at the House impeachment inquiry.   The letter explained, "We are writing you, and not Secretary Pompeo, because his silence to date speaks volumes."  The letter accused the secretary of failing "to stand up for his Department's own people, despite their steadfast service to our country, despite their dedication to public service without regard to party, president, or politics.    The letter also stated:  "Given Secretary Pompeo's dereliction of duty in protecting Department personnel from... attacks, we call on you to take all necessary steps to protect them, and other officials who come before Congress, including addressing any threats to their safety and ensuring they do not suffer any retaliation or reprisals."

The letter requests that the officials "do your part to show employees that the Department stands with them, and remains supportive of their sacrifices in the name of our national security."   It concludes with the request for "an update within three business days of the steps you are taking in support of Department personnel."   

Do the minority senators on the Foreign Relations committee have an article of impeachment to recommend to House Democrats charging the president with endangering "national security."   

The letter does seem to encourage the deputy secretary and undersecretary to undermine Seceretary Pompeo and join the resistance.

LPR is puzzled by the demand for an update "within three business days," or did the minority on the committee suddenly gain equality with their Republican colleagues?