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Open plea from LPR to Yahoo


July 15, 2014 --

Would it be possible for Yahoo to simplify procedures for hacked victims to regain service?

LPR would be grateful if Yahoo's hacked victims could be advised IN SIMPLE STEPS how to get email access restored.

PS -- If anyone has gotten an email from LPR proprietor David Zukerman saying he is stranded in Turkey and needs money to get back to the USA, please disregard. I have never been to Turkey.



"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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The Republican Establishment Explained

July 15, 2014 --

"Thad" as acronym from Sen. Cochran's given name, makes perfectly clear the Republican establishment's game

"To Habitually Appease Democrats" for self-serving ambition, honoring not the people, but duplicitous tradition

LPR urges grass-roots Republicans in Mississippi to boycott the candidacy of Senator Cochran and to encourage grass-roots Republicans throughout the country to vote for candidates who pledge to revive our founding spirit of liberty by constitutional means.


LPR also recommends that grass-roots Republicans send an anti-establishment signal by puttting a stamp on fundraising envelopes from the Republican establishment and returning the envelopes to the sender -- empty.




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LPR Observations ...

July 1, 2014 --

If "The New York Times" told the truth ...

...the paper would declare 1) that constitutional democracy is a drag on leftist government and 2) the State of Israel should boycott itself and stop existing.

To test whether President Obama is a friend of Israel ...

... compare his statements on Israel to the expressions of support for Israel from Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a true friend of the Jewish State.


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Selective Calls for Restraint from The Obama Administration

June 15, 2014 --

LPR here remarks on the quick calls from the Obama administration to Israel to exercise restraint in dealing with violent attacks from its enemies-- and the absence of such calls addressed to Ukraine as it creates chaos in the southeast party of that country.

LPR is also fascinated how the administration suggests that Israeli restraint is needed to maintain stability in a Middle East beset by violence in places like Syria, Iraq and Libya.

LPR is further struck by the unwillingness of the administration to consider that its plans for Ukraine to join NATO are not necessarily conducive to stability in Europe. By the way -- does the administration object to the emergence of a jihadi caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq?


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July 15, 2014 --

A Special -- Abbreviated -- Lonely Pamphleteer Review

[Note to LPR Clicksters: The LPR proprietor has been hacked and cannot send or receive eamil. Accordingly, this edition of LPR had to be sent to Terri Fassio, at -- LPR's terrific webmaster, by ordinary mail. Subsequently, the LPR proprietor realized he could just create a new Yahoo account. Alas, there remains the problem of access to the hacked account.]


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