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Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

Images taken on a walk from Dr. Paly's Office on East 60th Street to Columbus Circle on Veterans Day and A Comment on the Images Posted This LPR

November 19, 2020 --

Many of the images posted with this LPR edition were taken on a walk from Dr. Bruce Paly's dentist office at 60th Street and near Lexington Avenue to Columbus Circle, on Veteran's Day. 

LPR got one image of a dining shed under construction.  LPR noticed several other such sheds as he walked along 60th Street to Fifth Avenue. 

Building a sidewalk dining shed on East 60th street.

A dining shed on East 60th Street.

At Park Avenue, LPR got an image of the broad avenue, looking south, and then continued along 60th to Fifth Avenue and Grand Army Plaza at 59th Street.

Looking south down Park Avenue from East 60th Street.

Before reaching Fifth Avenue, LPR asked one of the waitresses setting up a dining shed, presumably for lunch, if this was the site of the old, and well-known, Copacabana night club, featured in the movie "Goodfellas."   "Yes it is," she answered. Whereupon LPR got images of the entrance to what is now known as "Avra," a Greek restaurant. 

Avra, once the famous Copacabana

Avra entrance, on 60th Street, just off 5th Avenue

LPR then got an image of the former Plaza Hotel which is now half private residences and half hotel. 

Once the Plaza Hotel, for a time owned by Donald Trump

An Apple store is across Fifth Avenue from the Plaza, and Central Park is across Central Park South from the Plaza.  And further west, where Central Park South ends at Central Park West and Broadway, is the Time Warner building.   

Looking down Fifth Avenue - Empire State bldg. in distance, at right.

The Apple Store on Fifth Ave. across from The Plaza - now half hotel and half private residences

Another view of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue

Central Park from entrance at Sixth Ave.

Peering into Central Park

200 Central Park South, at Seventh Ave.

Looking west on 59th Street towards Columbus Circle.

At Columbus Circle - view of the Time Warner complex.

Across from Time Warner, between Central Park West and Broadway is the Trump International Hotel.  Two policemen informed LPR that protests have taken place at this location, but on November 11, the area was quiet.

Trump International Hotel

At Grand Army Plaza, across from the Plaza Private Residences and Hotel, a Statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman gleamed, notwithstanding the cloudy day.  LPR is not aware of protests concerning this statute, and it was unmarked by graffiti. 

Trees mark southeast corner of Central Park.

General W. T. Sherman in Grand Army Plaza, across from the former Plaza Hotel.

Abby and friend at Sixth Ave. entrance to Central Park.

Walking west on Central Park South, LPR stopped to get images of several horses that work pulling tourists in carriages through the lower part of the park.  The names of the horses photographed by LPR are Abby, Chestnut and Rambo. 

Abby, closer up



On this gloomy day, LPR saw no tourists looking for a ride through the bottom part of the park.

Instead of a horse-drawn carriage

Jogging in the park

LPR ended his walk at Columbus Circle and saw that Christopher was still standing in the center of his circle, notwithstanding recent assaults on historical figures memorialized by statued likenesses. 

Columbus, still standing in Columbus Circle is protected by NYPD barricades.

Another Columbus View

To make sure that Columbus would not be assaulted by troublemakers, New York City placed police barriers around the statue. 

Barricade to protect Columbus from harm

Southwest corner of Central Park, where Broadway crosses Eighth Ave. to form Columbus Circle.

Once, passersby could sit beneath the statue, no more, however -- at least for as long as the threat to statues remains viable.  LPR wonders if a new president will end this threat, or see it carried out.

Curious sliced-off design

Another view of those true skyscrapers

LPR also thought the image of two apartment buildings that have recently been constructed near Columbus Circle and are truly skyscrapers, would be of interest to LPR visitors.  Just look how the taller of the buildings seems sliced off towards its top, like a shaved pencil. 

One Central Park West

As for the Trump Hotel, LPR believes that Ukraine's President Volodomyr Zelensky told the president, in that famous phone call that Democrats seized on as excuse for impeachment, that he stayed in that hotel, on a visit to New York before becoming president. What will Democrats do, no longer having grounds to accuse President Trump of violating the Emoluments Clause, any longer?

Almost forgot about noticing trucks indicating that a TV or movie was on location in the vicinity of Central Park South. Signs on trees said that "Younger" was on location, as I walked by the trucks, snapping an image, a woman with an assistant walked out of one of the trucks and headed to a car parked not too far away. 

Shooting "Younger"

Appearing in "Younger"?

It happened so fast that LPR could not get an image of the woman. But then he spotted another woman in a parked car and asked if this was a movie or TV.  TV she answered.  LPR never heard of "Younger," but later, googling, LPR learned that this was a series starring Sutton Foster that has been on cable since 2015. LPR has no clue if the woman sitting in the parked car has a role in "Younger," or works behind the camera. But that's NYC for you, location venue for movie and TV.