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Vice Presidential Debate


October 19, 2020 --

LPR's con law professor in college, the constitutional scholar Leonard W. Levy, advised us students to "strike while the iron is hot."  LPR has taken his advice in writing this piece soon after the conclusion of the October 7 vice presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris, moderated by Susan Page of USA Today.

The first question LPR has, about the mechanics of the debate is: how was it determined that Sen. Harris would be the concluding speaker?  Was it by coin toss?  Did Ms. Page decide to give the last word to Sen. Harris.   Another question: was the time used by the candidates divided equally or did one participant have a time advantage?   


So far as LPR is aware, the only place two minutes gives people sufficient time is in Orwell's dystopian novel "1984," where the allotted time -- the "two minutes hate -- was sufficient for government workers  (everyone was a government worker) to express hatred of individuals, or peoples, as directed by Big Brother.

As it was impossible for LPR to take cogent notes of the first debate between the presidential candidates, during their free-for-all, it was unnecessary for LPR to take notes of what the vice presidential candidates said during their debate. 

The only moment of passion occurred when Sen. Harris told the vice president not to lecture her. 

LPR believes that Mr. Pence should have answered with passion in reply to at least one question from moderator Page.  More on that, below.

Last LPR, it was suggested that a referee blow the whistle on the moderator, as well as on the debates, should she go offside.  LPR believes that moderator Page, by at least three of her questions, indicated bias against the president.

Moderator Page asked the vice president to comment on the existential threat posed by climate change.   The vice president should have answered, in LPR's view, "Ms. Page, if you are saying that climate change presents a threat to human existence, I must disagree, most strongly.  Our planet is far too big to see the destruction of human existence.  And, if you will allow me to include a reply based on my faith, I am confident that the Almighty would never destroy humanity.  Didn't he make that promise to Noah, after all, following The Deluge?"

As this question implies the possibility that climate change could end human life, I believe this question indicates a bias in favor of the Biden-Harris ticket.

Moderator Page also asked the debaters what they would advise states to do should Roe v. Wade be overturned. This question implies the possibility that confirmation to the Supreme Court of Judge Amy Coney Barrett will result in overruling the Roe decision.  This question thereby carries with it an anti-Trump bias, and Vice President Pence should have said so.  Only an anti-Trumpist would claim that Roe v. Wade will be killed with the confirmation of Judge Barrett to the high court.

The last anti-Trump question, clearly, from moderator Page was the penultimate question to the candidates: what would you do if the president loses the election and refuses to leave the White House. Vice President Pence should have begun his answer expressing outrage that Ms. Page should imagine such nonsense.  His actual answer began with reference to the more than three years of opposition to the Trump presidency, but the vice president should have added that the "rejectionists" have, even before the inauguration, denounced our duly-elected President Trump as "illegitimate," a "dictator," an "authoritarian," "a threat to our democracy," -- pointing out, further, that the "Rejectionists" continue with lies, based on hatred, including the grievously false charge we just heard from the senator to the effect that the president has a low opinion of the military and did nothing to prevent bounties given the Taliban for killing our servicemen and women.     
LPR believes that Mr. Pence should have gone on to say that the election of Biden-Harris will destroy our founding legacy of liberty for a system of governance based on oppressive and repressive socialism.  

 One further indication of anti-Trump bias was in the moderator's question about "white supremacy."  It is the, foulest of lies, of anti-Trump propaganda,  that the president has ever spoken well of white supremacists.

In sum, LPR strongly believes that Vice President Pence came across as too self-contained in his responses and believes, at best, that this 
two-minute-per-answer "debate" resulted in a slight win for Sen. Harris, because of the bland  answers from  the vice president, with the moderator providing evidence of anti-Trump bias. 

In LPR's view, a referee is still badly needed to blow the whistle on anti-Trump bias from the moderators of the remaining presidential debates.

P.S.   Two minutes for answers?   Might as well have a debate limiting responses to yes - or no.


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Canine Corner

October 19, 2020 --

Embedded "Reo"

That's Shuki (left) and Reo, the barely visible dog in the other image, (right) looking at LPR from top of steps

Shuki, resting, with ball.

Shmuel, with Reo

And here is Lulu latest addition to the Jonas family.

And that is Scout ...


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Briefly Correcting  Rejectionist
Anti-Trump Propaganda

October 19, 2020 --

If President Trump wants to undermine democracy, is an authoritarian, dictator, autocrat, totalitarian, and so forth, why didn't he long ago shut down The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN et al.?   Why hasn't the president jailed critics -- most of whom denounce him in scurrilous language? 

Why hasn't the president outlawed the Democrat Party -- or at least made it impossible for a Democrat to get elected, as is the case in California races for the U.S. Senate where Democrats run against...Democrats?  Why do we have the Democrats in control of the House?  Why did we undergo 22 months of a special counsel probe of the president based on ... nothing? 

Why did we have a House vote for impeachment?  And why are we in the middle of a presidential election if President Trump were a dictator? 

Do polls in totalitarian nations ever predict that the dictator will lose?

Don't dictators always get re-elected with no less than 98,8 percent of the vote?
The country established by the Founding Fathers is at risk if President Trump is defeated.  As the late H. Ross Perot might have said:  it's as simple as that.

P.S.   After writing the above item, I learned, on-line, that former Senator and GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole thought that the Republican members of the Commission on Presidential Debate were Never Trumpers.   

This would explain their decision to make the October 15 debate virtual, and their subsequent decision to cancel that debate, leaving only the October 22 debate - when they could have made October 22 the date for the second debate and October 29 the date of the third debate.  Now there will be no third debate.  (Maybe no further debates, at all.) This could also explain how the debate moderators always seem to insinuate anti-Trump/pro-Biden messages in their questions.

Here's a thought.   Let's have two 90-minute open-ended debates, where the candidates give their views on domestic policy one night, and their views on foreign policy the second night, the moderator changed into a timekeeper,.      (For LPR, two minutes to answer a variety of [loaded] questions is absurd.  As Orwell indicated in "1984," two minutes is  good only for expressing hate.)

For LPR, the only good thing about the two-person debate set-up is that the candidates don't  have to raise their hands to be recognized!

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Remembering "Whitey" Ford

October 19, 2020 --

LPR's recollection that Whitey's full name was Edward Charles Ford was confirmed by the obit in The Wall Street Journal.  Of course LPR remembered Whitey.  LPR had been a devoted Yankee fan for three years, by the time Whitey joined the ball club in the middle of the 1950 season.  My parents started taking me to Yankee Stadium  (known to us as The Stadium) iin 1947, when I was seven years old.    (I was at The Stadium in the 1948 season when Hank Bauer played his first gane as a Yankee, getting hits his first three times at bat; he ended at three for five, that game.)  

The Wall Street Journal obit did not mention that Whitey won his first nine games in 1950. Recollection is that he went 9 and 1 that 1950 season, with the Yankees taking four straight from the Phillies, in the World Series.  Still in  centerfield for the Yankees in 1950 was Joe DiMaggio (No. 5).  Tommy Henrich (No. 15) might still have been in right field. Might have been Jerry Coleman at second base and of course Phil ("Scooter") Rizzuto  (No. 10) was at shortstop.  With Whitey, the pitching stiff included Allie Reynolds (No. 22)  and Vic Raschi (No. 17)   Whitey was No. 16.  HIs catcher was Lawrence ("Yogi") Berra (No. 8) He was a great pitcher and only played for the Yankees during  his long career.  While there might be a large number of fans who remember Whitey from his playing days, this exchange with a friend suggests that far feweer will remember Whitey from his first season with the Yankees.

Friend:  Did you know Whitey Ford died?

LPR: Yes. I remember when he joined the Yankees in 1950.

Friend:  I don't go that far back; I was born in 1950.

Thanks for these memories, Whitey.  Rest in Peace

P.S. By the way, 1950 was Charles Dillon ("Casey") Stengel's second year managed the Yankees.  His number was 37.   The numbers of the Yankees here set down are strictly from a memory going back 70 years.  1950 for LPR, in many respects, seems little more than a few years ago.  In 1950, going back 70 years was 1880 - now that was ancient history. 

The Yankees didn't even exist that far back. And while LPR can recall numbers worn by several of the 1950 Yankees, he has not a clue who most of the players are, now, much less their numbers. Unlike the current and recent Yankees, the Yankees won most of the American League pennants, 1949 to 1960, and were World Series champs for many of those years, too. O to have been a Yankee fan, in those days.

Lastly, the image of Old Glory that appears on each posting of LPR is of a flag that stood near the old Yankee Stadium.


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The Corrupt Commission on Presidential Debates

October 19, 2020 --

Looks like this body is 1) part of the deep state and 2) consists of  Rejectionists and Never Trumpers with John C. Danforth, Charles Gibson, Jane Harman, Newton Minow, Richard Parsons and Olympia Snowe among the  board members, and Frank Fahrenkopf, former RNC chair as commission co-chair, along with a Democrat and also an alumnae of the League of Women Voters. 

This group never did name Brit Hume as a moderator.   

 Also consider that Susan Page, moderator of the VP debate is writing a bio of Speaker Pelosi and C-Span's Steve Scully, who was to serve as moderator for the now-canceled second debate, interned for Joe Biden. 

These debate moderators might as well have come to the debates wearing Vote Biden buttons. If they are honest, the moderator for the October 22 debate, if it takes place, should have a sign in front of her reading:  Joe's the One.


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"A Visit to a Deserted Beach."

October 19, 2020 --

October 6 brought bright sunshine, deserving, in LPR's view, of another visit to Rockaway Beach for basking purposes.   This time, though, the Beach Channel station, where one gets on the shuttle to Rockaway Park, was missing the beach-going crowds of summer.  LPR could not be surprised, once he got to Rockaway, to find the sand barren of colorful umbrellas beneath which lie many people in beach-going attire.   

Old Glory, with MIA flag, and flags of New York City and the Parks Department at the entrance to the concrete boardwalk at Beach 108th Street, Rockaway Beach

A beautiful day at the beach, but where are the people?

As the accompanying images indicate, there were very few souls on the beach enjoying this clear, bright day typical of October.  Maybe two or three people some distance up the beach, to the east, could be seen in the surf, but in the vicinity of Beach 105th Street, LPR could spot just one or two beachgoers, none in the surf.  More people could be spotted at the western part of the beach, but hardly many.  (Some of these people appear as silhouettes in the image showing the lights of two beach patrol vehicles heading in LPR's direction.)

LPR and his shadow ...

The temperature was about 70 degrees, warm enough to go into the surf, but there were no lifeguards to stand watch and, thus, not only would it be a violation to go into the water, deeper than the ankles, it would be foolhardy.

Still, a day like October 6, 2020 deserved to be enjoyed by much larger numbers of beachgoers, wouldn't you agree?    One word about the accompanying images. posted by Terri Fassio, of Skullco, LPR's enormously talented webmaster.   Please click on all the images.  You will find one showing a seagull "racing" a plane that just took off from JFK airport, which is not far from Rockaway.

A plane is in this image ...

Gull Racing Plane ...

LPR's chair and beach towel at the beach devoid of people

LPR's chair and beach towel at the beach devoid of people

Seagulls enjoying the sun at the beach without people

The Rockaway surf without people

A seagull checking the Rockaway surf

Four lights of the beach patrol

The sun as it starts to set at Rockaway Beach

A better sunset...



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What the future holds in store if
Joe Biden wins  the presidency
on November 3 - or in the
weeks thereafter

October 19, 2020 --

Brietbart reported early October 13 that the New York Guild chapter of The New York Pravda denounced Never Trumper columnist Bret Stephens for criticizing paper's 1610 Project (falsely aserting that, among other things, America was founded in 1619 and on a foundation of slavery.)

The chapter reportedly withdrew the condemning tweet. 

There will be no such withdrawal should Biden win on November 3 (or in the following weeks).

The Blaze reported, October 12, that a Biden-Harris rally in Phoenix drew no people. If Biden wins November 3, orin the weeks thereafter, such no-show events will be reported, falsely,  to attract throngs of [obedient] Biden followers. And a three-level Democratic victory will lead to adding Democrats to the Supreme Court to make the court loyal to the extreme left, and new states will be added to give the Democrats permanent majorities in Congress, leading to the withering away of the two-party system as has happened in California, where races for U.S. Senate are between one Democrat -- and another.


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The Motion on Behalf of
Michael T. Flynn to
Judge Emmet Sullivan To
Disqualify Himself From the Case

October 19, 2020 --

In the early hours of October 7, LPR googled one last look at a couple of websites before turning in, and found a reference to the October 6 motion on behalf Michael T. Flynn that
U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan should disqualify himself from the case for his egregious conduct in presiding over the matter.

LPR urges all citizens who hold dear to the concept of equal justice for all, free from political taint or corruption, to read this superb, yet painful, document.  LPR believes it will surface by googling "Sidney Powell/ The Michael T. Flynn Case."

The argument is superb in its detail and articulation, yet painful for the persecution it discloses, by the judge, by members of the Obama administration, by numbers of attorneys in our legal profession, even by retired judges.  Apparently, there are no limits people in the justice system will go to force injustice upon an innocent man.   To cite one example, the notion that ex parte (one-sided) communications with the presiding judge are improper means nothing to members of the bar who want to punish Michael T. Flynn as their way of striking at the president.  For LPR, that alone would be sufficient reason to obtain the disqualification of Judge Sullivan and granting of the motion to dismiss his case, with prejudice.

LPR urges The Wall Street Journal to quote at length from the motion to disqualify the judge, and hopes that the motion will be picked up and cited by all media outlets that  support our traditional concept of fair judicial determination, impartiality arrived at, with fear of and favor for no political faction.

This passage from the motion to disqualify says all there is to say about the aims of those who oppose fairness for Michael T. Flynn.

"It could not be more obvious even to the untrained observer that the judge, amicus [John] Gleeson, Ms. [Beth] Wilkinson. and those politically aligned with them, are delaying, posturing, and briefing this case as a political tool hoping that Democrats will win the election and a Democratic administration will continue the political persecution of General Flynn."

LPR visitors, this cited statement points to what tyranny is all about, where courts and the executive act in tandem, with the assistance of a media committed to the zealotry of vicious partisanship, brooking no dissent.  Simply stated, the treatment of Michael T. Flynn has no place in a free society; as long as it continues none of us is free.



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The LPR Image Gallery

October 19, 2020 --

October 8, a clear day in The Bronx

The World Trade Center Building (middle of image) 

Finally, after  nearly seven months, inside Ben's Kosher Restaurant on 38th Street, again

The Empire State Building from Seventh Avenue and 34th Street

Inside a No. 1 subway train for the trip to The Bronx

Inside a Bronx No. 7 bus, for the last lap home



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More Assorted Images

October 19, 2020 --

Cloud above car

Bronx sunrise...

Sun rises over The Bronx, October 18

Bronx Sunset...

Sidewalk dining at nite due to covid ...


House and Hudson River...

By the Hudson...

River Jogger...

Brooklyn Bridge ...

Seagulls swirling October 15

Seagulls swooping for party mix

Statue of liberty to left of sun

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman
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October 19, 2020 --

Leading America …

Former Trump communications director Sean Spicer's new book, Leading America, discusses the revolving door between the media and the Democratic party. Shouldn't members of the media who worked for Democrats recuse themselves from reporting or commenting on the 2020 presidential election?

The Store Near An Outstanding Dentist

Blomingdales,  across Lexington Avenue from Dr. Bruce Paly's office

The Debate Commission Changes the Rules  …

LPR believes that for the Debate Commission to change the rules in the middle of the election campaign, after the first presidential debate -- making the second debate virtual --is like changing the rules of a football game during halftime.   LPR agrees with Breitbart that this is indication that the commission is in the tank for Biden.

LPR Wonders …

LPR would also note that the motion to disqualify sharply criticizes Flynn's previous counsel, Covington and Burling, to have provided "conflicted and ineffective counsel," so as to have  provided no counsel at all.  This prompts LPR to wonder if, at some point, former national security adviser Flynn will sue Covington and Burling for malpractice.


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The Next Issue of LPR
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Next LPR will include information of interest concerning the anti-Trump slant on the Commission on Presidential Debates.
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