Saturday, September 30, 2023
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor
Here is a must-read column from George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley on censorship of the China lab origins of Covid-19

March 5, 2023 --


Salena Zito, for the past seven years has been faithfully covering, directly, not by way of pollsters or consultants, the mood in MAGA country. In tis report she points out that Biden has stayed away from the trainwreck disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.

But LPR has difficulty with this paragraph:

"One of Biden’s great gifts has always been his empathetic touch — a gift that former President Donald Trump never had. But what Trump has always had was a keen understanding of the need to show up — that place meant something to people."

As LPR argues in this posting, Biden's gift is that he has fooled people who should know better with this phoniness.

Meanwhile, Donald J. Trump is. mensch, and doesn't boast about his concern for ordinary people which has been indicated in his marvelous Inaugural Address and his record as president until the CIAO contingent -- communists in actuality only - succeeded by wrongful and false Covid policies in undermining the progress we had made under the leadership of President Trump.

It is unfortunate that the usually-astute Ms. Zito sees empathy where, for Biden, there is only a money-grubbing mindset.