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September 19, 2020 --

Federal District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan on September 11 received an amicus  brief from former Federal District Court Judge John Gleeson arguing that the motion to dismiss the Flynn case should be rejected as "corrupt" and "politically motivated." 

This, for  LPR, is nothing but projection on Gleeson's part, of the deep state's efforts to undermine the Trump administration even before it took office. Recall that Gleeson was appointed amicus curiae to oppose the motion to dismiss the Flynn case after writing an anti-Flynn op-ed in The Washington Post with two other lawyers.

Apparently former judge Gleeson regards as abuse of judicial process the rejection by an administration of a prosecution brought by anti-Trump forces, and nowithstanding the fact the the current administration does not believe it can successfully prosecute the Flynn matter because of new information brought to light.

LPR regards hostility to dismissal as a gasp by the deep state to maintain a political prosecution brought by anti-Trump forces to make life difficult for President Trump from the very inception of his administration. 

The anti-Trumpists portrayed innocuous phone conversations between Michael T. Flynn, then the incoming national security adviser to the president-elect, with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak as unlawful.

[As it happens, on September 16, a discussion between outgoing Vice President Joseph R. Biden, with Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, was reported to have taken place without informing Mr. Trump, and to have suggested that Biden instructed Poroshenko to keep in touch on policy.]

Judge Sullivan has scheduled a hearing on the motion to dismiss for September 29.  Lt. Gen. Flynn cannot be certain that Judge Sullivan will rule in his favor. If the motion to dismiss is denied, Flynn can bring another appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court.  If the appellate court affirms Judge Sullivan's ruling, Flynn can seek review by the Supreme Court.  Or hope for a presidential pardon.   Should Judge Sullivan rule against Flynn, the matter might well extend into the next administration, which, if headed by a President Biden, would hardly continue to join forces with Flynn in seeking dismissal of the prosecution brought by politically-motivated anti-Trumpists.


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Lonely Pamphleteer Review: Heading Towards Its First Million

September 19, 2020 --

On September 16, LPR had amassed a circulation of more than 930,000 visitors.  If current visitors spread the word, LPR could well reach its first million visitors before the end of October.

Please tell friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances about LPR -- www.lonelypamphleteer.com

The more visits LPR gets, the better it can help President Trump defeat the deep state.

And is there any doubt the deep state still needs to be defeated? 

The website fact is: LPR will not be taken seriously by the insiders, pro-Trump as well as anti-Trump, until its numbers grow into millions of visits, and if LPR can get thousands of visits from China, it should get hundreds of thousands of visits from the rest of the globe, especially including the U.S.A.  Please, spread the word about LPR this campaign season. Let's have a circulation of 1.5 million visits by Election Day (November 3).  And Millions More Thereafter!


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The Orange Juice Industry Is One Example of the Need to Defeat the Deep State

September 19, 2020 --

Please go to your local supermarket.  Look at the bottom of what used to be a half-gallon (64 fl. oz.) container of orange juice. More likely than not -- if it is Tropicana or Florida's Natural or Tree Ripe or Simply Orange, the brands sold at LPR's local Key Food  --   the amount in the container will hold 52 fl. oz., 12 fl. oz. less than a half gallon.  What were once real half gallons of orange juice have dwindled down to virtual half gallons.   

If it is Newman's Own lemonade or limeade, the container will hold 59 fl. oz, 5 fl. oz. below a half gallon. 

The only drink that still came in actual half gallons  that LPR could find was from Turkey Hill, and these half gallons contained different types of tea, not orange juice. 

Why can't the distributors let half gallons remain real, not virtual, half gallons?


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On Normalizing Mideast Relations

September 19, 2020 --

So President Trump has found an unconventional way to bring peace to Israel and Arab States: work from the outside in, rather than focus on bringing the Palesitnians to the table.  Another observation linked the White House ceremony, September 15, normalizing relations between Israel and United Arab Emirate and Bahrain to President Trump's policy of bringing U.S. military forces home, leaving the Sunnin Arab states to draw closer to Israel vis-a-vis Shiite Iran and its encroachment ambitions.

True, the UAE and Bahrain were not independent countries in 148, when five Arab states invaded Israel, nor were they independent at the time of the military campaigns of 1956 and 1967. The UAE and Bahrain gained independence in the early 1970's, but their small Jewish populations were victims of rioting coinciding with the battles of 1948 and 1967.  Now Israels will be traveling to these Arab states for business and tourism; indeed it appears that relations between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain will be warmer than the cold peace between Israel and Jordan and Egypt.

And there should be no denying that President Trump made this happen.  If President Trump were a Democrat, LPR has no doubt his re-election would be regarded by the media as a sure thing, made inevitable by the Abraham Accords signed just a few days before the Jewish New Year. 

One thing is clear: President Trump has made a mockery of past claims that pursuing policies favorable to Israel will destabilize the Middle East and harm U.S. national interests.

Seventy-seven years ago, the U.S.  representative in Israel, James MacDonald,  complained to presidential adviser Clark Clifford that the State Department's policy of letting the Arabs "call the tune" was unproductive.  MacDonald was right in August 1948, and President Trump's actions, August and September 2020, prove how wrong were the Arabist policies MacDonald fought, more than three-quarters of a century ago.   It is fair to speculate that had President Trump been in office at an earlier time, the Arab-Israel conflict would not have lasted 75 years.   And the Rejectionists smear the president as an anti-Semite!


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The UN's 75th General Assembly Session

September 19, 2020 --

The 75th session of the UN General Assembly opened on September 15.  The general debate is scheduled to begin on September 22, with President Trump appearing in person as the second speaker, after Brazil.  What is unusual about the personal appearance of the president is that he may well be the only world leader to appear in person. The general assembly speakers, because of Covid-19,  will make virtual appearances by pre-recorded videos 15 minutes in length. 

The virtual speakers on the opening day of the general debate include Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

President of the 75th session of the General Assembly is Volkan Bozkir, of Turkey. The UN Secretary General is Antonio Guterres, of Portugal. 

The U.S. permanent representative to the UN is Ambassador Kelly Craft. LPR will report more on this UN General Assembly session next posting.

LPR heard a radio report, the evening of September 17, saying that President Trump will not appear in-person on September 22.  Apparently he has decided to address the UN by virtual video like other world leaders. 


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Meet Beesli

September 19, 2020 --

Beesli is a four-month old poodle, born May 4, and owned by Howard and Debbie Jonas's son Seffi and daughter-on law Gesela. 

Beesli stayed with LPR the week-end of September 11 - 13 and made himself right at home. 

The night of September 11, after relaxing near the door to the apartment and in a kitchen corner, at night, he came to the edge of the bed - and seemed to need help getting on the bed - so LPR helped Beesli up.

The next night, LPR was at the computer and did not see Beesli nearby.  LPR got up and, looking down the hallway, saw an adorable dog sitting on the bed. Clearly, Beesli is a fast learner, and will no longer need help getting on the LPR bed.

Sunday morning, Beesli woke up LPR in a way neither Lenox nor Lobby did -- by pawing his back!

Images of Beesli in LPR's apartment and in LPR's cart can be found nearby.  LPR believes these images should go viral.  Do you agree?   

Beesli, like Libby and Lenox before him, draws smiles and compliments from most bystanders when he goes out for a walk.  How can anyone not smile when they see Beesli?


Beesli in the Cart...

Beesli also helped LPR with the shopping ...

Beesli in the apartment...


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Continuing the Tale of a
Special Lilac Tree 
(or LPR Thinks it is a Lilac Tree) 

September 19, 2020 --

In previous years, the lilac tree near a garage entrance to LPR's apartment building bloomed from July until just past the middle of August. This year, the tree is in bloom this mid-September.

The image, nearby, was taken on September 14. 

LPR hopes that this is not to be taken as a sign that the results of the November 3 presidential election will not be known for weeks followiing the November 3 election day.   

LPR regards the mail-in vote campaign as a leftist ploy to make possible political manipulation resulting in a Biden win. 

Garage blooms …


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Remembering "Libby"

September 19, 2020 --

Libby was mercifully put to sleep the afternoon of September 8, after a long, slow acting illness, that finally deprived her of the ability to get up or walk.   

Libby was a beautiful golden retriever, born  March 4, 2007.  She was 13 and a half years old, owned by LPR's dear friends Howard and Debbie Jonas.  She was, certainly, the best dog friend to Lenox.   

Libby loved the attention of people.  She would socialize with the other dogs in Henry Hudson Park, but when she stayed with LPR and was taken to Manhattan dog runs, she and Lenox just stayed together and near LPR rather than mingle.  She was a very intelligent dog and knew the way from the Jonas residence to LPR's apartment building.  She also knew a fascinating way to wake up LPR on days she stayed overnight.   She would wake LPR up by her sheer presence at the side of the bed. 

Lenox and Libby …

LPR would open his eyes and find Libby standing at the edge of the bed, smiling that it was time to get up and take her out.

When she was younger, she loved to trot around the Central Park reservoir, looking quite regal at the same time.  In short, Libby was a very special dog and will be sorely missed. RIP dear Libby.

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September 19, 2020 --

Call them Rejectionists, not The Resistance …

LPR believes that The Resistance refers to partisans fighting to oust an evil, illegitimate ruler -- as the French Maquis resisted the Nazi occupation of France during World War II.  Resistance descends to invidious propaganda when political groups reject legitimate, constitutional authority. President Trump is the legitimate, constitutional head of state for the U.S.A.  Accordingly, opposition to his presidency represents rejection of his lawful election, not resistance. LPR believes that the anti-Trumpists, therefore, should be termed Rejectionists, not The Resistance.

Two questions never raised by Rejectionists?

What if President Trump is re-elected and the Rejectionists continue to oppose him with violence?

What if prior to the election the former vice president suffers an episode that makes it clear he cannot carry the burdens of the presidency -- and must step down as presidential candidate?

What is Happening to the John Batchelor Show?

Usually, the John Batchelor Show is aired on WABC radio in New York, Monday through Friday, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.  In recent months, the first hour was given to Ben Shapiro, a conservative pundit. Fortunately, the first hour was then returned to Mr. Batchelor.   On September 14, LPR turned  his radio to WABC, 9 p.m,, and did not hear Mr, Batchelor but a person who sounded as if he spoke through gritted teeth.  It proved to be former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani,  LPR turned the radio off, and tried again at 10 p.m.  This time LPR heard the snarling voice  of Bill O'Reilly scolding someone named "Bernard."  Again, LPR turned the radio off and decided to see if Mr, Batchelor will be back at 11 p.m. Fortunately, he was -- except his audience had only two hours to hear his informative and witty and,  indeed, educational, broadcast-- suggesting an adult seminar of the airwaves. LPR believes the individuals who now take up the first two hours of Batchelor time are not compatible with the Batchelor audience.  This is not a call-in program. This is a program that relies on guest hosts, expert in their fields, and book authors, sagely interviewed by Mr. Batchelor. 

LPR wonders why executives don't leave well enough alone with John Batchelor, and tinker with the broadcasts that are on air from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.   The John Batchelor Show appeals to brain power.  Executives, please restore the show to its four-hour time period.


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