Friday, March 05, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Continued Assistance From Strangers

August 22, 2020 --

Returning to New York City from his afternoon at Robert Moses State Park, August 20, LPR got on the escalator at the Babylon station leading to the train platform, carrying three bags and a beach chair. 

That's when he learned that escalators can indeed be dangerous. 

LPR tripped and fell, as the moving steps continued to carry him to the train platform.  He lost his flip flops -- they continued moving up to the platform; two of the bags and beach chair went down the moving steps. 

Someone stopped the escalator and two men came down to help LPR get up.  His left arm and right leg suffered what are usually called contusions.

LPR managed to gather the flip flops and two bags. Strangers brought the third bag and beach chair to LPR.   

LPR continued to the train, and a Babylon policewoman and LIRR personnel came to his aid and told him that there iwas an ambulance waiting for him below. 

LPR assured this rescue party that he looked worse than he was and would be able to take the train to New York City.  A conductor for the LIRR brought him a carton filled with packages of drinking water and told him to use as many as were needed to wash the  wounds on arm and leg.   

LPR thanks the LIRR personnel, Babylon police and strangers who came to his assistance at about 5.30 p.m., the evening of August 20.  Reaching the A subway train and sitting down, a young woman ask LPR if he was all right. 

LPR explained that he got into a fight with an escalator at the Babylon train station.  Of course, he then gave this concerned young woman the LPR business card, asking her to visit the site and tell friends about Lonely Pamphleteer Review.