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What Does the International Left Want for Israel? Some Questions and Answers


April 5, 2015 --

Now that Israeli Prime Minister will form a new government, after his party won a significant plurality of Knesset seats in Israel's March 17 elections, what are the international left's plans for the Jewish state? Apparently, the international left, including the Obama administration, will approve a U.N. Security Council Resolution setting a deadline for a Palestinian state.

And then? And then, of course, resistance by Israel would lead to sanctions, international court rulings, de-legitimization. Even NATO-attack.

Does it matter that Hamas, committed by its charter, to destruction of Israel by Jihad might come to power on the West Bank? Absolutely not. After all, there was no outrage, in the international left, when the PA reconciled itself with Hamas rule in Gaza. The fact that Hamas refuses peace for Jihad against Israel did not keep the international left from sympathizing with Hamas when Israel used military force against rocket attack launched by Hamas.

Has the Palestinian strategy of refusing to make peace with a Jewish state been effective? Assuredly so. In refusing to negotiate peace with Israel, the Palestinians have relied on traditional anti-Semitism in Europe to tip the scales in their favor. Last summer, as events proved, this strategy paid off with anti-Semitic demonstrations throughout Europe in response to Israeli action defending itself against Hamas attack

If the international left pressures Israel to surrender to the Palestinians and if, thereafter Hamas, supported by Iran or ISIS or both, succeeds in establishing the Islamic State f Palestine on the ashes of Israel, won't this have made a mockery of the post-Holocaust cry: "Never Again"? It will mean that the international left will tolerate a Final Solution against the Jewish People about once every seventy years.

But if the international left opposes the Netanyahu government, in considerable measure, because it is conservative, doesn 't that mean that the international left is a threat to conservatives throughout the world?

For the international left, no conservative government is legitimate. Sadly, in the United States, the Republican Party leadership is either oblivious to the left's hostility or is too intimidated to defend itself. This is the real reason the Obama administration opposed the Netanyahu March 3 address to Congress. The White House feared that Netanyahu might embolden Republicans to opposes the president's usurpation of legislative authority.

Do you think Republicans will cut financial contributions to the United Nations if the U.N. Security Council sets in motion the end of Israel with its call for a Palestinian State? For Republicans to stop funding the U.N., they would have to withstand a tsunami of abuse from the international and, who knows, threats of arrest by President Obama for trial before the International Criminal Court.

But what if a conservative -- say Gov. Scott Walker -- were elected president before a Security Council-sanctioned Palestine were established?

Do you think the international left would tolerate a President Scott Walker? Heavens, the international left would support the secession of California and New York from the United States, before the electoral college met to validate his election.


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Red Line

The "Ugly" New York Times

April 5, 2015 --

The New York Times, in its lead editorial March 18, "An Israeli Electyion Turns Ugly," greeted the surprise re-election victory of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by accusing him of being "craven," and, among other things, "fear-mongering and anti-Arab attacks," and of having made a "racist rant." Here is the Times quote of what it called a "racist rant" -- "'Right -wing rule is in danger. Arab voters are streaming in huge quantities to the polling stations.'"

LPR would point out that "Arab voters" have not been "streaming in huge quantities to the polling stations" on the West Bank in Palestinian Authority elections.

Indeed, there have been no elections for president of the Palestinian Authority (PA) since 2005, when Mahmoud Abbas was elected PA president. Any criticism of the absence of elections in PA land? Not in New York Times editorials.

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April 5, 2015 --

War Over Ukraine? An Appeal to Chancellor Merkel ...

Is there a member of Congress opposed to war with Russia over Ukraine? If so, will that member please speak up, now. Is Ukraine to be used as a theater of operations to test new equipment for NATO? Is a NATO thrust into Ukraine intended to remove Putin from power in Moscow? Does Poland want "lebensraum" at Russia's expense? Is Minsky II to get derailed by forces who cannot cover up the failure of the coup that deposed Yanukovych as Ukraine president? What's this about fighting in Ukraine aimed at marring the 70th annversary of Russia's defeat of the Nazis? Chancellor Merkel, LPR thinks it's time for you to take the lead in restoring sanity on Ukraine.


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