Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The Political Truth Emerging From A Wall Street Journal Article and a Challenge to Patriotic Republicans

July 5, 2022 --

The Wall Street Journal, June 24, carried a story about the June 23 January 6 committee hearing under this headline:
"Officials Tell of Pressure From Trump."

The article began with this anti-Trump lead sentence: "Senior officials in former President Donald J. Trump's Justice Department described a sweeping campaign by Mr. Trump to enlist them in an effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election."

LPR would report the same story this way: Hitherto unknown members of Mr. Trump's Justice Department appeared before the January 6 committee to provide this anti-Trump panel with the false narrative the committee members wanted to hear.

That this perspective is incontrovertible is evident from the concluding paragraph in this Journal report: "[Former acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen] said Mr. Trumpp pressed him to appoint a special counsel to investigate alleged fraud, to bring. case to the Supreme Court and to hold a press conference announcing n investigation into voting irregularities." An attempted coup by means of a special counsel and legal action before the Supreme Court? Hardly.

Michael Goodwin, in his June 26 New York Post column ignores the execrable Pelosi's intention, writing that "[t]he evidence she produced did make Trump look even worse...." The phony evidence discussed by Pelosi's selected panel of political puppets was intended to "make Trump look even worse" than objective consideration of this "evidence."

But let's see what truthful evidence appeared in The Wall Street Journal's June 24 story on "pressure" from the former president.

The account reported in the fourth paragraph: "The Virginia home of [former DOJ environmental official Jeffrey] Clark was searched Wednesday [June 23rd] by federal investigators...."

Going to the tenth paragraph, the account stated: The raid of Mr. Clark's house is the clearest indication yet that prosecutors have moved beyond the violence at the Capitol itself and are examining the actions of senior officials involved in Mr. Trump's efforts to stay in office." {Note the invidious tone of Mr.Trump's efforts to insure the faithful carrying out of the 2020 election.]

The Journal account quotes Mr. Clark's description of the FBI raid to Fox News' Tucker Carlson: "'[After the federal agents banged on the door prior to 7 a.m.] I opened the door and asked for the courtesy to be able to put some pants on, and was told 'no, you've gotta come outside.'" Mr. Clark told Mr. Carlson that some "'12 agents and two Fairfax County police officers went into my house, searched for three and a half hours.'" "'They took all of the electronics from my house,'" he added. This, LPR submits, is the stuff of regimes holding power by secret police raids.

This Wall Street Journal also quotes Rep. Adam Kinzinger, one of the two GOPuppets on the Pelosi selected partisan panel, falsely claiming that Mr. Trump tried to use a "'a power play to win at all costs, with no regard for the will of the American people.'" This Journal article, however, is evidence that President Trump did not at contrary to law in his concern that the 2020 election was conducted fairly -- and warns readers that whoever runs the Biden administration is ready to resort to Storm Trooper tactics to threaten, harass and bully the political opposition.

When will House Republicans hold to account the anti-Democracy forces in the Democrat party -- and when will leading Republican personalities rally round the former president, these days marking our national independence, in defense of the freedoms bequeathed to us by the Founders? Thus far, the silence of Republicans is not golden.