Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The (Confused ) Wall Street Journal

February 19, 2021 --

The Wall Street Journal predicted in its viciously anti-Trump lead editorial, February 16, that if Donald Trump seeks a second term in 2024, he will not win re-election.   

Yet, in a news article, same day, on Republican politics, the Journal indicated that to regain majorities in both houses of Congress, GOP leaders "must tap the considerable energy the Trump movement brings to the party...." 

Does the Journal envision putting a lid on that "considerable energy" if it should be applied to a third Trump presidential campaign?

The Journal's February 16 anti-Trump editorial, "Trump's Non-Vindication" could have appeared in The New York Pravda or The Washington Post. 

Indeed, the Journal echoed a favorite line of the New York anti-Trump propaganda sheet, asserting in the news article that, following the 2020 presidential election, Mr. Trump "roiled the political world with unfounded assertions that the election was stolen," this in the face of a Time article boasting how the Swamp succeeded in defeating the president by means that could only amount to skullduggery, including novel election procedures wrongly imposed by governors, not state legislatures; blocking Republican poll-watchers from overseeing vote-counting; mass ballot-dumps, without signatures; curious overnight gaps inn vote-counting.  The accusation that President Trump undermined our democratic institutions clearly is a case of leftist projection.  Shame on The Wall Street Journal for joining the country's anti-liberty forces.  But then, the Journal has traditionally loathed populism, which can only mean that the paper much prefers to swim in The Swamp.