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A Lonely Pamphleteer Memo to Congressional Republicans


October 19, 2019 --

Do not follow the lead of the Democrats and Never Trump Repubicans in their anti-Trump bias.

You should consider expressing vocal support for President Trump by means of the excellent eight- page letter sent by Counsel to the President Pat A. Cipollone to House Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic chairmen of the House Intelligence, Oversight, and Foreign Affairs committees, with copies to House GOP leader McCarthy and the ranking members of these three committees.

In his insightful and comprehensive letter, Counsel Cipollone noted that the impeachment inquiry was designed in a way that "violates fundamental fairness and constitutionally mandated due process." He rightly points out that the inquiry is "highly partisan" and "threatens grave and lasting damage to our democratic institutions, to our system of free elections, and to the American people." As Mr. Cipollone indicates, not only do Democrats regard impeachment as means to undo the 2016 election, they are employing it as "strategy" to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election.

The president's counsel is right to fault Speaker Pelosi for announcing the impeachment inquiry on her own authority, without vote of the House of Representatives. Indeed Ms. Pelosi's action is the stuff of an authoritarian, imperial, House Speaker. Federalist Paper No. 65 states, "It is not disputed that the power of originating the inquiry, or, in other words, of preferring the impeachment, ought to lodged in the hands of one branch of the legislative body ."

Hamilton, in this document, referred to "one branch" of the House, not to one leader of the House. Note that Hamilton also indicated that "the leaders...of the most numerous faction...can hardly be expected to possess the requisite neutrality towards those whose conduct may be the subject of scrutiny." Today's Democrats give current vitality to that observation.

Alan M. Dershowitz, emeritus professor of law at Harvard, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed article, October 10, that cited Federalist No. 65, wrote that the Framers "didn't want the impeachment power to become a political weapon. He quoted Hamilton's warning in No. 65 "there will always be the greater danger that the decision [on impeachment] will be regulated more by the comparative strength of the parties, than by the real demonstration of innocence or guilt."

The American people have been led to believe that the impetus for the Democrats' impeachment inquiry stems from the July 25 phone conversation between President Trump and Ukraine President Volodymr Zelensky.

During this conversation, Mr. Trump requested information concerning the alleged hacking of Democratic National Committee computers in 2016 and information on the relationship of Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. with the Ukraine energy company Burisma Holdings.

That is to say, he was requesting information; he was not digging for dirt. (Anti-Trump "dirt" is what the phony Steele dossier was all aboutThis request is justified because Hunter Biden's relationship with Burisma began when the elder Biden was placed in charge of our Ukraine policy. (Bear in mind, too, that Mr. Kerry's son had business dealings with Hunter Biden.)

You should take note of this comment from Counsel Cipollone in his letter to the Democrats: "Perhaps the best evidence that there was no wrongdoing on the call is that fact that, after the actual record of the call was released, [House Intelligence Committee] Chairman Schiff chose to concoct a false version of the call and to read his made-up transcript to the American people at a public hearing." And don't forget that the former vice president bragged about being successful in pressuring Ukraine to dismiss a prosecutor who was investigating Burima for corruption. The president's request to the Ukraine leader for information involving the Biden-Burisma connection is eminently reasonable under the circumstances. How would the elder Biden be harmed if the request did not yield damaging information? On the other hand, please consider that failure to make the information request simply because Mr. Biden is a candidate for president would be tantamount to accepting the Democrats contention that questions about the conduct of Democratic presidential candidates constitute interference in an election. In response to this false assertion, you should not hesitate to cite a comment regularly voiced by Democrats these impeachment inquiry days: "No one is above the law."


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The Spirit of Joe Hardy?

October 19, 2019 --

The musical "Damn Yankees" is based on Douglass Wallop's novel, "The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant." The story tells how the Devil ("Mr. Applegate") turned Joe Boyd, a married middle-aged businessman, into Joe Hardy, a baseball superstar for the struggling Washington Senators, helping them beat the Yankees for the American League pennant -- before realizing that he wanted to stay Joe Boyd, and succeeded in canceling his contract with Applegate before it took final effect.

(The novel was written in 1954, one of the two years in the 1950s -- the other was 1959 -- when the Yankees lost the American League pennant -- to the Cleveland Indians who lost in the World Series to the New York Giants, now the San Francisco Giants.)

Washington is now in the National League, not the American League (it succeeded the old Montreal Expos in 2005), and the team is now called the Nationals, not the Senators, but it took a 10th-inning grand slam home run by 36-year old Howie Kendricks for the Nationals to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-3 in the fifth and final game of the 2019 National League Division Series -- and that home run seems to LPR to be a "Damn Yankees" kind of moment. After all, the Nationals were down 3-0 in the game, then made it 3-1, and tied the game with two home runs in the top of the eighth inning. Then, In the top of the tenth, a walk, a ground-rule double and an intentional walk loaded the bases for Kendrick's Joe Hardy-type moment. (Kendricks' former teams included

The parallel to the struggling Senators of "Damn Yankees" is suggested by the Nationals' record on May 23: 19-31, twelve games below .500. They got into the "wild card" game by winning 79 of 112 games the rest of the season, finishing the regular season with a 93-69 record, second to the Atlanta Braves (97-65), who lost to the St. Louis Cardinals (91-71), in the other National League playoff. The Dodgers, with a regular season record of 106-56, had the best record in the National League and led the West division by 21 games over the second place Arizona Diamondbacks. The Dodgers also had the most wins in team history. Wouldn't you know? -- the two teams with the best records lost in the National League division playoffs.

This is the fifth season that the Nationals made the playoffs, but the first time they made it to the league championship. On October 15, the Nationals defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, 7-4, to sweep the National League Championship Series, and become the first baseball team in Washington to play in the World Series since 1924 when the Washington Senators were the American League champion, and became world champion by defeating the New York Giants in seven games. (The Senators became the Minnesota Twins in 1961 and the Twins won the World Series in 1987 and 1991.) LPR would not be surprised if the Nationals go on to defeat the American League champ, either the New York Yankees or the Houston Astros, as of October 16. That would provide an exclamation point to the Douglass Wallop novel, made into the "Damn Yankees" musical by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.


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Politics Simultaneous With Baseball

October 19, 2019 --

What proved to be the final game of the National League Championship Series was played simultaneously with the October 15 Democratic debate. Indeed the game ended about five minutes after the Hate Trump debate, which seemed to LPR like an anti-Trump propaganda production made possible with the cooperation of the debate's producers, The anti-Trump New York Times and the anti-Trump CNN. The candidates reiterated their positions on healthcare, Senator Sanders again proposed taxes on the wealthy, Senator Warren insisted that she would raise taxes on the middle class.

The moderators did not ask if there would still be a middle class under a President Warren or a President Sanders. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, at one point was a profile in courage, as she directed barbs at the Times and CNN. saying, it was "despicable" for CNN to have called her an "asset of Russia," or for The New York Times to have called her a "Russian asset."

As president, she would be against "regime change wars, " she said.

Perhaps with the exception of Gabbard, the Democratic field seems agreed that, as former Vice President Biden said, without elaboration, President Trump is the "most corrupt" president "in modern history, " perhaps all history.

The moderators did not inquire if conviction of Mr. Trump for seeking information from Ukraine might itself amount to interference in the election. Unthinkable thought: what if voters get turned off by repetitive Democratic debates?

LPR guesses that the Russians will be blamed for that, too.



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Hearsay Reporting at The New York Times?

October 19, 2019 --

In the October 12 New York Times reporter Katie Rogers wrote that former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie L. Yovanovitch, "offered a scathing assessment of the Trump administration's approach top foreign policy," testifying at a "closed-door" hearing on Capitol. Problem is, the dateline for the article was Lake Charles. Louisiana, and Ms. Rogers was reporting President Trump's rally in Lake Charles. Who gave her the information?

Meanwhile, the Times, in an editorial, October 12, quoted former head of the Government Ethics Office Walter Shaub, in an anti-Trump context, without telling readers that he had been appointed by President to run the office and resigned, after the blasting President Trump, and joined the left-wing Campaign Legal Center. See Kimberly A. Strassel's article mentioning Mr. Shaub, in The Wall Street Journal, October 12-13. "Whistleblowers and the Real Deep State."

The Strassel article was adapted from her book, "Resistance (at All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America."

The mindset in the following Strassel observation certainly seems to apply to Mr. Shaub: "The bureaucratic resistance has used its power to delay and undermine Trump proposals, leak government information, gin up controversies to run Trump cabinet heads out of Washington--and now provide an excuse for impeachment."


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More LPR Observations...

October 19, 2019 --

The Fact of the Matter

The fact of the matter is that former Vice President Biden says "The fact of the matter" all the time, along with promising to "beat Trump like a drum" and charging that Trump is breaking America's "soul."

What Will Happen By November 1?

Will Israel have a new government? Will Britain "brexit"? Will Attorney General Barr report on the origins of Russiagate -- and hand down indictments appertaining thereto? LPR wonders.

Hon. Elijah Cummings, RIP

LPR was shocked to learn, October 17, of the passing of Congressman Elijah Cummings, chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and member of Congress for 23 years. Sincere condolences to his family and may his memory be for a blessing.

SPECIAL MEMO to Mark Levin
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You closed your radio show, October 16, saying that electronic pamphleteering is a good idea.

As its name says, pamphleteering is what Lonely Pamphleteer Review is all about.

LPR has been on-line for 16 years, thanks to webmaster Terri Fassio and everyone at

You can tell your listeners that as long ago as last April 19, citing John Solomon's article in the Hill about Hunter Biden and Burisma, LPR predicted that Ukraine would become an issue in the 2020 election campaign.

Just google -- Lonely Pamphleteer Review "Will Ukraine be an issue".

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October 19, 2019 --

Le Carre's De Facto Description of Russiagate

In his "Legacy of Spies" John le Carre describes the false defection of Alec Leamas, in le Carre's "The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, as "a fiendishly deception operation." For LPR, this well describes the scenario, apparently drafted in the intelligence community, to portray, quite falsely, presidential candidate Donald J. Trump[as a Russian puppet, continuing after Mr. Trump became president.

From Politico, January 11, 2017 (as mentioned by Sean Hannity)

"Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office....And they helped Clinton's allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found." The article was co-written by Kenneth P. Vogel, now an anti-Trump reporter at The New York Times. The Politico article is titled, "Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire." No wonder Democrats howl "impeachment" at requests from President Trump to Ukraine for information on the 2016 election and the Bidens.

What "bolster" is really about

The New York Times, October 7, said that Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham are "seeking evidence that might bolster a conspiracy theory long nurtured by President Trump: that some of America's closest allies plotted with his 'deep state' enemies to try to prevent him from winning the presidency."

Bolster? How about "support?" For bolstering, see, for example, the October 7 lead headline in the Times: "SECOND PERSON/BLOWS WHISTLE,/ LEGAL TEAM SAYS."


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