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The War on Conservative Populism


May 19, 2016 --

What is all the anti-Trump commotion about? LPR believes it is all about the war on conservati ve populists waged by the neo-aristocrats desperate to continue their raison d’etre—as expressed in Federalist No. 57 by Madison: the “ambitious sacrifice of the many to the aggrandizement of the few.”

It is, LPR believes, a matter of Us – the People – against Them, the Neo-Aristocrats who are uncomfortable with the essence of populism, as expressed by Lincoln, commemorating the National Cemetery at Gettysburg, November 19, 1863: …government of the people, by the people, for the people….” Lincoln concluded his remarks with the hope that such government “shall no perish from the earth.”

The anti-Trumpistas seem intent on ending such government in favor of the older form: government of the insiders, by the insiders, for the insiders.

Yet another shrill column from David Brooks, New York Times April 29, suggested that people who voted for Donald J. Trump “will be tainted forever after for the degradation of standards and the general election slaughter…. “Brooks went on to admit he has spent his life with people just like himself and then blurted out (in writing): “It takes an act of will to rip yourself out of that and go where you feel least comfortable.”

Michael Gerson, in his Washington Post column, May 10, surpassed the haughty airs of Brooks, declaring that the Trump voters “have crossed a moral boundary.” He would not require “a vote for Hillary Clinton, but he would forbid a vote for Donald J. Trump.


If this were 1776, “conservatives” like Brooks and Gerson would be engaged in a desperate effort to maintain the ancient regime, so as to continue living the life of comfort to which they were aristocratically accustomed.

The Washington Post and The New York Times editorial writers seem to be in fierce competition to come up with anti-Trump disparagements. The May 3 Washington Post editorial mentioned that Sen. Marco Rubio and Trump had been “trading crude insults.” This in an editorial with anti-Trump slurs, calling Trump’s nomination for president a “quite entirely odious prospect” and referring Trump as “the most repugnant political phenomenon in recent American history.”

Note from LPR:  Gerson,  according to the transcript of  the May 15 Face the Nation (FtN) panel, was never asked by moderator Dickerson about his May 10 column forbidding a vote for Donald J. Trump. Another May 15 FtN panelist, Jamelle Bouie of CBS New, could have been sent from the Democratic National Committee, given her zealous support for Hillary Clinton and her fervent demonizing of Trump.  Moderator Dickerson did end the program noting that Ben Rhodes, a senior aide for President Obama, is the brother of CBS News president David Rhodes.


"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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LPR’s Hard Questions for Hillary Clinton

May 19, 2016 --

John Dickerson, moderator of Face the Nation, signaled continued media deference towards Hillary Clinton when, on the program, May 8, rather than asking “hard questions” of Hillary Clinton, he asked her for “three hard questions” she thought should be addressed to Donald J. Trump.

LPR Prediction: If Hillary Clinton is president, the media will fawn over her. If Donald J. Trump is president, the media will hound him.

Here are five questions LPR would ask Ms. Clinton (not one referring to any email files).
1) What was our leased Benghazi facility, attacked September 11, 2012 being used for. And why was our ambassador in Benghazi at the time?

2) You agreed with Sen. Sanders, during your April 14 debate, that your Supreme Court appointee will vote to overturn Citizens United? How will you know the way your appointee will rule on Supreme Court cases?

3) Justice Black, in the 1952 Steel Seizure Case, wrote: “The Founders of this Nation entrusted the lawmaking power to the Congress alone in both good and bad times.” Is that view obsolete, today?

4) Justice Brennan, in New York Times v. Sullivan, wrote that we have “a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-ope, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.” Should this view be revisited as an incitement to anti-government hate speech?

5) The First Amendment recognizes “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Do you view such petitions as anti-Government?


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Curiously in The New York Times, May 15...

May 19, 2016 --

...Michael Lind warned against "rule by purportedly enlightened elites," citing Harvard's Yascha Monk calling this "'undemocratic liberalism.'"   LPR would simply call it "tyranny."

...Columnist Ross Douthat (a member of the  hysterical neo-aristocratic club) suggested that the politics of leftists could lead to "being against reality itself."   Alas,  Douthat disregards  the lesson of Orwell's novel, "1984" that reality, for the left, is what they say it is and the rest of us better obey or we  will be sorry, very sorry. 

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LPR Wonders…

May 19, 2016 --

…how many people are affected by the transgender issue in North Carolina.
Generally, the media reference (at least in The New York Times) has been to “transgender people.” LPR did notice, in a Times story May 11, the term “transgender girl.” Should we conclude this is someone who was not considered a girl at birth?

Btw – Is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ban on “non-essential travel” to North Carolina by New York State employees constitutional? Is Cuomo’s call consistent with the spirit of federalism that informs the Constitution? Isn’t Cuomo’s call a kind of barrier to interstate comity – and commerce?

Boycotts apparently are gathering…

…in reaction to the Republican National Convention. LPR has a hunch the anti-Trump boycott movement will continue and gain momentum if Trump wins the November 8 election, with the hysterical Never Trump Neo Aristocrats urging boycotts of for any state that casts its electoral votes for Donald J. Trump.



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A Neologism Suggested by Lonely Pamphleteer Review

May 19, 2016 --

LPR has heard that Jeff Bezos, the new – and fabulously wealthy – owner of The Washington Post has directed a probe of the life of Donald J. Trump by a crew of 20 Washington Post reporters. This has suggested a neologism and variations to LPR. (LPR realizes that while the neologism came to mind May 11, others no doubt have also had this thought and may have gotten into the public arena first on this matter.)

The neologism: to bezos; to use a portion of one’s wealth to create a crew of no less than 20 persons to investigate the life of a presidential candidate for purpose of dredging up muck that will defeat said candidacy. The target is the bezosed, or bezosee. The people doing the bezosing are bezosers.

The amount of money it costs to bezos a candidate is the bezosing bounty. As of this writing, it is not clear if the bezosing bounty is a taxable event to the beneficiary of the bezoding bounty, to wit: the candidate running against the bezosee.




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LPR Goes WAAAY Out On A Constitutional Limb

May 19, 2016 --

LPR predicts that should “U.S. House of Reps. V. Burwell” reach the United States Supreme Court, the Court will overturn the ruling by U. S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer that the Obama administration cannot spend money for Obamacare without Congressional approval.

LPR further predicts that the Court will reverse Judge Collyer’s decision either by an 8-0 vote, or by per curiam opinion, on the ground that the House of Representatives is asking the judicial branch to ratify power it already has, under the Constitution– the “power over the purse” – and it is for the House alone to determine how to exercise this power, including whether it chooses to do so.

In reaching its decision, the Supreme Court could cite Federalist No. 58 (“The house of representatives can not only refuse, but they alone can propose the supplies requisite for the support of government.”) and point out, with reference to Colegrove v. Green, 329 U.S. 549 (1946), that involvement by the Court would intrude “ very deep into the very being of Congress” – thereby undermining the tripartite nature of the federal government that the Framers enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.


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Happy Heralds of Spring

May 19, 2016 --

These flowers always seem so happy, shouldn't they be renamed laffodils.


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May 19, 2016 --

Federalist No. 57 plaudits to…

…Nina Bernstein for her outstanding New York Times article, May 16, “Secrets of New York’s Mass Graves.” Ms. Bernstein’s report on the “potter’s field” interments on Hart Island is, in LPR’s view, what investigative journalism is all about.

Douthat Is Keeping Up with His Hysterical Never Trump Neo-Aristocratic Colleagues…

From New York Time columnist Ross Douthat, in “The Conservative Case Against Trump,” May 8: “[T]o support Trump for the presidency is to invite chaos upon the republic and the world. No policy goal, no court appointment can justify such recklessness.”



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