Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
A link to Tucker and Merrill

October 19, 2022 --

Lastly, just this October 6, LPR discovered this live recording of a Tucker - Merrill1973 Carnegie Hall recital. The recording lasts 88 minutes. LPR suggests its visitors might go, for starters, to the 66 minute mark for the Dio Vindicator duet between Otello and Iago and stay with the recording to the end. Of course, should visitors have the time, the entire recital is well worth listening to -- and the sound is fantastic even with the passage of FORTY-NINE years,

By the way, LPR's parents took him to see Tucker in Forza in 1955, the week after Leonard Warren collapsed during an aria and died onstage, with Tucker crying out "Lennie, Lennie." HIs parents took LPR to see Tucker after the performance, and right outside his dressing room there was a trunk with the name: Leonard Warren.

(We became acquainted with Tucker at the Concord Hotel, where for several years he was cantor for the High Holidays and Passover, with the Sholom Secudna choir.)

LPR recommends the notes that appear below the video of the Tucker-Merrill duet at the gala for Rudoph Bing. The notes include a humorous anecdote about that duet from Henry Tucker, the youngest of Tucker's three sons.