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Glimpses and of, and reflections on, the sad, yet stirring, pageantry on the passing of a remarkable monarch


September 19, 2022 --



LPR here offers its visitors tapes of two different telecasts of the procession, September 14, of the Queen's coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall where the Queen will lie in state until the funeral, September 19. The CBS News telecast starts earlier than the Fox News coverage, and has commentary during he procession. The Fox coverage offers just the sounds of Big Ben and the music of the procession -- no commentary.

The camera coverage seems identical, which might be explained by pool coverage. For LPR, its first view of the horse-drawn gun carriage carrying the coffin brought home the reality of the passing of the monarch whose coronation in 1953 took place one month after LPR's bar mitzvah. (LPR recalls seeing tv coverage of the coronation, based on film, 69 years ago.). LPR therefore has hazy recollections of the time the Queen was the elder daughter of King George VI. (LPR always thought sister Margaret was the prettier royal princess.)

LPR's Favorite photo of Queen Elizabeth. Source: GETTY via (see link below)

LPR's favorite image of Queen Elizabeth II was of her on horseback, in military uniform, including meadows, at an official function with her mounted troops -- as in this image;


As for the procession, it confirms LPR's view that no one does pageantry as well as the Brits on royal occasions -- perhaps reason enough to remain a monarchy.


King Charles III -- Humble and dignified

At this service of prayer and reflection at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff, Wales, September 16, the audience at the end of the service, attended by KIng Charles III and the Queen Consort, sang God Save the King. In the week since he ascended the throne Charles had heard this anthem to the monarch several times. LPR was struck by his demeanor on this occasion: humbly dignified -- if not emotional as he was reported to be, hearing the anthem at Westminster Hall, previously.

There is just a quick glimpse of the king -- at about the one hour and eleven minute mark on this video, but it should be enough to get LPR's point.


The vigil of the children of Elizabeth at her lying-in-state

September 16, 2022, in Westminster Hall, members of the public continue to pay their respects to Elizabeth II as King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward (all in military uniform) stand vigil at the coffin of their mother.



The Grandchildren...

On Saturday, September 17, 2022 (the 235th anniversary of the Constitution) the eight grandchildren of the Queen stood vigil at her lying-in-state in Westminster Hall. Here is tape of this sad, and impressive, ceremony honoring Elizabeth II. The grandchildren enter the hall at the ten-minute mark on the video.


The eight grandchildren are William, Prince of Wales and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. (King Charles III); the untitled Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips (Princess Anne, Princess Royal); Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie (Prince Andrew, Duke of York); and Lady Louise Windsor and James Windsor, Viscount Severn (Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex).

Prince Harry reportedly was in military uniform at the request of his father, King Charles.

Two bits of trivia about the September 14 cortege to Westminster Hall

Included among the mourners walking behind the coffin were her nephew, David Armstrong, 2d Earl of Snowden, son of Princess Margaret, the Queen's sister, and HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the only cousin of the Queen to walk in the procession. (His father, Prince Henry, was one of the brothers of George VI, the Queen's father.)

Here's more on Prince Richard

This royal highness was the youngest of the grandchildren of George V, born August 26, 1944. At that time he was fifth in line of succession to the crown, behind Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, his father and elder brother, Prince William of Gloucester, killed in a plane crash on August 28, 1972, two days after Richard's 28th birthday. (William was the first of the grandchildren of George V to die.)

Today? The Duke of Gloucester is fiftieth in succession to the crown; first in his line, but there are all those descendants in the George VI line ahead of him.


Red Line

A leftist's revisionism on a
softer Citizen Trump
(compared to Gov. DeSantis)

September 19, 2022 --

The following, based on a New York Times column by Jamelle Bouis, appeared at

In Opinion

Ron DeSantis “may be a more competent Trump in terms of his ability to use the levers of state to amass power, but he’s also meaner and more rigid, without the soft edges and eccentricity of the actual Donald Trump,” writes @jbouie.


— The New York Times (@nytimes) September 17, 2022

LPR thanks American Thinker deputy editor Andrea Widburg for sharing this.




Red Line

A misguided call
for King Charles to abdicate

September 19, 2022 --

The Atlantic, recently, published a call on King Charles III to abdicate, for reasons of age, when he becomes 75 (on November 14, 2023)


Boy is the magazine ever wrong.

LPR caught , live, the conclusion of the September 16 service in a Wales church, occasioned by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II . Observing Charles while the congregation sang "God Save the King" -- he did not join in -- LPR got the impression that only now he looked as the monarch of the United Kingdom should look: serious, dignified, mature, wise -- and human. Previously he would have seemed -- callow, Now, however, he looked, and had the bearing of a 21st century monarch, even dressed in a business suit.

LPR expects that in word, thought, deed, and appearance, the United Kingdom will be as proud of Charles as the nation was of Elizabeth, Long live the king.

Moral: Queen Elizabeth was kept on the U.K. throne for 70 years, until such time as her eldest son would indeed look the part of a majestic head of state.


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LPR's Recommended Links

September 19, 2022 --

A terribly misleading headline


The headline state, in significant pat, "Judge Breaks With DOJ. This is to assure LPR visitors, judges do not normaly work with the Justice Department against the people.


Roger Kimball Belts a Grand Slam on the Left's Attempt to Manufacture a "Martha's Vineyard-gate"


LPR wholeheartedly recommends this rebuke to smugness, snobbishness and, certainly, hypocrisy.


Easy response to a September 11 headline at The Hill

The headline offers an explanation why Bill Barr has seemingly turned against Citizen Trump.


Explanation: All along, Barr has been a card-carrying member of the Deep State. That is the major problem with Trump as president. He is not sensitive as to which of his appointees are Deep Staters who, therefore, are fully capable of stabbing him in the back at a moment of their choosing. BUT if true Republicans reject Citizen Trump, it will hand the Deep State a victory that will demoralize MAGA patriots. LPR believes the best approach is to remain loyal to Citizen Trump and get him a loyal vice president who will cleanse the Auguean Stables of the federal bureaucracy, riddled with Deep Staters -- someone like Gov. Ron DeSantis.


Red Line

Wondering about
Justice Bret Kavanaugh

September 19, 2022 --

Justice Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts in joining with the Lib Three in rejecting the appeal of Yeshiva University that, on religious grounds, it not have to endorse a gay club at the university (it does accept gay students.)

According to one report, the justices contended that the school did not exhaust other remedies to escape the dictate by a New York state court. But the four really conservative justices would have heard the case.

LPR is not surprised that the chief joined the libs. Is it possible that Justice Kavanaugh had a vision of mobs protesting outside his home if he decided to rule on the case?


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September 19, 2022 --

Here for LPR visitors is a list of notables who have lain in state in the Capitol Rotunda (and three in Statuary Hall)


You will see that the list includes 12 presidents -- but not President Roosevelt.


Bravo to Gon. Ron DeSantis...

...on sending 50 illegal migrants to Martha's Vineyard for eliciting the hypocrisy of the wealthy- left by their protests at the thought that the people they allow to flout our immigration laws should appear in their backyard. This convinces LPR that Gov. Ron must be nominated for vice president on the Republican national ticket, in 2024, to be chief of political operations, with responsibility for completing the drainage work on The Swamp begun by President Trump, in 2017.

For president, LPR strongly recommends a second term for Citizen Trump, Should Mr. Trump choose retirement in 2024, LPR is convinced that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will, as head of state, be a highly qualified presidential alternative to Donald J. Trump.


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