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What is Happening in the Rest of America Seems More a Civil War than the "Civil War"


August 5, 2020 --

LPR heard John Batchelor on his nightly radio program (WABC in New York City) use the term "the war between the states," referring to the American conflict from 1861 to 1865.  He was absolutely correct to do so. 

A "civil war" is a war between two contending forces for the same prize. 

The South, by seceding was not interesting in governing the United States; they wanted to remove themselves from the United States to establishing their own nation.  To refer to the conflict as the American Civil War is to assert that the South wanted to gain control of the federal government; this is not so.  This, in turn, suggests to LPR that it is incorrect to call members of the Confederacy "traitors."  They did not seek to overthrow the U.S. government, or turn it over to foreign control; they simply wanted to get away from U.S. hegemony.   

Of course, to call it a "Civil War," makes it easier to denounce Confederates as traitors.  This usage, however, is more in line with history being written by winners than an exercise  in precise terminology.  The conflict, mid 19th century, was a war between the states, for the purpose of creating a southern republic -- however abhorrent --- than in overthrowing the existing republic.  There are southerners who continue to call it The War Between the States."   LPR agrees with this usage, while denouncing, certainly, that peculiar institution of the South that that war put to an end.

By contrast, today, the insurgency from the radical left  (radical means to uproot) IS a form of civil war.  The antifa/Black Lives matter movement wants to gain control of the federal government, and establish dictatorial rule in place of limited government committed to freedom for all.   Indeed, today's insurrectionists ARE traitors to the form of government established by our Founders.  The sympathy for the radical left shown by Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, her opposition to President Trump's use of federal force to protect federal buildiongs in Portland Oregon, clearly puts into question their loyalty to the government established under our Constitution.

Voters on Election Day, November 3, therefore should keep in mind that a vote for Joe Biden is likelt a vote to overturn constitutional government in the United States.  The term "cancel culture," therefore, is a euphemism for "overthrow the Constitution of the United States."   This aim, welcomed by the left, including much of the mass media, is not, LBR believe, the goal of  a majority of our countrymen.


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LPR -- as Phalanx of Freedom

August 5, 2020 --

LPR clicksters, as of the night of July 29, the number of visits is more than 964,000, less than 36,000 visits short of ONE MILLION.

Please spread the word about the Lonely Pamphleteer Review website -- -- so that we good geople can associate  in vast numbers to defeat the enemies of the American spirit of  liberty.   May this website form a mighty phalanx of freedom.

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Riis Park is Even More
the Best Revenge

August 5, 2020 --

If going to the Rockaway beach in the residential part of the peninsula is the best revenge, going to Riis Park is even better revenge.

LPR's first visit to Rockaway's Riis Park was on July 21 and this beach was even more delightful than the beach at Seaside (Beach 108th Street, at the buildings constructed by my family -- and then taken from us in forced bankruptcy by Giuliani in 2001.) 

LPR has no doubt beachgoers to Riis Park will enjoy the setting as much as do beachgoers to Jones Beach,  Cape Cod, Virginia Beach, etc.   And it is just a subway ride (or ferry) from Manhattan.

LPR traveled to Riis Park, July 21 by taking the 2 train to the end, at Brooklyn College and Flatbush Avenue.  From there, walk around the corner of Flatbush Avenue to the Q35 bus.  This bus goes straight down Flatbush Avenue to Riis Park. LPR would suggest getting off the bus one stop before the Riis Park main beach house, and walk down the strait road to the southern tip to the beach, which might be less crowded than the main part of the Riis beach.   

Btw, LPR noticed that the railing at the promenade, along the beach edge was repaired, no sign of the gaps in railing evident before Hurricane Sandy in 2012.   Otherwise there didn't seem to be much change from the last LPR visit to Riis, except there were a few concession stands in the plaza area, including Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  (Restrooms, as previously, are still located in the plaza area.)

An alternate way of getting to Riis to take the A train to Far Rockaway, changing at Broad Channel for the shuttle to Beach 116th Street.  At Beach 116th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard, take the Q22 bus to Riis Park, going past the upscale houses in Belle Harbor.  By taking the subway to 116th Street, you have the opportunity to visit the stores at this shopping center, for food to take to the beach and other beach accoutrements.   Kings Pharmacy, on Beach 116th Street close to Rockaway Beach Boulevard, is well-stocked with beach chairs, and LPR purchased one (made in China) on July 20.  Now LPR sits and relaxes in the chair to get a tan on the front of his body, and then moves to the beach towel to get a tan on his back.

Directely across Rockaway Beach116th Street is The Surf Shop which sells upscale swim trunks and t-shirts  and flip flops as well as surf boards and surfing gear..  Alas, there didn't seem to be a discount on the $60 swim trunks  -- they are very attractive; maybe discounts will be available as the season dwindles down  (there is just one month left)? And the Pizza at this shopping venue is cheaper than in the Bronx, $2.50 a slice rather than more than $3! 

Perhaps the absence of apartment buildings at the edge of the beach, at Riis Park, provides  even more of a beachier feel than further down the peninsula. July 21 at Riis was a glorious day; the water was mild and the breeze across the beach refreshing under the hot sun.  One attractive woman went into the beach topless, and no one took notice (not even the authorities).  LPR was careful not to stare.  As with the beach at Beach 108th Street, and at Arverne at Beach 67th Street, masks were not in evidence.

Should add that it is possible to take the Pier 11 ferry at the end of Wall Street, in Manhattan, to get to Riis Park.  At the ferry landing at the bay side to Beach 108th Street, a shuttle bus takes beachgoers to Riis Park.  Remember, though, there could be a wait of more than an hour to get on the ferry,  The trip to Rockaway takes about another hour, with views of the Statue of Liberty, lower Manhattan, the entire Manhattan skyline  -- midtown and Wall Street --from a distance, and Coney Island (including the closed parachute tower) along the way.

Walking from the Riis main beach house towards the southern part of the Riis beach, LPR, turning to his right, could see the entire Manhattan skyline also visible from this vantage point -- which means that the Manhattan towers are visible all across Queens and Brooklyn, miles way -- including the Freedom Tower at the tip of Manhattan, and the Empire State Building at 34th Street.

Although the Riis beach is not crowded, the colorful beach umbrellas about, and the numbers of people going by subway suggest that even though there is more than enough space at Riis, it is a special place for lots beach aficianados in New York City.   Without hesitation, LPR recommends a day visit to Riis Park.


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LPR Continues Going to NYS Area Beaches the End of July

August 5, 2020 --

LPR went back to Rockaway Beach, at Beach 105th Street on July 27 and again July 29, mainly because this part of the beach is close to Boardwalk Bagels.   On Sunday, the beach was crowded but there was still plenty of room for beach towels, colorful umbrellas and chairs. And the water with surf was delightful.  By the way, no masks are worn on the beach, and no signs about distances between beachgoers were in evidence.

Monday, July 28, LPR took the Long Island Rail Road to Freeport and the n88 bus from that point to Jones Beach State Park.  The LIRR trip takes about 45 minutes and the bus adds another 15 minutes -- when the bus is on schedule. Alas, LPR had to wait 90 minutes for the bus, plus $2.75 fare.  There is one bus at 55 minutes to the hour; weekends, there is a second bus at 25 minutes past the hour. The LIRR senior citizens fare is $14, round trip.  LPR was surprised to find so many people at Jones Beach on a weekday.  The West End is closed. I went to the middle part of the beach. The East End was also open.  At Jones Beach the traditional boardwalk is still used, with steps leading to the beach.  Sandy paths lead to the Rockaway beach

The  beach itself is wider than the Rockaway beach; the waves seemed to LPR a bit higher. 

As this is a state park, under Gov. Cuomo's supervision, there were signs telling people to stay ten feet apart on the beach and six feet apart in the water.  LPR did not find that these notices were strictly obeyed.

When connections are on time, the trip to Jones Beach, by public transportation is only about 15 minutes longer than to Rockaway.  LPR would advise sticking to Rockaway on the weekends,  If  the crowds are as large as they were on Monday, the 27th, LPR imagines that they are much larger on the weekend.

Now about the surf at these beaches.  The Jones Beach surf gave LPR a bit of trouble staging on his feet, but on the 28th LPR got a walloping at the Rockaway Beach and twice was helped up from the merciless surf by Good Samaritans. LPR adds that at neither beach was there any indication that there is unrest abroad the country.  LPR must also add that there is an apparent unwritten rule that no one thinks of rummaging through a bather's property when he or she goes for a swim.  Contrast this evidence of cooperative citizenship with those who claim that destroying someone's property is not a violent act.


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Bravo to Attorney Sidney Powell and her colleagues...

August 5, 2020 --

...for their reply in opposition to Judge Emmet Sullivan's motion to overturn the action by an appellate panel ordering dismissal of the complaint again Michael Flynn.   Among other things, the reply points out that there is no case or controversy to decide when the government and the defendant want the same thing: dismissal of the complaint.   

LPR cannot see how the appellate court, en banc, could throw out the dismissal and send the case back to Judge Sullivan. 

Should an en banc decision keep the case against the former lieutenant general going, in can only emphasize how this proceeding is a political, not legal, matter.   

For the courts to allow politics to determine judicial outcomes is to reduce our justice system to an inquisitorial one, thereby writing finis to our Constitution, which happens to be the aim of the radical left.


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LPR's Advice to POTUS

August 5, 2020 --

Call your supporters a "Mighty Phalanx of Freedom" and remove from the campaign and your administration all those who do not share your opposition to The Swamp and to The Deep State -- the enemies of your Mighty Phalanx of Freedom.   

Encourage the American people to associate on November 3 to re-elect you for the second term we need to defeat those who demean the people to destroy the American spirit of liberty. 

Teach the people the instruction of Edmund Burke:  "When bad people combine, the good must associate...."




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The Authentic Spirit of America
in Action

August 5, 2020 --

Incident No. 1:

At about 4 p.m., the afternoon of Wednesday, July 8, LPR was caught in a torrential downpour in The Bronx, near the driveway to an apartment building garage. There was a tree near the driveway and LPR stood under the tree try to get some shelter from the storm.  Just then a car backed into the driveway and stopped.  A woman got out of the car, in the rain, went to the rear of the car and opened the trunk.

LPR felt sorry that the woman needed to get an item out of the trunk in the downpour..  LPR thought that the woman was going to return to her car and back into the garage, getting soaked in the meantime.  But the woman did not return to her car; she  headed to LPR, carrying an umbrella, which she handed to LPR.

How am I going to get this back to you, LPR asked.  Don't worry about that;  one of the ribs is broken, anyway, she answered.  I just didn't want you to get drenched.  Only then did she return to her car and backed into the garage.

Incident No. 2:

LPR's first outing to Rockaway Beach was on Thursday, July 9. To get to Rockaway, LPR decided to take the No. 7 bus to the A train at 207th Street, then take the train to Broad Channel and change to the shuttle to get to the beach. Getting off the bus, LPR bought a Times and Post, at a candy store at the steps to the subway, and continued on his way.  Only after the train began to move, LPR realized that he left his sunglasses in the candy store. 

There was nothing he could do but continue on his trip and hope that the sunglasses would still be in the store on his return. 

As the train took more than one hour to get to Rockaway and  LPR stayed at the beach for a few hours and then took more than another hour to get back to the candy store, LPR was not confident he would find his sunglasses on his return. 

As it happened, the person running the store on LPR's return was not the person in the store when LPR bought the newspapers.  Not too confident, LPR asked this replacement shopkeeper if by any chance a pair of sunglasses was found in the store.   The shopkeeper looked at LPR as if he had no idea what LPR was referring to.  But then, from behind the counter, he turned to his left, reached over, picked up[ an item, and, showing it to LPR, asked, You mean these. Yes, LPR answered immediately, thank you!.  As the shopkeeper handed the sunglasses to LPR, LPR offered several dollar bills as thank you.  Don't worry, the shopkeeper, said, rejecting the money.

Once again, LPR said thank you, left the shop, and thought that he will thank the two shopkeepers by coming back to make purchases whenever he can.   

Just imagine, a customer must have handed the sunglasses to the first shopkeeper (rather than keep the sunglasses for himself), then that shopkeeper must have told his replacement to give the sunglasses back, if the owner returns to claim them, which happened some six hours or more, later.

LPR offers these incidents as expressions of the authentic -- readiness to help others -- spirit of America. 


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The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Should Order Dismissal of the Complaint Against Michael Flynn

August 5, 2020 --

On July 21, the attorneys for Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and Jesse Binnall, persuasively asked the D.C. appellate to  not return the Flynn matter to Judge Emmet Sullivan for further action, but to end Flynn's ordeal.   Among other things, the attorneys pointed out that there no longer is a case or controversy to act on, as both government and defendant seek the same thing: dismissal of this matter.  They suggested that, "in lay terms"  Judge Sullivan's conduct was comparable to an umpire in a baseball game demanding to go to bat "or run bases."   They also implied that Judge Sullivan is acting as though he "has a personal stake in the outcome of the case," and such conduct would require that he "recuse himself immediately."

LPR is writing this item early in the morning of July 23.  The appellate court should order dismissal of this matter by the time this comment is posted.  LPR hopes, in any event, that the appellate court, ruling en banc, does not return the matter of Judge Sullivan by a 7 - 4 majority, reflecting the political division on the court:  seven circuit judges were appointed by Democratic presidents, four by Republican presidents.   (Four by President Obama, three by President Clinton; two by President G.H.W. Bush, two by President Trump.) 

LPR submits that a decision along the party lines of the appointing presidents would simply emphasize the political nature of the Flynn proceeding.  A political result would hardly support the concept that we are governed  by the rule of law.

LPR further expects that a presidential pardon if the appellate court issued a political ruling would be justified, but would ignite outrage from the left that the pardon -- not a political ruling -- proves that President Trump does not abide by the rule of law.   

How The New York Times would thunder against the president on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. (Of course, they would do so in any event.)   

If the appellate court returns the Flynn matter to Judge Sullivan, perhaps rather than wait for a presidential pardon,  counsel for Flynn should appeal that ruling to the Supreme Court.   It would then be for Chief Justice Roberts to persuade his colleagues that a political ruling by the high court would be a grievous blow to the concept that ours is government by rule of law, not by men -- and in this case  the law  requires dismissal of the Flynn matter, over the apparent aims of men who want  inquisitorial injustice to decide the matter.


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Anthony Fauci, deep state M.D., Enough is Enough

August 5, 2020 --

Thanks to Charles Hurt at The Washington Times, and taken up by Breitbart (which unlike other conservative sites has not started to charge visitors) after throwing a reportedly very wild Opening Day pitch, at the Nationals - Yankees opener, he did not go home to watch the game on television but was seen sitting in the stands -- and with mask hugging chin, not face.  Mr. Hurt called this an indication of arrogance.   Assuming that was not a paper cutout of Fauci and two others, that was worse than sheer arrogance; that was the high sign given to the deplorables living in churldom, held down by members of the deep state and their media vanguard.

President Trump promised to put an end to the deep state, campaigning  in 2016.  The Resistance has, as LPR sees it, been fairly successful waging civil war against the President the past four years.  If he is not re-elected and does not go  on the offensive his second term,  the Faucis in the deep state will only increase their efforts to keep us outside the ballparks, while they enjoy the games within -- and with masks no higher than their chins, if they put them on, at all.



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LPR Unsolicited Endorsements

July 19, 2020 --

A Wonderful Dentist …

Recently, LPR suffered from a tooth with an infected gum which required immediate extraction.

LPR's dentist is Dr. Bruce Paly whose office is located in Manhattan, at 121 East 60th (between Lexington and Park).

The offending lower left molar was removed without pain. LPR didn't even feel the syringe with the anesthetic inserted in the infected gum.

If an LPR clickster requires the services of a dentist for ordinary procedures, such as a filling cavity or cleaning, or more complicated procedures, LPR wholeheartedly recommends his outstanding dentist, Dr. BRUCE PALY.

A remarkable discount store for rugged and casual clothing …

Go to Dave's New York, on the west side on Sixth Avenue, betw, 16th street and 17th street (closer to 17th)

Early this month, I noticed Dave's down Sixth Avenue from Old Navy.  Recalling shopping at Dave's many years ago, I recently went to Dave's for a pair of chinos.  One special aspect about Dave's, unlike lots of stores these days, there are many clothing specialists on hand to help you.   When I asked for a pair of size 38 chinos, I was promptly handed the requested pant. Going to the fitting room, I noticed a label with $62 and gulped.  But when I went to the cashier, the $62 was immediately lowers to $35.  I was told that the store can provide significant discounts because it buys in bulk.  Need jeans, chinos, shirts and other rugged or casual clothes?  Go to Dave's.  You won't be disappointed.

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August 5, 2020 --

Ten Cheers to Goya …

...whose CEO did not back down from praising President Trump, after the radical left threatened a Goya boycott.  LPR congratulates the "buycott Goya" campaign, which LPR considers a reward to CEO Bob Unanue for having the courage to stand up to the radical left, the enemy of democracy.   As Edmund Burke wrote,, "When bad people combine, the good must associate...."

The Wonderful World of Google …

LPR's search request for the text of Michael Flynn's motion before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals was: "Text of Flynn motion not to rehear July 21." Google responded, with this question added: "Did you mean Text of Flynn motion not to reheat July 21."

A question for LPR clicksters …

Is LPR the only person who has trouble hearing what people say when they are talking through their masks?  Usually, LPR just makes appropriate sounds, or head gestures in reply.

Concerning the Coronovirus
situation …

LPR believes this illness is too caught up in politics by the Democrats to comment on, further.  Except to point that that worldwide deaths are far below the 1918 Spanish flu death toll,and to wonder why the media has given Gov. Cuomo the status of a hero when the New York State death toll far exceeds that of the other states, and, to boot, he sent coronavirus victims to nursing homes, which apparently led to the deaths of many elderly residents.  (Hint: he is a Democrat.)

Will "Broken Arrow" Be the Next Movie to Be Banished from Viewing?

"Broken Arrow is a Western that told a story about reconciliation between an Apache triibe and white settlers.   BUT, the leader of the trivbe, Cochise, was not played by a Native American but by Ira Grossel, a Jewish actor from Brooklyn -- even if his acting name was Jeff Chandler.  And the love interest of James Stewart was Debra Paget (nee Debralee Griffin) playing a young Apache girl and who was not a Native American either.  As if that isn't bad enough, Stewart was 41 (42 per Wikipedia) when the movie was filmed, Paget was underage, only 15 (16 per Wikipedia). LPR can already hear the deafening protests.

Why is it B for Black and w for white?

LPR noticed recently that in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times African-Americans are also referred to as Blacks and Caucasians are referred to as whites.   LPR is puzzled why such references to skin tones are not uniform, not to say that the usage does not reflect 14th Amendment equality in matters of upper case and lower case usage.

If Joe Biden Should Win on
November 3 …

LPR expects that Joe Biden will go to the Inaugural podium and after the appropriate salutations, he will say that in his administration, his vice president  (Susan Rice?) will play a substantive role, unprecedented in U.S. history.  President Biden will add, "And that unprecedented role begins from this minute on. Accordingly, I invite the Vice Rice --that is, Vice President Rice -- to deliver the
Inaugural Address on behalf of my administration."

An obvious alternative, the Inaugural Address, introduced by the President and delivered by the Vice President, will originate from the Biden basement, site of most presidential business for the next year or so.


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