Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The Wall Street Journal Backs the Wrong "Republican"

May 19, 2021 --

The Wall Street Journal, in its third editorial, May 5 -- "Purging Liz Cheney"  -- perceptively pointed out that Republican chances to win back Congress in 2022 (to take effect January 3, 2023) will be damaged if  the GOP "devolve[s] into internal brawling over the 2020 election."   But are Republicans, generally, threatening to shoot themselves in their feet over 2020?

The Journal asserted that Rep. Cheney "continues to rankle some in the GOP House conference by refusing to go along with Mr. Trump's demand that Republicans agree that the 2020 election was stolen.  Truth is not served, however, by the refusal of the Journal to acknowledge that Ms. Cheney is on record as indicating  that she will not support a re-election bid by Mr. Trump in 2024.   (And the Journal does not serve truth, further, 

Does it make sense for the third ranking House Republican to go into 2024 by rejecting her party's presidential nominee should it be former President Donald J. Trump?   The Journal's editorial concludes that Republicans should focus on checking the Biden agenda, by seeking congressional majorities in the next election cycle, and the presidency, thereafter.

But consider the glee of a Democrat campaign in 2022 and 2024:  "Even the third-ranking House Republican, like us, loathes Trump and calls for his banishment into the political wilderness.  How better to rid the country of noxious Trumpism than agreeing  with Liz Cheney and us to oppose Trump and all he stands for."

As for the GOP's internal brawling, as far as the House goes, right now it seems that Liz Cheney is doing all the brawling.  Who other than Ms. Cheney, as the Journal quoted her, "'is spreading THE BIG LIE [about the 2020 election], turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning out democratic system.'"

Liz Cheney seems to be in the running to issue slurs against Mr. Trump that outdo the rants of Pelosi and Schumer and Ocasio-Cortez.
The question presents itself: Does The Wall Street Journal agree with Cheney's campaign to transform Mr. Trump into a political monster on a par with the totalitarian demons of history.

Consider that on May 3, the Journal's lead editorial asserted that the days of Russia-gate were returning with false stories in the media that Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Ron Johnson ignored warnings that they were being subjected to Russian disinformation.  The Journal wrote that the media outlets in question, "the [Washington] Post, [New York] Times and NBC [News} ought to be furious for being misled, if that's what happened...."   Does anyone seriously believe that when it comes to this virulently anti-Trump media troika, their anti-Trump "false narratives" result from being  merely "misled" by deep state sources in Justice and intelligence?    This media troika is making a mockery of objective honest journalism in furtherance of the right of the people to be informed truthfully.   And The Wall Street Journal must be aware of this.

Additionally, The Wall Street Journal must be aware that Liz Cheney's one-person campaign against Trumpian populism can serve only the very far left and their new allies in corporate America, allies seeking the destruction of the GOP by opposing  election measures    to insure fair and honest election results.  Behold today's left: opposed to fair and honest reporting, opposed to fair and honest elections. Doesn't that add up to totalitarianism?  And there is the third-ranking rankling (cq) House member, right up there with the demonizing Democrats.

Here are two poll questions for The Wall Street Journal:  Do Republicans want the third-ranking member in the House Conference to serve Democrat propaganda with strident attacks on the last GOP president whose agenda, until the coronavirus, resulted in a booming economy in which African-Americans and Hispanics were leading beneficiaries?    Shouldn't Liz Cheney, as an act of conscience, step down from her high House GOP post, now, and, should the Republicans nominate Mr. Trump in 2024, become a Democrat?

And would The Wall Street Journal follow her?