Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Verbiage *

January 11, 2010 --

LPR applauds --

... the NYPD for keeping New York City safe New Year's Eve. Thank you Commission Kelly, Chief of Department Esposito, and all the personnel in blue, together with their NYFD counterparts.

LPR can't be surprised --

... that oil prices went up over Christmas.

LPR doesn't buy the NYT January 5 business headline --

"Cold and Signs of Stronger Economy Drive Oil Above $81" ("cold"? in our age of global warming?).

LPR wonders --

... if our economic ills have anything to do with Certain Retribution for the unjust imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard, now incarcerated for a quarter of a century. (Anyway, isn't this a curious way to treat an agent for a strong ally and partner?) Wouldn't it be something, though, if things go as well on Main Street as on MoneyStreet once Pollard is freed?

If Republicans regain a U.S. Senate majority --

... will any Washington officials face impeachment for voting on or supporting
unconstitutional legislation, or is support for unconstitutional laws merely a sign of the sad state of the teaching of American history?

* The recipient of a note from this writer recently accused him of "verbiage." LPR, not disagreeing, has decided to use the term as title of a new LPR department.