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October 5, 2015 --

"[J Street] feel entitled to tell us, Israelis, what to do. When we think differently, they will arrogantly dismiss us as people who do not know what is best for our own welfare."

Hen Mazzig, "An Israeli Leftist to J Street: Stop!" Reprinted in Jewish Link, September 24, 2015, p. 9.

"If democracy means anything, it means that, if you are outvoted, you accept the results and prepare for the next election."

Thomas L. Friedman, " Our Democracy Is at Stake," The New York Times, October 2, 2013, p. A23, p.A23.

Hen Mazzig's comment, referring to J Street, the pressure-on-Israel Washington lobby, applies, LPR believes, to leftists, in general. Just consider the war on conservatives, vigorously waged by The New York Times. Indeed, LPR will not be surprised should a Times op-ed piece, column, or editorial appear, before the 2016 elections with this title: "Time to Ban the Republican Party."

News articles reporting House Speaker John Boehner's decision to resign from Congress pounded House Republicans as "antigovernment." One story quoted a Republican congressman, Charlie Dent, as saying "'from two to four dozen [Republican House] members...don't have an affirmative sense of governance.'" Mr. Dent thus betrays his ignorance -- or disdain -- for the founding concept of a limited, national government.

The lead story -- NOT labeled "news analysis" -- in the Times, September 26, on Boehner's resignation, by Jennifer Steinhauer. asserted that "[h]is downfall again highlighted the sinewy power of a Republican party faction whose anthem is often to oppose government action." LPR checked the definition of "sinewy." Did the reporter mean to write "shadowy?" Sinewy, after all, means "tough" or "forceful."

For LPR, certainly, congressional conservatives aren't "forceful" enough.

Ms. Steinhauer went on to play the race card, writing that the Republican House power base has shifted from suburban districts "to areas that are largely Southern, rural and white." How soon until the left demands the ouster of Republicans elected from districts with "disparate impact"?

The lead editorial in the Times, September 26, claimed that Mr. Boehner had been "tormented...by right-wing malcontents who have condemned any hint of the sort of political accomodation needed for legislation. What type of legislation? The editorial does not say.

LPR understands that when The New York Times writes of "political accomodation," it has in mind political capitulation by conservatives. Two days earlier, a Times editorial, " Israel and America After the Iran Deal,"referred to "a broad legislative package now under negotiation by the White House and Democratic lawmakers." Republicans still hold majorities in both houses of Congress, but when it comes to legislation, today, apparently Republican lawmakers need not apply. The process is quite simple to grasp: Democrats and the president agree to a "legislative package" and present the package to the Republican congressional leadership on a take it or face a government shutdown threat. Leftists, borrowing from Hen Mazzig, arrogantly dismiss Republicans as people who either do not know what is in the best interests of the nation, or who, as a January 24, 2015 Times editorial charged: "apparently see value in trying to sabotage any possible success for Mr. Obama, even if it harms American interests."

In an August 2, 2015 editorial, the Times edged towards calling the conduct of Republicans treasonous, accusing them of "siding with a foreign leader against their own commander in chief." This editorial, "Republican Hypocrisy on Iran," noted that President Ronald Reagan "negotiated with Iran after the Islamic Revolution, selling its arms to use in its struggle with Iraq and using the proceeds to arm Nicaragua's contra rebels in defiance of Congress." The Times, in an editorial November 18, 1987, indeed indicated that the Reagan administration defied Congress and, in so doing, acted "against the law." But that was in the days when The New York Times recognized congressional authority to disagree with the president. Today, The New York Times claims that a Republican Congress is not allowed to blame President Obama for the chaotic situation in Syria or -- in LPR's view, for anything.

When Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote, September 28, "...cry for America, which must find a way to live with a G.O.P. gone mad," this Nobel prizewinner in economics was likely speaking for everyone at The New York Times. How long before the Times demands the end of a Republican Party "gone mad"?

LPR is confident that Thomas L. Friedman has not written to Klugman that the approval of the Iran deal by the Democrat minority in Congress puts at stake democracy in America. For The New York Times , an America dominated by a leftist minority whose credo is "Do as we demand, and shut up" is what transforming the political system is all about. John Boehner's legacy is that he enabled this political transformation. How soon until the nation gets a single- player political system?

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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A postscript on John Boehner

October 5, 2015 --

John Lawrence, a former longtime House Democrat staffer, commented in a New York Times o-ed article, September 26, "I think [Boehner] lacks the blood lust that courses through so many in the G.O.P. ranks."

LPR would modify the observation to say that Boehner lacked "the blood lust that courses through Democrat ranks. By the way, LPR saw no mention in the Times of action taken by Boehner, as speaker, against conservatives. Nor did LPR see in the Times any analyses of Boehner's resignation from conservatives he purged while he was speaker.

By the way, Boehner invited Pope Francis to address Congress -- and got no flack on this from The White House, Congressional Democrats or The New York Times. It was a different matter when Boehner invited Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress, last March.


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Thomas L. Friedman,
where are you?

October 5, 2015 --

The Times editorial, "Israel and America After the Iran Deal," , stated, in part: "Now that congressional Democrats have blocked a Republican effort to kill the Iran nuclear deal, attention is shifting to what America must to to reassure Israel and its American supporters that the agreement will not harm Israel's security."

To be accurate, shouldn't the editorial have read: "Now that the Democrat minority in Congress blocked the Republicans..."?

Please compare to your October 2, 2013 column warning that a conservative minority will destroy our democracy -- a column that also suggested to LPR that Republican control of the House was illegitimate, based on gerrymandering that established "'safe, lilywhite' Republcan strongholds that are, in effect, an 'alternative universe' to the country's diverse reality."

Almost forgot, this September 24 editorial manged to include a slap at Israel to warm the hearts of J Streeters: "...Israel undermines stability [in the Mideast] by failing to negotiate peace with the Palestinians."


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Those Venting House Republicans

October 5, 2015 --

From a New York Times article, September 19: page A13: "House Republicans vented their rage against Planned Parenthood on Friday, voting to block federal funding for the organization, which they accused of profiting from the sale of aborted fetuses for medical research."

LPR googled "Democrats vented rage" and up came references to Republicans. Never, ever, at The New York Times, do Democrats vent -- they merely have their way with Republicans.



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Ralph's Museum

October 5, 2015 --

The New York Times, September 26, took note of thje opening, September 28, of the American Museum of Tort Law, established by consumer advocate and the former third party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, in his hometown of Winsted, Connecticut.

This Litchfield County city was described in the story as "a struggling town, dotted with abandoned factories but on the path of weekend visitors to more prosperous areas. The article did not mention that Winsted recently marked the 60th anniversary of the flood that devastated the city, a flood from which Winsted has yet to recover. The "more prosperous areas" the reporter had in mind are perhaps include Sharon and Lakeville, Conn., west of Winsted, and the Tanglewood vicinity in western Massachusetts about forty minutes from Winsted. Mr. Nader, of course, noted, during his presidential runs, that the difference between Democrats and Republicans was the difference between "tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee." LPR can imagine the GOP established shouting "vive this difference!"

Anyone who doubts the elitism of The New York Times should see the paper's ads for very high-priced items.. LPR expects that the consumers of the products represented by these ads might not pass a "disparate impact" test.

From the LPR Archives: Ralph Nader, fund raising in Winsted, Connecticut on December 23, 2004.

From the LPR Archives: Winsted 2005 -- Main Street in Winsted looking Eastbound. The Mad River is on the right beyond the tree line.

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October 5, 2015 --

Should a Republican Be Elected President in 2016 ...

... PR predicts that if a Republican is elected president in 2016, The New York Times will immediately lead leftists in a campaign to sabotage the new president, demanding an outpouring of zealous dissent, while contending that the paper's hostility to the new president is not" antigovernment" but is intended to restore government to its proper transformation under President Obama.

A New Reason to Denounce Netanyahu?

Please compare recent photos showing Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Russia's President Vladimir Putin, in Moscow, to recent photos showing Putin with President Obama, at the United Nations in New York. President Obama is clearly tense in photos of him with the Russian leader. A relaxed atmosphere is evident in the Netanyahu-Putin images.


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