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On Boycotting Benjamin Netanyahu


February 19, 2015 --

May 24, 2011 Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress, warning of the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. Vice President Biden, who is boycotting Netanyahu's March 3 address, was present when Mr. Netanyahu spoke to Congress in 2011 -- and, perhaps, many of the Democrats who will now boycott the Israeli prime minister also attended his 2011 speech. LPR asks all Democrat members of Congress who will turn their backs on the Israeli prime minister, March 3: during the past 45 months, has the Obama administration succeeded in putting an end to the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, or is Iran far closer, today, to getting nuclear weapons.

Is there any doubt as to the answer? In the 2011 address, Netanyahu also indicated that the Palestinian don't accept a two-state solution becuase that would mean accepting Israel. Democrats should know that the Palestinians refused to agree to peace even when leftists were in power in Israel.

President Obama blurted out, at his joint press conference with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, "But what's the rush?" for stronger sanctions against Iran. Six years ago to the day, February 9, 2009, President Obama, at another press conference, acknowledged that Iran financed terrorism, and was "unhelpful" in bringing peace to the Middle East. Interestingly, in that earlier press conference, the president, speaking of Iran's leaders, pointed to "the bellicose language that they've used towards Israel." Merely "bellicose language?" Just last November, Iran's Supreme Ruler called for the annihilation of the government of Israel and the elimination of the nation. To disregard demands for the destruction of Israel is to ignore the lesson of Adolf Hitler and, effectively, to replace the words "never again," with "well, maybe once every 70 or 75 years."

President Obama has a curious tendency to euphemise not only anti-Israel statements coming from Iran's leaders; he euphemised the murder of four Jews in a kosher Paris food shop as a random attack on "a bunch of folks." LPR fears, however, that there are Democrat members of Congress who now contend that to disagree with President Obama is to "disrespect" the presidency. This view, certainly, equates the man and the office, a view, logically, would soon demand that persons disagreeing with President Obama be accused in federal court of sedition.

As congressional Democrats turn their backs on the prime minister of Israel, how long will it take, particularly if Netanyahu is re-elected, for congressional Democrats to turn their backs on Israel and support, following their boycott of Netanyahu, divestment and sanctions against Israel, as sanctions against Iran are removed, enabling Iran to get a nuclear arsenal to use against Israel?

Clearly, there are congressional Democrats who would transform U.S.-Israel ties into a partisan matter, supporting President Obama as he unravels the Washington-Jerusalem bonds.

With a hostile president bringing Washington close to Tehran, Israel would have perhaps two alternatives: to move against Iran before it is too late for the Jewish state -- or to seek ties with another global power who might work with Israel to halt Iran's move to acquire nuclear arms.

Last week, prior to the Minsk talks on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a state visit to Egypt, meeting with Egyptian president al-Sisi. This visit did not get much attention in the U.S. media.

As targets of President Obama's disdain, Putin and al-Sisi have a good deal in common with Netanyahu. What if Netanayahu turns to Putin for help against Iran? What will the White House do: demand that Iran be accepted as NATO member with Iranian troops invited to Ukraine as warning to Israel?

In his February 9, 2009 press conference, President Obama acknowledged that Iran finances Hamas and Hezbollah. These two organizations are committed to the destruction of Israel. Hamas, in its charter, proclaims itself the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

On February 4, President Obama invited Muslim leaders to the White House and the guests reportedly included persons tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Is there a Republican official who will ask whose side is President Obama on -- or would the question be seen as another mark of disrespect for a president who cannot speak the words "radical Islam?"

(LPR again inquires -- who gives White House and State Department spokespersons their talking points, particularly their talking points relating to Israel and acts of anti-Semitic violence?)

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

Red Line

Is there a Democrat member of Congress willing to compare ...

February 19, 2015 --

... the actions of President Obama after he announced the slaughter by ISIS of American journalist James Foley with the actions of Jordan after its pilot was burden to death by Isis?

As LPR recalls, following the president's remarks, he went off to play golf. Jordan has moved with considerable force against ISIS targets to revenge the murder of its pilot. By the way -- why does the White House use ISIL instead of ISIS. LPR understands that the "L" in ISIL represents the "Levant." Israel is a part of the Levant? Does the White House accept an ISIS claim to Israel?

Indeed, does the White House have difficulty with the Hamas goal of establishing the Islamic State of Palestine where Israel now stands? Hezbollah, in its 2009 manifesto hopes that "all Arabs and Muslims reclaim...Palestine and Jerusalem."

The new Hezbollah manifesto opens, in part: "[W]e are amid historical transformation that signal the retreat of the US role as a predominant power...and the beginning of hastening historic demise of the Zionist entity."


Red Line

John Batchelor -- Angel's Advocate

February 19, 2015 --

It occurred to LPR, listening to John Batchelor chat about Ukraine with Paul Gregory, on one broadcast, and Stephen F. Cohen on another, that Mr. Batchelor adopts an "angel's advocate" stance, eschewing the role of devil's advocate. (Google, for example, "Playing the Angel's Advocate.") Discussing Ukraine with Paul Gregory, Batchelor never challenges Gregory's accusation of Russian aggression against Ukraine, his readiness to ascribe the worst motives to Vladimir Putin, and his apparent hope for regime change in Russia.

With Prof. Cohen, however, Batchelor raises the possibility of anti-Russian provocations aimed at sabotaging diplomatic efforts to end the Ukraine conflict, that neo-fascists have great influence in Kiev, and agrees with Cohen that there is a "war party" in Washington seeking Putin's removal.


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February 19, 2015 --

Time Limits on U.S. Military Action ...

President Obama places time limits on the use of the U.S. military in battle situations, most recently suggesting a three-year limit for using military force against ISIS. Imagine had President Roosevelt gone before Congress, December 8, 1941, to declare war against the Empire of Japan for its attack on Pearl Harbor -- and recommended a three-year limit on military deployment for such purpose.


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