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A Spring Array of Images


April 5, 2021 --

With LPR's computer in an Apple shop for a keyboard transplant, LPR is pleased to present a Spring image array posted by Terri Fassio, LPR's outstanding webmaster.

Signs of spring

Suddenly, daffodils!

Tulip emerging

Daffodils, bowed petals

Daffodils at night.

Bi-color daffodils

Flag and Flowers

Next: petals

See the petals?

A lonely daffodil

Daffodils behind bars.

Bronx blossoms blooming

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Canine & Feline Corner

April 5, 2021 --

Puppy Hudson (adorable)

Dog waiting for owner

Lulu's favorite spot when she visits LPR.

Lulu stretched out

Lulu asleep

Lulu in elevator

Lulu in elevator - Part 2

Regal Lulu

Lulu (bottom), Jimmy (top)

Jimmy and Lulu still tugging

Lulu with toy


Ketsy at dinner


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A Passover Moon

April 5, 2021 --

Passover's full moon amidst the trees.

Full moon over street light second night of Passover.

Full moon alone, second night of Passover.

Full moon third night of Passover.

Full moon third night Passover directly above street light and to right and slightly above other street light in The Bronx.

That light just left of center and left of two lights is the low-lying full moon third night of Passover.

Full moon third day Passover 5:45 a.m. now sw over parkway.

The large street light at the right is the moon that unblocked the Suez Canal via high tides. Once this time of year, the Almighty divided the Red Sea; this year he raised the Suez Canal to lift a ship off an embankment.

Moon is uppermost night light. Momela. Make our moon ever livable again.


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Subway Sculptures

April 5, 2021 --

Subway sculpture

Another subway bronze figure

One more of many bronze strange figures underground

Bronze figure by Tom Otterness, at a 14th street subway station

But do they have to take up a seat? (Bronze Statue)


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LPR Photo Gallery

April 5, 2021 --

Bronx sunrise mid-March

March 30 sunrise through window

Sunrise (#2) through window 3/30/21

The Palisades from Palisade Avenue.

Building under construction. (center)

Looking north on Seventh Ave. from 18th St.

Empire State from 18th Street.

Brooks Bros. at Lincoln Square, Closed

Looking down 6th Ave. towards World Trade Ctr.

West 14th Street

New building, West 14th

Looking outside - W.14th Apple store

Apple store interior

Once a bank on 14th St.,now a CVS.

Yonder is New Jersey

W.14th Street plaza with tall building way in back.

A 14th street block awaiting a chic redo?

New park not open as of 3/21

Unopened park beyond pilings

Looking north up Ninth Ave.

Chelsea Market, side entrance W.15th

Wall of buildings on W.14th

Apple store on W.14th

Street plaza outside Apple store on W.14th

Street plaza from Apple store (above)

Sign gives location (Chelsea Market)

Almost completed Bronx building at night

Entrance to much older Bronx building across the street from almost completed apartment building. (The Georgian)

Bronx apartment building back of stores on Riverdale Avenue.

Old Navy, Sixth Ave. At 18th St.

Roadway pre-paving pothole

More pre-paving potholes

Why no paving here?

Residence in The Bronx

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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Let's  Put Some Whimsey In Our Protests Against the Bidenistas

April 5, 2021 --

LPR has come to realize that the January 6 protest at the Capitol would have been far more effective had it been in the context of fanciful, unexpected action intended to disarm the Bidenistas, the true enemies of our legacy of liberty.   Mark Twain famously wrote in his notebook, "Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense."  LPR suggests that "whimsey" would similarly be a "champion of liberty" against our totalitarian foes, confusing them to smithereens.

The melee makers at the Capitol, January 6, are to be criticized, mainly, for having had an utter lack of imagination.  They would have been far more effective had their protest been in the form of what is known on the internet as a flash mob.

For an example of a flash mob, please see this video of "Do Re Mi" from "The Sound of Music" at the central train station in Antwerp. Belgium.


This is a dance flash mob.

Here is a singing/movement-coordinated flash mob, doing "Deck the Halls" with a security person joining in:


And here is an orchestral and chorus flash mob doing "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony:


Here, by the way, is Beethoven's Ode to Joy performed by a chorus of 10,000 Japanese singers, plus four soloists.


(Just think -- what if the hundreds of thousands of patriots who listened to President Trump speak, January 6, had started to sing "God Bless America" after his talk?)

As you see, a flash mob begins with one person, in a public space which  draws many passersby.  The single individual is slowly joined by others, and soon the central area of the public space is filled with performers, surrounded by delighted, and numerous, spectators, forming an impromptu audience.

Just imagine a "protester" outside the White House singing "Tomorrow," from Annie -- "The sun will come out, tomorrow; bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun...."  He is slowly joined by others, until there is a full chorus of fifty or more people singing "Tomorrow" to symbolize that far, far better days are ahead of us -- after the end of the Biden administration.   

"Another group of singers, at the Capitol, could flash mob "You Gotta Have Heart," from "Damn Yankees." 

Still another group, at the Supreme Court, might flash mob "You'll Never Walk Alone," from "Carousel."

And these three flash mobs could join to sing, in synchronized manner, from their disparate venues, "God Bless America."

The key, of course, to this coordinated "protest" would be to tape it for showing at YouTube, so that it would be available as constant morale booster for the Trumpatriotic Americans still loyal to our founding legacy of liberty.

The only question: would youtube post this expression of patriotic "protest?"

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