Monday, March 08, 2021
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The UN's 75th General Assembly Session

September 19, 2020 --

The 75th session of the UN General Assembly opened on September 15.  The general debate is scheduled to begin on September 22, with President Trump appearing in person as the second speaker, after Brazil.  What is unusual about the personal appearance of the president is that he may well be the only world leader to appear in person. The general assembly speakers, because of Covid-19,  will make virtual appearances by pre-recorded videos 15 minutes in length. 

The virtual speakers on the opening day of the general debate include Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

President of the 75th session of the General Assembly is Volkan Bozkir, of Turkey. The UN Secretary General is Antonio Guterres, of Portugal. 

The U.S. permanent representative to the UN is Ambassador Kelly Craft. LPR will report more on this UN General Assembly session next posting.

LPR heard a radio report, the evening of September 17, saying that President Trump will not appear in-person on September 22.  Apparently he has decided to address the UN by virtual video like other world leaders.