Monday, March 01, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Thank You People of Ukraine

May 19, 2020 --

So far this month you are second, so far, on LPR's country list, ahead of China and below the U.S.  LPR continues to hope that President Zelensky will put forth a plan to get Russian and Cuban troops  out of Venezuela, as part of a package that will settle the Donbass problem, including pulling back NATO troops from Russia's borders, and leaving Donbass to the people of the area.  LPR believes Russia has no place in Venezuela, and LPR would also have  to admit that aggressive NATO forces should not threaten Russian territory -- allowing the large amount  of border-shifting after World War II. Say, how come the UN doesn't point out to the Palestinians that the aftermath of World War II teaches that the losing side in war will incur territorial changes.