Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
An Urgent Appeal from LPR
to MAGA Country

An Urgent Appeal from LPR to MAGA Country

February 19, 2023 --

Please click this link to Julie Kelly's devastating disclosure (American Greatness, February 16) about the Biden/Garland injustice system -- by way of the political trial of Zachary Rehl in a U.S. court room in the nation's capital.


After reading, please demand an immediate venue change of these political trials, far far away from juries in the clutches of Biden/Garland.

And please, also, urge House Republicans to nullify every single subpoena that issued out of Pelosi's kangaroo kommittee during the 117th Congress.

Our legacy of liberty demands that we return to equal justice under law, and away from political justice that undermines the Constitution, n'est-ce pas?

David R. Zukerman, prop.