Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

How Donald J. Trump Might Cause Serious Internal Damage  in Democrat Ranks 

January 19, 2022 --

It has become obvious, one year after peacefully leaving the presidency while remaining subject of a bizarre second "impeachment," that Donald J. Trump is still very much on the minds of Democrats, their Never Trump allies, and their media megaphones. 

Does a day pass without an attack on the former president from a Democrat and/or a media story of column?   

Democrats, remain fixated on Mr. Trump, lest he return to the Whie House, January 20, 2025.  The primary focus of Democrats is not on problems of governance but on the problem, to them, of government -- returned to the hands of a man who, by his next campaign, would have  learned a great deal of  the ways of the deep state.

With the passage of a year since his presidency, Mr.. Trump has continued to preoccupy the political mindset of the Democrats.  He has, in short, remained an obsession to the Democrats who continue to seek out ways and means to prevent a second Trump presidential term. Stated differently, Trump Derangement Syndrome continues without let-up among Democrats and their fellow Trump-haters in the media and among the decreasing numbers of Bush-GOPers.

And so a delicious thought has occurred to LPR.  What if Democrats, Never-Trump folk, the media, the deep state prepared an anti-Trump propaganda campaign that made the Russia hoax look like a tea party -- and right after the midterm congressional elections, this November,  Donald J. Trump issued a statement declining  a second term, and announcing his support for  Mike Pompeo as the Republican nominee for  president, 

The statement would remind voters that Mr. Pompeo graduated first in his 1986 West Point class and, accordingly, could be relied upon to cure the disease of Woke-ism that is sapping not only the strength, but the common sense, of the military establishment.  As a true conservative, Mr. Pompeo would be relied upon to restore the effective domestic policies of the Trump presidency that, among other things, had licked inflation, and given the country prosperity at levels never before seen. 

And as a  successful secretary of state for President Trump, Mr. Pompeo could be relied upon to restore America's standing as light among nations,  counterweight to encroachment by the Chinese along the Pacific perimeter, architect of a rational policy towards Russia, and obstacle to the nuclear arms ambitions of Iran.

LPR expects that the Trump-hating Democrats and their camp followers would be utterly confounded to the point of apoplexy by such an announcement. 

It would, after all,  deprive them of their  obsession to grind Donald J. Trump into the dust of a mind-boggling mean-spirited campaign. 

Indeed, one can imagine the Trump-haters reacting in outrage, moaning:  "He can't do this to us, when we had our base ready to bundle millions of votes, mail-in and otherwise, to defeat him a second time." 

The follow-up comment:  "How can we fire up our base against a...Mike Pompeo?"    

The Trump statement would promise his continued interest in the conservative populist cause of Making America Great Against and, with that in mind,  would suggest  Gov. Kristi Noem for vice president, with Mike Pence as secretary of state, and  Gov. Ron DeSantis as attorney general. Given Mr. Pompeo's military career, Mr. Trump would defer to him on the choice for defense secretary -- and given Mr. Pompeo's experience as Member of Congress, the House Republican leadership could, under a Pompeo presidency, undergo some reshuffling.  

To borrow from a comment made by Richard M. Nixon after his defeat in the 1962 California gubernatorial race:  What will Democrat do when they no longer have Donald J. Trump to kick around anymore?  Direct their lie-filled venom against Mike Pompeo?  In that regard, they won't even have a choir to preach to.


This article, at The Hill, appeared January 17, after LPR suggested that Donald J. Trump would bollux the Democrats by announcing he would not seek the presidency in 2024, tossing his support to Mike Pompeo.   

This report at The Hill, on Democrats effectively seeking a second impeachment of citizen Trump, would, LPR is convinced, really place the left in a Trump tizzy if he stepped aside, 2024, in favor of Mr. Pompeo. 

What, after all, have the Dems as  issues other than their irrational hatred for Mr. Trump -- along with their left-extremist zeal to run, and ruin,  the lives of the American people?