Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Additional thoughts on Camp Wabigoon

August 19, 2022 --

At this point in August, camp would have just one week left -- a week of replayed Color War team games, a week of the senior prom, followed by the annual banquet at which the camper awards would be announced, followed by the burning of the CW (for Wahanda as well as Wabigoon). Then the packing of the trunks and on August 26, the bus ride back to Nw York City, where some of the campers would meet to attend the opening rounds at Forest Hills (where the U.S.tennis championships were played 60 years ago).

Eight weeks of cameraderie -- including overnight hikes, campfires, Friday night services, Saturday night shows, Sunday night movies, hearty meals in the mess hall, hot days with all-day swims, cool, star-filled nights, Choose Day (Wednesdays when groups would choose their activities, and of course Color War -- to last a lifetime in memory's eye. Thank you directors Gladys and Phil Brandstein for making our summers so memorable; thank you head counselors Rusty Grant and Millie Klotz for providing daily supervision for the Wabigoon and Wahanda campers, and thank you Winsted, for just being you. As one of our songs went: "Dear old Wabigoon, leaving you in sadness; our past summer, has ben filled with gladness...."

The Camp Wabigoon waterfront on Rowley's pond as seen from left field on the old Wabigoon softball field. A fly ball in the lake was usually a home run (unless, in going around the bases, the runner missed second, as this writer once did--the one time he hit a ball into the lake.)