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McConnell As Spokesperson
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February 19, 2021 --

Mitch McConnell must be replaced as Republican leader in the Senate -- if the party is to go forward within the Federalist No. 57 mindset, by staying close to the people, as our former president advocated. 

The reason the Swamp reacted in horror to President Trump, certainly from his Inaugural address, is because Trumpism represents government of, by and for the people, not government by the insiders, to the people.

McConnell's denunciation of Mr. Trump, following the vote ending the impeachment farce, reflected, in LPR's view, the Swamp's loathing for our former president because it recognized him as a threat to their aggrandizing grip on our government. 

McConnell and his fellow swampsters must have shuddered in dismay as they heard President Trump say, as he began his Inaugural address:  "What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people."   Opposing this declaration, the Swamp shows that it is the true enemy of our democratic institutions.

The following  observation in Mr. Trump's Inaugural address could only have rankled further McConnell and his ilk:  "For too long, a small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government, while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth."

And so the Swamp responded to Mr. Trump's first statement as president by deploring it as "dark."   What is "dark" about this statement in the Inaugural: "When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice"?  And what has the Swamp done ever since January 20, 2017 but maliciously and tortiously try to smear Donald J. Triump as a  traitor, a racist, an  anti-Semite, anti-Muslim homophobe.   

Mr. Trump continued, "The Bible tells us, how good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity. We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements, but always pursue solidarity."

What is the approach taken by the Swamp but to  suppress open minds, to stifle free debate, to pursue division to maintain its   grip on government.

Imagine how McConnell and his fellow swampsters must have recoiled in rage as they heard President Trump go on to note, in his Inaugural: "We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it. The tije for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action....We will not fail. Our country will thrive and prosper again."  We should steer to course navigated by Prfesident Trump. We must be demoralized by the malicious machinations of Biden and his handlers.

The response from the 74 million (or is it really 80-plus million?) to McConnell, co-chair with Schumer and Pelosi, of Swampsters Anonymous, must be to retain solidarity, to encourage stalwart Republican defenders of liberty, including Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Rand Paul, to stay close to us in the true spirit of Federalist No. 57 and, staying close to us, lead us in the fight -- yes "fight" -- to drain the Swamp so that our legacy of liberty on which Trumpism is based, takes a giant step forward in 2022, leading to complete victory over a drained Swamp by January 20, 2025.   

And LPR would invite the impeachment "trial" lawyers, Michael Van der Veen, David Schoen, and Bruce Castor -- who were outstanding in defense of our founding legacy --  to remain active on behalf of all patriotic Americans. (LPR reminds its visitors that prior to the "trial," this site pointed out that the "trial" violated the ban on bills of attainder, set forth in Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution.  It is a disgrace that 57 senators (including seven Republican turncoats) acted in open defiance of the plain language of our Constitution.  It is these 57 senators who are not fit to  hold positions of trust at any level of government in our country.

May the number of these traducers of the Constitution -- 57 --  call attention to Federalist Paper No. 57 which, among other things, declares that tyranny happens when government officials are distant from the people.  And the people must also be wary that tyranny happens when our officials are not faithful to the Constitution.

May the Almighty continue to bless the United States of America with leadership faithful to the tenets of the Founding Fathers.

Here is a link to the full text of President Trump's Inaugural Address as set forth by Politico.  (Those wishing to see how vicious was McConnell's attack on private citizen Trump are free to google his statement of loyalty to the Swamp. LPR will not sully itself by dredging up that political obscenity.)




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Is Mike Pence Next?

February 19, 2021 --

There is little doubt that this sham impeachment "trial" is aimed, in significant part, at preventing a Trump re-election bid in 2024 -- and also destroying "Trumpism,"  that is, government of, by and for the people, not of, by and for The Swamp.   If this sorry excuse for an impeachment trial should succeed, and convict a former president, it seems more likely than not, that the zealous, aggrandizing Democrats would next move to prevent the 2024 candidacy of the former vice president, clearly the next Republican most identified with now private citizen Trump.

Barring a Supreme Court ruling against impeachments of former federal officials, what is to keep the power-mad, anti-freedom Democrats from bringing an article of impeachment against Mike Pence on a charge of aiding and abetting Trumpism, seen by the totalitarian left as a cult movement to sow chaos and discord throughout the country to install a conservative populist hegemony in the United States for decades to come?  (Of course, as with just about all radical left accusations, such an accusation defines the Democrat mindset, by means of a process called projecting.). 

Should we doubt that Speaker Pelosi would hesitate to bring an impeachment article against private citizen Mike Pence were the Democrats to succeed in obtaining an impeachment conviction against private citizen  Donald J. Trump?  The aim being the destruction of his presidential candidacy, too.

The argument has been made, if the Democrats succeed against Mr. Trump, what is to stop Congress from impeaching other former presidents whose tenure, this cancel culture age, has become offensive to the radical left and their enablers in business, the media and academia?   But why focus on moot impeachments, when there is the lure of destroying the present Republican Party as a political force?
If the anti-freedom left succeeds in disqualifying Mr. Trump, why should these one party fanatics not seek the disqualification of another otherwise likely aspirant for the GOP nomination in 2024.

Look how the wily, crafty California Democrats have succeeded in the Golden State in making races for the U.S. Senate contests between one Democrat -- and another.

We have already seen that six Republican senators, casting their votes with all Senate Democrats, have expressed constitutional support for impeachment of former officials. Are other weak-kneed GOP senators to follow?  If so, what is to prevent the power-mad Democrats from weaponizing impeachments to block the presidential candidacy of other Republicans?   Think not? Please think again.  Who would have foretold a second impeachment against the former president?

The issue cannot be judged by Congress.   The zealots of the  left have long since demonstrated that free will is not available to Democrats. They march in lockstep -- as is customary for any totalitarian movement.   Republicans could never express the will, much less the solidarity, of treating their political enemies in kind.  And they should make no mistake -- for the left, Republicans are the enemy, not merely political opponents.  For the left, the acceptable Republican is a Republican like changeling Cheney who will match anti-Republican propaganda with the most meanspirited Democrat, word for word, jot for jot, tittle for tittle.

So long as Democrats hold unchecked power in Washington, D.C., the Constitution is not safe.  So long as Democrats hold majorities, however slim, in House and Senate, the threat of impeachments against former GOP officials is not to be dismissed.

The institution in the nation's capital whose responsibility it is to interpret the Constitution is the Supreme Court of the United States.  It is not a matter for the "political thicket" to determine,  but an issue of such  constitutional importance that Chief Justice Roberts and his brethren should rule on:  whether former officials are subject to impeachment?  This important issue merits review before the Supreme Court by declaratory judgment.  Doesn't  the national interest require it?


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LPR's Links

February 19, 2021 --

LPR nominates this version of "Tomorrow" as the morale booster for the 74 million (or was it really 80 million?).



Another Anna Jane Casey link, with Christina Bianco



See and hear the tremendous appreciation of his Mexico City audience for the great Dmitri Hvorostovsky


See how young Mikhail Barishnykov looked in this skit with Gene Wilder.




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An important dissection of the January 6 fatalities at the Capitol

February 19, 2021 --

LPR offers this link to an important American Thinker article by the irrepressible Andrea Widburg as a service to the concept of '"Truth Even Unto Its Innermost Parts."  This concept  (the motto of Brandeis University)  is ignored when not trashed by the current crop of media anti-Trump propagandists. 

LPR believes this Widburg articles deserves the widest circulation and should be cited by Republicans in Congress to pierce the Iron Curtain constructed by the enemies of honest, fair journalism.



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Dmitri Hvorostovsky

February 19, 2021 --

The Magnificent Dmitri Hvorostovsky

LPR discovered this great talented artist too late; after his passing at too early an age. But we have videos of this marvelous Russian baritone.   Here is one link displaying not only his outstanding talent, but his popularity and charisma, too -- before a British audience.  LPR is convinced the magnificent Dmitri would transcend petty politics that currently afflicts our country.  Thus, rather than undergo the mean-spiritedness of the scond Trump impeachment, February 9, LPR listened to videos of concerts of Dmitri with Sumi Jo,  and  with Renee Fleming in Moscow.


The Great, Brave Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Dmitri made a surprise appearance at a Met Gala in May 2017. He was battling a brain tumor at the time, and had but six months to live.

Here he is singing an aria from Rigoletto.  Note the ovation that greeted him, and honored him when he finished the aria.  Having become acquainted with this marvelous baritone in recent weeks, LPR concludes that audiences all over the world loved him.  Among the tragic reasons to miss him, LPR is convinced he would have been a terrific ambassador for closer U.S. - Russia ties.  Please open this link to get a sense of this incredible talent and very special person.



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Hollywood Blacklists

February 19, 2021 --

The Wall Street Journal carried an opinion piece, February 13-14, from deputy editorial features editor Mathew Hennessey comparing the Hollywood blacklist of commies  of the 40's and 50's to the current Hollywood blacklist of conservatives.  The article concluded, "If it's wrong for someone to lose his job because he's a Communist, it's wrong for someone to lose her job because she's a conservative."

LPR would note that the blacklisted of yore were intent on undermining our legacy of liberty.  The blacklisters of today are intent on undermining our legacy of liberty.



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Canine (and Feline) Corner

February 19, 2021 --

Just say… Lulu!

One more Lulu

Beesli in dog cushion

Meet Ketzi, newly groomed



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Call him Chris Malice

February 19, 2021 --

Chris Wallace made an appearance on Fox News, during a break into Senate's (unconstitutional) trial on he scond Trump impeachment, February 12 for mocking and demeaning the defense team's video references to the many times Democrats employed the terms "fight" or "fighting," figuratively against Republicans,  to assure the Senate and the country that Mr. Trump's  usage was no less figurative.

Wallace dismissed the defense argument as an insult to the senators the defense team wanted to persuade.   Wallace's remarks were ludicrous, themselves, for implying that any Democrat could be persuaded by principled and rational argument on the subject of Donald J. Trump.  And by joining his lockstep marching Democrats, Joe Manchump belied claims that he would deviate from the Democrat radical left agenda. What oculd be worse than voting to support an unconstitutional action?

By the way, getting back to the blacklisting issue:  is "blacklisting" now a racist term? What about the names of nations:  Niger, Nigeria?

Will The New York Pravda demand a change in those names?

Please take the LPR poll …
… found on the right-hand column on this page

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A few additional
LPR Observations ...

February 19, 2021 --

An LPR Memo to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin …
The New York times, February 16, published a front-page article, by Dave Philipps,  about long overdue action on the nomination of Col. Paris Davis (Ret.) for a Medal of Honor, recognizing his bravery and devotion to duty in Vietnam, June 1965, fifty-six years ago.  The article reports that the too-long overdue action on this Medal of Honor nomination will go to the chain of command, starting with the secretary of the army, to be completed in March. 


The Jewish State …

There were report on the internet that Biden has not been in touch with Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu following his January 20 inauguration.  LPR reminds its visitors, contrary to the adage, absence does not necessarily make the heart grow fonder.  Rather, out of sight, out of mind.  More likely, Biden's handlers prefer out of sight concerning the Jewish state.

The Google response to a question about responsibility for security at the Capitol ...

"As executive officer, the Sergeant at Arms has custody of the Senate gavel. As chief law enforcement officer of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, as well as protection of the members themselves."

LPR would add: Considering separation of powers, it would seem that the president has no authority over security at the Capitol. The Google reply leaves open the question whether Speaker Pelosi is in charge of security on the House side of the Capitol, as well as all House buildings. Perhaps she is in charge on the House side?

Just wonderin'

Will Biden's one month and counting sum of Israel be followed with news that 80% of American Jews for this so-called president under the control of the anti-Israel left?

Please see this February 16 American Thinker article on the left's anti-Semitism:



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Here is the newest political joke
(From Newsmax, February 15)

February 19, 2021 --

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday that Congress will establish an independent, Sept. 11-style commission to look into the deadly insurrection that took place at the U.S. Capitol.

Pelosi said the commission will “investigate and report on the facts and causes relating to the Jan. 6, 2021, domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex … and relating to the interference with the peaceful transfer of power."

LPR Thinks …

LPR thinks Pelosi's "commission" will be about as independent as -- well -- as about as independent as any House Democrat under her diktat.

Hint -- House Democrats march in lockstep as any totalitarian legislature does.   Prediction -- this Pelosi-picked commission will demand that private citizen Trump be disqualified from holding further public office anywhere in the country and, possibly, will also call for his indictment in a criminal court, possibly even before a certain U.S.Judge E. Sullivan.


An LPR Memo to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

February 19, 2021 --

The New York times, February 16, published a front-page article, by Dave Philipps,  about long overdue action on the nomination of Col. Paris David (Ret.) for a Medal of Honor, recognizing his bravery and devotion to duty in Vietnam, June 1965, fifty-six years ago.  The article reports that the too-long overdue action on this Medal of Honor nomination will go to the chain of command, starting with the secretary of the army, to be completed in March.  

Col. Davis is 81 years old; why continue the bureaucratic delay?  

Gen. Austin, please take personal attention of this matter,  immediately.  My sense is that patriotic Americans would support this request, as Col. Davis is clearly a credit to our country and has waited long enough, fifty-six years, for review of this nomination by a defense secretary.


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A Sad Day for America

February 19, 2021 --

LPR is deeply saddened by the death of Rush LImbaugh to cancer, at the age of 70.  Rush was never angry, never rude to callers, never cut anyone short, and never spoke about himself at length.   

He had a wonderful sense of humor and never took himself seriously.He was a beacon of light in this dark age of what he called "drive-by" journalists. He truly wanted people to be "the best that they can be," and his weekly three-hour broadcasts did constitute a source of higher learning.

As a faithful listener to Russ for nearly 30 years, since the Clarence Thomas hearings, I can hear him say "ditto" to the following idea: that the passing of Rush leaves the naming of his successor not open to doubt.   

For more than thirty years Rush Limbaugh was the voice that  represented conservative populism across our country.  Rush gave us an identifiable figure to rally round.

Recent polls make it clear that we now have another conservative populist to rally round: private citizen Donald J. Trump.   LPR urges its visitors to spread the word:   Continue Great Conservative Populist Radio By Naming Donald J. Trump the successor to Rush on the continued Rush Limbaugh Show:  same program name, same conservative populist mindset.  

And same essential message:  MAGA


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Will Biden's Justice Department Bring a Criminal Action Against Citizen Trump, too?

February 19, 2021 --

(This is from NBC News, February 16)

"Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and the NAACP filed a lawsuit Tuesday against former President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, accusing them of conspiring with two extremist groups to block the presidential vote count by storming the U.S. Capitol."

As Biden was inaugurated on January 20 as provided by the Constitution, what are the damages to the congressman or the other plaintiff -- intentional infliction of emotional distress based on failure to cut short President Trump's full term in office?


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LPR Photo Gallery

February 19, 2021 --

After snow garbage mounds.

More mounds of garbage.

More garbage not piçked up.

Snow mound at tree.

Snow-covered car in sun.

Walker in Super Bowl Sunday snow

The white cliffs of New Jersey.

LPR got its new phone at this ATT store on Johnson  Avenue in The Bronx . Ask for Matthew.

Night scene

Zabar's on Broadway

Citarella on Broadway

The Apthorp at 79th and Broadway

Bronx night signs

Bronx Starbucks at night



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The (Confused ) Wall Street Journal

February 19, 2021 --

The Wall Street Journal predicted in its viciously anti-Trump lead editorial, February 16, that if Donald Trump seeks a second term in 2024, he will not win re-election.   

Yet, in a news article, same day, on Republican politics, the Journal indicated that to regain majorities in both houses of Congress, GOP leaders "must tap the considerable energy the Trump movement brings to the party...." 

Does the Journal envision putting a lid on that "considerable energy" if it should be applied to a third Trump presidential campaign?

The Journal's February 16 anti-Trump editorial, "Trump's Non-Vindication" could have appeared in The New York Pravda or The Washington Post. 

Indeed, the Journal echoed a favorite line of the New York anti-Trump propaganda sheet, asserting in the news article that, following the 2020 presidential election, Mr. Trump "roiled the political world with unfounded assertions that the election was stolen," this in the face of a Time article boasting how the Swamp succeeded in defeating the president by means that could only amount to skullduggery, including novel election procedures wrongly imposed by governors, not state legislatures; blocking Republican poll-watchers from overseeing vote-counting; mass ballot-dumps, without signatures; curious overnight gaps inn vote-counting.  The accusation that President Trump undermined our democratic institutions clearly is a case of leftist projection.  Shame on The Wall Street Journal for joining the country's anti-liberty forces.  But then, the Journal has traditionally loathed populism, which can only mean that the paper much prefers to swim in The Swamp.

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman
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February 19, 2021 --

Re: Donald J. Trump ...
(With thanks to W. S. Churchill)

Never in the history of U.S. journalism have so many newspeople lied so many times concerning just one private citizen.

Will the Democrats …

… now move in federal court to indict to incite?

The motivation for pursuing lies …

Note how the sore-losing Democrats, pushing the Russia-hoax lie throughout President Trump's term in office, descended to the just-as bad lie about Mr. Trump leading a January 6 "incitement to insurrection" at the very end of his (first) presidential term.  The motivation for pursuing such damnable lies?  They couldn't abide the mere fact of "President Donald J. Trump."  And this goes for the  seven sad Senate Republicans who joined the mendacious Democrats moving in lockstep.   And you too, mugwump Mitch.

The wrong senator from Kentucky is the Republican leader in the Senate …

LPR calls on the GOP's Loyal 43 to vote to replace one senator from Kentucky -- the kick-him-when-he's-a private-citizen Mitch McConnell, with the stalwart  Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  GOP senators should know that Sen. Paul will lead Republicans to regain the Senate majority in 2022, while the craven McConnell will lead the GOP to disaster in two years.  In brief, GOP voters need Republicans who,  seeking our support, will also support us -- not spit in our face for the pleasure of The New York Pravda.

LPR Suggests a Rule of Thumb …

Any assertion that President Trump "incited the insurrection" at the Capitol, January 6, is code for actually demanding:  President Trump must not be permitted to seek a second term; claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged must be forbidden. This rule of thumb applies as much to the Wall Street Journal as it does to The New York Pravda.

If we don't speak out against economic bullying by Oil, Credit Cards, Municipalities, WHO WILL?

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2) The Democrats, in considerable part, have constructed Capitol-gate as diversion from John Durham's work, indeed, to discredit a Durham Report that is scathing in its revelation of the dastardly effort of the Obama cabal to tear down the Trump presidency.
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