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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Timid Impotent Party, Instead of Grand Old Party?

June 5, 2023 --


New York Times editorial writer David Firestone flexed his propagandistic muscles, May 17, with an opinion screed accusing Republicans of "Inflict[ing] Cruelty on the Poor." ("How to Use the Debt Ceiling to Inflict Cruelty on the Poor"). Here are the two lead paragraphs of that column:

"Seen from outside Washington, the debt ceiling battle might seem like an abstract argument between the political parties over federal spending and deficits. But for millions of low-income Americans who depend on the federal government for health care and basic nutrition, the debate is about their very lives. That’s because Republicans have singled them out, yet again, as a prime target in this year’s extortion scheme.

"The bill that Speaker Kevin McCarthy muscled through the House last month would impose tough new work requirements on Medicaid, food stamps (now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) and welfare for needy families. The demands would effectively cut off health care for 1.7 million low-income people and cut off food stamps for 275,000 people. House Republicans say that if their demands are not met, they will refuse to raise the debt ceiling, plunging the country into an unprecedented default and almost certainly creating a recession."

Would the House Republicans "effectively" block health care for nearly 2 million poor people and end food stamps for nearly three hundred thousand people? My hunch is that this former Times reporter (so much for the claim that there is a wall separating the editorial and news sections at The Times) is bearing false witness to smear the GOP as nasty ogres. But I have no direct knowledge of the GOP position to refute Firestone's anti-Republican propaganda.

Where is Speaker McCarthy on Firestone's possible calumny?

LPR's hunch is: it is more likely than not that the House Republican leadership is aware that Firestone is dressing up the old leftist charge that there go the Republicans, again, being mean to the poor. So -- where is the GOP's rebuke to Firestone, The New York Times, and the left? Or should we now refer to Republicans as the TIP -- for Timid Impotent Party?

Note that the Firestone quote ends with the added false accusation that the Republican position on the debt ceiling will throw the country into a recession. One does not need a doctorate in economics to realize that Biden's wrongheaded policies on fossil fuel, on inflation, on foreign trade -- even for elecric cars and against gas stoves -- are the ingredients for a recession stew. But again, where are the Republicans?

Silence in politics is not comparable to absence; it does not make voters's heats fonder. It sends them to the opposition whose arguments wouldn't stand up to inspection -- provided that there were inspectors to set the public straight,

This Julie Kelly article, at American Greatness, on another political issue, also does not instill confidence in the GOP:


Look Ahead, Not Backwards, to Hold the Justice Department Accountable › American Greatness

Release of Special Counsel John Durham’s report on law enforcement and intelligence misconduct related to the 2016 presidential election has been met with outrage, recriminations…


The heresy-hunting Matthew Graves, U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, testified before a House committee last week. Here are the key paragraphs from Ms. Kelly -- disheartening paragraphs -- on Graves's escape from being grilled:

"House Republicans had a rare and overdue opportunity to publicly grill Graves, currently handling a caseload of more than 1,000 defendants that is expected to double, about his selective, abusive prosecution of January 6 defendants. He appeared before the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday alongside D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee, and city administrator Kevin Donahue to discuss the city’s rampant crime problem.

"Graves appeared nervous during his opening statement. Turns out, he had little to fear.

"With the exception of Reps. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga.), Graves faced no questions about what he calls the “Capitol Siege” investigation. Republicans repeatedly pressed Graves to explain his office’s 67 percent declination rate in 2022—meaning he refused to prosecute roughly two-thirds of all cases brought to him by D.C. Metro police. But rather than condemn Graves for leading a politically-motivated criminal prosecution at the expense of the safety of D.C. residents, most Republicans merely implored Graves to do more."

Don't Republicans care that they are demonized while the leftit-scoundrels mock our Constitution? Are they truly timid impotent pols? Speaker McCarthy, Chairman Jim Jordan, please be encouraging, not disheartening.

Coda: LPR learned, May 22, that Mr.Jordan told Maria Bartiromo, May 21, that he might act to defund the FBI to put an end to their abuse of the American people. Why not impeach FBI Director Wray?