Saturday, September 30, 2023
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Les Miserables and Susan Boyle:
A Match Made in Heaven

January 5, 2023 --

LPR, of course, had been familiar with the name Susan Boyle, but was unaware of the context of her emergence as a very talented singer. That changed recently, when, quite by chance, LPR learned that Simon Cowell's "Britain's Got Talent" was the show that, in 2009, brought Ms. Boyle to the attention...of the entire world! And by seeing, via YouTube, that video of "Britain's Got Talent," LPR subsequently learned that a country's status as sovereign nation might well be defined as whether or not it has its very own "got talent" series. Why, even Iran has a "got talent" franchise -- not to mention countries including Germany, France, Canada, Israel,, China and Russia. Perhaps the cause of world peace and reconciliation would best be served if the United Nations made way for the "International Got Talent League," led, of course, by Simon Cowell, as secretary general. (Helpful hint -- to view the varied "got talent" franchises around the globe, just type a country's name followed by "got talent.')

This link opens to the Susan Boyle Story, with Piers Morgan as host, and including Susan's idol, Elaine Paige, who, herself, had no little difficulty getting opportunities to become Britain's first lady of musicals. (See the Wikipedia entry for the enormously talented Ms.Paige.). This link ends with a poignant perfomance that LPR will let visitors discover for themselves -- while acknowledging that it brought joyous tears to LPR's eyes. The link also includes video of Cameron Mackiintosh, the British impresario who turned the original French musical version of Les Miserables, into an international phenomenon. Who can disagree with the assessment of Mr. Mackintosh that Susan Boyle and Les Miserables were made for each other? Now make sure you view the concluding musical number on this link.