Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Chairman Thompson Cannot Seriously Consider Liz Cheney a Republican

July 5, 2022 --

The anti-Trump propaganda published daily by The New York Times is apparently intended, in part, to satisfy the partisan bias of its progressive readership.

But this propaganda is not without risible effect on the paper's sensible readers. Consider, if you will, the June 18 puff piece on Chairman Bennie G. Thompson, leader of the Pelosi-selected "Jan. 6" inquisition panel.

That the article, by Times's political propagandists Richard Fausset and Luke Broadwater, is a puff piece is evident from the first full paragraph, column 2: "With his avuncular white beard and commanding voice, Mr. Thompson, 74, has established the committee's serious, and almost solemn, tone. He has also ceded much of the spotlight to Representative Liz Cheney, the Wyoming Republican and vice chair of the committee."

Let's stop at this point to call out as falsehood the assertion that Cheney is vice chair of Pelosi's selected panel.

The resolution establishing the committee did not provide for a "vice chair." That Mr. Thompson considers Ms. Cheney "vice chair" indicates his willingness to put rules aside and put himself above the rules whenever he finds it convenient or expedient to so do.

The very next paragraph in the Fausset/Broadwater paean to the chairman provides the risible aspect. It begins:

"Mr. Thompson and other Democrats surely recognize that a withering critique of Mr. Thompson is more powerful coming from a Republican." [Pause for guffaws from AT's readers]. The paragraph continues: "At same time, the close alliance that Mr. Thompson appears to have forged with Ms. Cheney has softened his reputation as a fierce partisan reluctant to work with Republicans." (Surely The New York Times must have recognized that a turncoat Republican is no longer a true Republican.)

That Thompson thinks Liz Cheney is anything other than a turncoat Republican anxious to serve fiercely partisan Democrats is risible for its obvious unbelievability. That The New York Times could print such nonsense is evidence how far this propaganda screed has moved from empirical reality. For The New York Times to consider turncoat Republicans as true Republicans, it may as well declare the moon to be the real sun.

Now consider the proposition from Mr. Thompson's point of view in this connection. Does anyone think that The New York Times believes Chairman Thompson would have anything to do with a Democrat who was appointed to a congressional committee by a Republican speaker for the purpose of delegitimizing the Democrat Party and turning Congress into a single party legislature?

That even The New York Times would agree that Mr. Thomson does not regard Ms. Cheney (or her turncoat colleague Adam Kinzinger) as a "Republican" is suggested the third full paragraph, second column:

"Mr. Thompson 'is all about partisanship,' the reporter Adam Lynch wrote in 2006 in the Jackson Free Press, a liberal newspaper.
'He's very much a liberal Democrat with no predilection for smiling tolerantly at the other side.'" The logical conclusion from this observation: Bennie G. Thompson does not regard Liz Cheney as a member of "the other side."

How long will it take for the House GOP leadership to agree that Liz Cheney is on the side of the Democrats, the side that places itself above the rules of the House of Representatives to maintain power through the midterm elections, this November, and beyond November 2024. And, by the way, do congressional Republicans realize that Democrats are coming out opposed to a Biden re-election bid in 2024 because they are convinced he will take the party down to defeat, a defeat even more thorough than the one they face this November 8?