Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
The 67th Anniversary of the Flood That Devastated Winsted, CT

August 19, 2022 --

This link brings up a long article, with photos, of the 1955 flood that devastated Winsted, Ct., , taking eight lives in this city of 7,000 people, and wreaked damage and death to other Connecticut communities, in mid-August, 1955. As it happens, the dates of August 2022 by the days of the week, replicate the August 1955 calendar. Following the drenching the week before by Hurricane Carol, the rains of Hurricane Diane began falling the night of Wednesday, August 17, 1955 and continued through the early hours of Friday, August 19.

LPR was a 15 year-old senior at Camp Wabigoon, the summer of 1955, and Sunday, August 21, walked down Spencer Road with other campers to witness the aftermath of the flood that destroyed Winsted's Main Steet, turning the roadway into a canyon, tossing autos as if they were toys, tearing in two buildings along Main Street.