Sunday, February 28, 2021
Miles from the Mainstream
D. R. ZUKERMAN, proprietor

The excruciatingly painful hypocrisy of the left as exemplified by Bill de Blasio

June 19, 2020 --

Why should we discount any comment concerning public policy from New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio? 

Because he banned funerals, citing COVID-19, at the end of April, while at the beginning of June, he did nothing to prevent protests spurred by the killing of George Floyd, other than to urge that they be "peaceful."

(By the way, as one source pointed out on the internet, there were three funerals for George Floyd. While Jews attending the funeral of a rabbi were threatened with arrest by de Blasio.)

Are we to conclude that there is some magic quallity to COVID-19 that makes it harmless provided, only, that masses of demonstrators shout the words "silence is violence" as they ignore  executive orders (proclaimed mainly by Democrat authorities) that non-essential people (otherwise known as "deplorables" ) stay at home?

LPR recalls that protests against lockdowns were disparaged by the same people who had no words of criticism for "peaceful" mass protests against "systemic racism."  By the way, where are the "hot spots" of "systemic racism" to be found in the U.S.?