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The New York Times, as Vox de Blasio, Turns its Back on Fair Comment


January 19, 2015 --

LPR has no doubt that The New York Times represents the voice of Mayor Bill de Blasio. The paper acknowledged as much in its December 30 lead editorial, "Police Respect, Squandered," when it laced into the New York Police Department for reacting to the mayor's expressions of hostility towards the NYPD: "Mr. de Blasio isn't going to say it, but somebody has to...." Yes, indeed, "somebody" quick to smear the NYPD with a very broad brush, indeed.

The December 30 editorial was the first of three Times editorials that directed a barrage of venom against the NYPD. Decemeber 31, the lead editorial, "When Cops Walk Off the Job" admonished the police to not "violate the Constitution" and "Don't kill unarmed people."

This editorial previous asserted that "Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, was killed by a swarm of cops on Staten Island..." Zero mention by the Times of the circumstances leading to Garner's death, including the fact that he had resisted arrest.

The admonitions to the NYPD in this editorial would, LPR believes, support the anti-cop view that the NYPD regularly violates constitutional rights and kills unarmed people.

The third Times anti-cop editorial, "No Justice, No Police", January 7, urged de Blasio to "appeal directly to the public and say plainly that the police are trying to extort him and the city he leads." This editorial also advised de Blasio to consider replacing police commanders and inviting "the Justice Department to determine if the police are guilty of civil rights violations in withdrawing policing from minority communities."

An apparent police slowdown in issuing parking tickets and making arrests for misdemeanors seems to have given the Times the notion to get the Justice Department involved. The Times, however, has not made clear its position as to the appropriate NYPD response to persons resisting arrest for minor offenses. Does the Times advocate a "Drop the handcuffs where there is resistance" policy?

Clarity is scarcely served by vitriol. The December 31 editorial warned that "the plunge" in arrest statistics "suggest a dangerous, deplorable escalation of the police confrontation with the de Blasio administration." Beware plunging escalations? This editorial opened: "Many members of the New York Police Department are furious at Mayor Bill de Blasio and, by extension, the city that elected him." Huh? For LPR, that is a leap much, much, too far, but, then, this editorial went on to assert: "Mr. de Blasio was elected by a wide margin on a promise to reform the policing excesses that were found unconstitutional by a federal court." So wide a margin -- yet so few the total votes in relation to the electorate. The editorial did not mention that the previous mayoral administration intended to appeal the decision of that federal court; de Blasio dropped the appeal.

The Times, editorially, also promoted the notion that the police who turned their backs on the mayor (an apt response to a mayor who has turned his back on the NYPD, LPR believes) disrespected the families of murdered police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. There are, apparently, no limits to the arrogance of Bill de Blasio and the editorial writers at The New York Times in pursuing government by leftist stereotype.

A few more words: LPR cannot expect that The New York Times would address to President Barack Obama the words: "Don't violate the Constitution." By its support of unconstitutional action by the president, The New York Times is an advocate of Personal Government which, as the style of government preferred by King George III, instructs us that The New York Times has transformed itself into the nation's leading organ for the counter-revolution.

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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Mayor Bill de Blasio

January 19, 2015 --

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin, January 4, wrote, of the New York City mayor, "[T]o admit he's wrong and make a new start--not a chance in hell. He is who he is, and that's the problem." January 11, the Post quoted the mayor: "'I'm very comfortable with the fact that I've always tried to tell the truth and stay consistent to my values.'"

This writer's experience with Mr. deBLasio is that he dissembles while appearing to tell the truth. In 1999, I wrote to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to try to learn if HUD and New York City were working to resolve the issue of the property taxes on the Dayton Seaside buildings in Rockaway Park, Queens. I got a response from Mr. de Blasio, as Secretary's Representative, New York/New Jersey. In part, he wrote, "we are presently not involved in any discussion with any New York City officials." The date of the letter was March 8, 1999. The statement was undoubtedly true, if HUD and New York City did not discuss Dayton Seaside on March 8, 1999. To suggest that there were no ongoing discussions between HUD and New York City officials is, simply, not not be believed, as HUD agreed to turn over to the city property tax escrows to pay property tax at full levels.

The problem -- the buildings were constructed pursuant to a property tax abatement and the city had not settled on the taxes due during the transition from tax abatement to full taxes.

Thus, HUD made it possible, by taking escrows accumulating at abatement levels to pay full taxes, for the city to claim vast tax arrearages for taxes due during the transition period to full taxes.

The HUD-New York City property tax manipulation sent the buildings into bankruptcy and distress sale. When it comes to Bill de Blasio, true words are the screen of deception.

Further insight concerning the mayor, in the context of his difficulties with the New York City Police Department, is indicated by an observation of Benjamin Franklin concerning British officials in colonial America. Franklin, quoted in Trevelyan's "The American Revolution," commented that their office made then insolent, "'their insolence makes them odious; and being conscious that they are hated, they become malicious.'"

In the case of de Blasio, perhaps it is his ideology that makes him insolent. This, plus his confidence that he will always have the backing of The New York Times.


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"Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense."

January 19, 2015 --

LPR is not confident that Mark Twain's words, written in his notebook in 1888 would enjoy unqualified endorsement in the Obama administration these days.

More likely, LPR suspects, the Twain comment would be rejected as an invitation to blasphemous speech. In the aftermath of the "Charlie Hebdo" murders in Paris, and the slaughter, two days later of four hostages in a kosher food shop in Paris, the Obama administrations strains to ensure that no comment can be construed to give Islamist extremists reason to declare that America is at war with Islam.

And so, the administration prefers the term "violent extremism," a term that goes beyond "Islamist extremism," although a White House paper, August 2011, acknowledged that the major threat to the United States comes from al Qaeda, or groups linked to al Qaeda. Speaking at the National Press Club, September 2011, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman remarked: "To call an enemy violent extremism is so general and vague that it ultimately has no meaning." What next from the administration? Violent moderates? Non-violent extremists? Extensive extremism?


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A Remarkable Anti-Russian Comment from the Ukraine Prime Minister

January 19, 2015 --

Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, appearing on a Berlin television program, January 8, said: "All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany. We need to avoid it."

The prime minister reportedly added that Russian President Putin is attempting to rewrite the history of World War II.

Considering that Nazi Germany invaded Russia in June, 1941, seems, to LPR, that it is the Ukraine prime minister who is altering history.

Or does he next want President Obama to apologize our our invasion of Germany in 1945.



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Let's hear Cohen and Gregory Debate Ukraine on The John Batchelor Program

January 19, 2015 --

For more than a year, John Batchelor has, on radio Tuesday evenings, discussed developments in Ukraine with Prof. Stephen F. Cohen. These discussions offer a sharp contrast to U.S. media coverage. There is no rush to demonize Russian President Vladimir Putin on the John Batchelor program, Tuesdays, with Prof. Cohen, who, the past year, has called attention to the absence in the U.S. media of debate on Ukraine.

Another Russian expert, Paul Gregory, also appears on the Batchelor show with some regularity, although for a shorter amount of time than is accorded Prof. Cohen. Gregory sticks to the media's anti-Putin party line.

LPR would like to hear a Cohen-Gregory debate on Ukraine and Putin, moderated by John Batchelor.


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January 19, 2015 --

A Startling Sub-head at The New York Times ...

The lead story at The New York Times, January 3, discussed the life of Ismaaiyl Brinsley, murderer of officers Ramos and Liu. The subhead on this report stated:

"Violent Actions of Two Officers' Killer Seem More Accidental Than Political."

Apparently there are no limits, at The New York Times, to the effort to strain to make cop-killers sympathetic figures.



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