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Will Reality, uh, Trump Bias?


September 19, 2016 --

Behold the media's anti-Trump projection

by political reality shot full of holes

when the people elected The Donald president

while Hillary led the media's exit polls

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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Political Transformation

September 19, 2016 --

Is the Bush Family's Sense of Refinement

giving us the politics of tectonic realignment?

Is the Bush motto:  "Yield without a fight" --

the better to go from GOP to Democrat-lite

Omerta per Hillary Clinton?

September 19, 2016 --

Are Secretary Clinton's big bucks audiences under duress

never, not ever,  to leak her talks to the press?


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WHY GOP Moderates Loathe The Donald

September 19, 2016 --

Donald J. Trump defends himself when attacked

A trait Republican moderates have lacked

They tend to be silent, even compliant,

As the left sets them up to get whacked.

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How Are You Doing?

September 19, 2016 --

How've you been doing since 2008

The year President Obama was elected

Since then did your income escalate

Or do you face the future dejected?

P.C. Forever

September 19, 2016 --

If you criticize President Obama

You are worse than a pro-fracking farmer

You are unpatriotic, even chaotic

Not to mention spreading a lot of bad karma

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Hillary Clinton Wants to Be Commander-in-Chief

September 19, 2016 --

Make me your commander-in-chief

Donald Trump will cause damage to the nation

I promise to turn over a bright new leaf

And won't sell access via the  Clinton Foundation

The Problem With Hillary Clinton

September 19, 2016 --

Hillary Clinton

Tries hard to be hintin'

She's plain folks -- just one of us

Yet her campaigning  lacks luster

Most  people don't  trust her

But to raise taxes and throw the middle class under the bus


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Do Never-Trumpers Want a Final Transformation?

September 19, 2016 --

(The Wall Street Journal, September 8, printed an op-ed piece arguing that the members of the Electoral College are not obligated to cast their votes for the winner of a given state's presidential  popular vote.

LPR understands  that the writers,David B. Rivkin, Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman, have Donald Trump mainly in mind for snubbing by the Electoral College.  Curiously, Hillary Clinton, some years ago, called for razing the Electoral College.

LPR has a hunch that should Donald J. Trump seem to have gotten elected president, November 8, The New York Times, joined  by Bill Kristol, will lead the  media in urging  the members of the Electoral College to pick anybody but Trump.)

Will  Never-Trumpers not in the least be hesitant to use the  Electoral College to keep  Trump  from being president?
But if  the Never-Trumpers have their way
Come next January 20, will the United States be dissolving  into the former U.S.A.?

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Concerned About The New York Times

September 19, 2016 --

What will The New York Times do

If Trump wins the election

Will it call for a general strike

Or just advise the left how to deal with depression


Politics Among the One Percent?

September 19, 2016 --

Is the Family Bush effecting political realignment

Based on the Politics of Exquisite Refinement

Where moderates  do as (by the left) they're told

certainly never, ever scold

And evenings enjoy cheese with expensive winement

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What did the FBI know and when did it know it?

September 19, 2016 --

Was it Hillary Clinton's wiles

That in the mid-'90's brought FBI files

to the White House  where for a time they were impacted

If Candidate Clinton's  name were Nixon

Congress today would be fixin'

To [sorry, the rest of this must be redacted]

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On Being with B. Streisand et al.

September 19, 2016 --

It's fun to be spend time with wealthy adorables

while sniping at nasty deplorables

How silly to campaign among the rancid masses

when big bucks  are raised clinking cocktail glasses

An Unwanted Political Drama

September 19, 2016 --

Here's hoping illness doesn't force

Hillary Clinton from the race

If it does we'll get more political drama

Especially if Democrats name in her place

None one other than Michelle Obama

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LPR Photo Observations

September 19, 2016 --

Images of lilac bush reaching up to the Bronx sky

Lenox, just groomed (at A Cut Above, in Manhattan)

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