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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Vandals tipped off The Washington Post Before Vandalizing?

June 5, 2023 --

This is from the Daily Caller via Newsbusters:

"Harold Hutchison at the Daily Caller reports on Friday, the Justice Department announced two people were indicted for vandalism at the National Gallery of Art -- defacing a case holding the sculpture "Little Dancer" by Edgar Degas -- and included this: "Prior to the attack, members of the conspiracy had alerted the Washington Post, and two reporters from the Post recorded and photographed the offense."

"Hutchison added Timothy Martin and Joanna Smith, both 53, were members of the group Declare Emergency, 'part of the A22 Network, a coalition of activist groups primarily bankrolled by the Climate Emergency Fund, which boasts numerous celebrity donors including Aileen Getty of the Getty oil family and comedian Chelsea Handler'."

What does Degas have to do with climate? The protest had nothing to do with the artist's anti-Semitism. LPR would say that The Washington Post here has crossed the line from journalism to activism, but that happened long ago with the paper's anti-Trump campaign.