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Is this the Beginning of the End of Congress?


November 19, 2014 --

The lead story in the November 14 New York Times tells readers: "Asserting his authority as president to enforce the nation's laws with discretion, Mr. Obama intends to order changes that will significantly refocus the activities of the government's 12,000 immigration agents."

Article I, Section 1 of the United States Constitution vests in Congress, consisting of the Senate and House, "[a]ll legislative Powers herein granted...." Article II, Section 1 vests "executive Power" in the President and provides, in Section 3 of this Article, that the President "shall take care that the Laws be faithfully executed...." The New York Times November 14 story reported: "...the president and his top aides have concluded that acting unilaterally is in the interest of the country and the only way to increase pressure on Republicans to eventually support a legislative overhaul that could put millions of illegal immigrants on a path to legal status and perhaps citizenship."

LPR is unaware of a provision in the Constitution authorizing the president to act unilaterally in the absence of legislative enactment by Congress. And if the president acts "unilaterally," what is there left for "Republicans" to do, except bring articles of impeachment against the president -- or complete his transformation of our government by ceding all legislative power to him?

A New York Times editorial, November 11, urging quick action on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to succeed Eric Holder as attorney general, commented that it would be appropriate to ask Ms. Lynch to "disclose her position on, among other things, the president's announced plan to take executive action on immigration." LPR would be very interested in the position of The New York Times on the "executive action" issue.

This hypothetical comes to mind. Ms. Lynch tells the Senate Juddiciary Committee that President Obama has authority under the constitution to issue executive orders in the absence of congressional action. Thereupon, the Judiciary Committee fails to confirm her nomination. President Obama responds by declaring that Ms. Lynch is appointed attorney general by executive order. What next, New York Times?

Warnings to the House of Representatives not to use its "power over the purse" to cut off funding to the Department of Justice? Just how far are leftists prepared to go in transforming the government of the United Strates? Are leftists about to claim the Constitution includes, in fact, a provision comparable to Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution that authorized the German chancellor to rule by decree. In Germany, Adolf Hitler was not the first post World War 1 German chancellor to invoke Article 48; he was, quite simply, the last.


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The Case of Jonathan Gruber

November 19, 2014 --

As LPR understands it, Prof. Gruber told a gathering at the University of Pennsylvania in 2013 that Obamacare could not have been passed except by subterfuge and, in making his comments, he pointed to the "stupidity" of American voters.

President Obama claims to be quite displeased with Prof. Gruber's comment. But then, the president was said to be displeased at reports that the IRS was singling out conservative groups for special scrutiny in their applications for tax waivers. LPR here's Ronald Reagan, from UP Above, telling fourth successor: "There you go again, President Obama."

LPR would note that apparently no one who heard Gruber's remarks when uttered informed on him. LPR concludes that all in attendance were impressed by the Hollywood Ten who, in the late 1940's would not name names. And speaking of the late 1940's, LPR offers the thought that had Henry A. Wallace, as Progressive Party candidate for president in 1948, gotten elected, we would have received the current transformation of government more than 60 years ago -- unless, of course, Congress would have impeached Wallace.

More recently are reports that Prof. Gruber has received heaps of money from Washington and also from various states in connection with his work on Obamacare -- millions of dollars in all, it is believed. For LPR this is just another case of the "ambitious sacrifice of the many to the aggrandizement of the few."

There can be little dispute that President Obama claimed, in campaigning for Obamacare, that family premiums will be cut by $2,500 a year, and Americans will be able to keep their doctors and health plans. So, then, are the horror stories about zooming increases in health care costs, with patients losing coverage and physicians, the phony
mutterings of stupid people? Okay, Jonathan Gruber, please explain this front page heading over the lead story in The New York Times, November 15: "COST OF COVERAGE / UNDER CARE ACT / SET TO INCREASE."

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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Democrats (including The New York Times) Belatedly Discover The "E" Word

November 19, 2014 --

Once the election returns were in, Democrats and The New York Times realized that perhaps the left should have focused more on the economy -- admitting that it is not doing as well as the stock market would suggest. But then, how could Democrats (and The New York Times) have campaign on a theme of improving the lives of miccle class voters after President Obama praised , at a glitzy fundraiser at Gwyenth Paltwo's backyard in Brentwood, CA the economy's growth during his presidency. Democrats campaigned with appeals to women, African-Americans, labor, HIspanics. And so, Democrats, under the leadership of President Obama, ignored the advice in Federalist No. 57 that officials should appeal to "the common good."

A November 11 article in The New York Times, by David Leonhardt, began by asking: "How does the Democratic Party plan to lift stagnant middle-class incomes?" Leonhardt noted that median income for 2013 was lower by $2,100 than when President Obama took office in 2009, and $3,000 lower than when President Bush was inaugurated in 2001.

As LPR read the article, Leonhardt seemed to be suggesting, as did John F. Kennedy when he campaigned for president in 1960, that the answer for a stagnant economy is a tax cut. But Leonardt did not leave it at thet, concluding with the suggestion that the middle class get "a version of the mininum-wage increase." By executive order?


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Life Among the 40.27

November 19, 2014 --

A few weeks ago, LPR called the New York State Tax Department on a personal matter. After holding the phone for forty minutes and 27 seconds of assurances how important this phone call was, LPR hung up. By luck, LPR saw another phone number on a letter form the tax department, tried that number, and got a message providing another number in case of emergency.

LPR determined that this constituted an emergency and got through, after nearly an hour on the phone. This has prompted that admittedly paranoid thought: is it possible that when days are particularly dull at our large private (I think, here, of Yahoo! -- which also does not respond to written entreaties) and public bureaucracies, the beseiged employees engage in phone pool, betting on how long a caller will wait before hanging up?

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Media Polling Errors, or Just Wishful Thinking?

November 19, 2014 --

The New York Times, among other media outlets, predicted, a week before election day, that the Wisconsin race for governor, between Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic Mary Burke, was "virtually tied." The paper also reported, November 1, that the Iowa race for U.S. senator between Republican Joni Ernst and Democrat Bruce Braley was in a statistical tie. In a November 2 editorial, the Times said that MIchigan Governor Rick Snyder was "tied in polls with the Democrat, Mark Schauer."

On November 4, the Times claimed that in the Kansas race for U.S. Senate, independent Greg Orman "has a good chance" against Pat Robertson, the Republican incumbent. The predictions of The New York Times on these, and other races, were way off, the election going to the Republicans.

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November 19, 2014 --

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November 19, 2014 --

A Question Posed by LPR ...

Doesn't the record high levels of the stock market prove that the economy is booming.

An Answer From LPR ...

The booming stock market proves that when interest rates are near-zero (except for banks) and investors have limited places to put their money, stocks will do well -- while the middle class sags into stagnation

Another Question Posed By LPR ...

Where is the outrage at the State Department and United Nations over ISIS barbarity comparable to the outrage directed at Israel for defending itself against attack from Hamas?


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