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April 19, 2017 --

Easter ushering a season of renewal; Passover as a commemoration of freedom
A front page (second lead) New York Times headline, April 13, asserts: “G.O.P MISSTEPS/SOURING VOTERS/ IN KEY DISTRICTS”.  Subhead: “CONCERNS FOR 2018 RACES”.  And below that subhead, another: “Suburban Professionals /Who Take Dim View/of the President”.

Same edition of The New York Times, page A10 headline, “Narrow Victory in Kansas Is a Bad Sign for Republicans Nationally”.

This article, by Nate Cohn, suggested that Democrats have become “energized” by performing better in special elections in congressional districts than did “an unpopular Republican president.”   To illustrate this argument, Cohn cited the win by Republican Ron Estes over Democrat James Thomson in the Fourth Congressional District in Kansas.  Estes beat Thompson by seven points, while President Trump carried the district, November 8, by 27 points.

LPR reads that second lead in The New York Times, April 13, and the assertion that the Estes win “in Kansas Is a Bad Sign for Republicans Nationally” as part of a propaganda campaign to weaken the will of the GOP leadership – with the aim of defeating Republicans in the 2018 elections.  Before Republican officials succumb to New York Times anti-Trump propaganda they should recall the predictions through the 2016 presidential campaign from Democrats and their GOP Never Trump allies that a Trump presidential win will be catastrophic for Republicans hopes to hold congressional majorities.   Those predictions were much more a reflection of partisan hopes, than rational estimations.

Indeed the danger perceived by LPR is that President Trump will abandon his conservative aides and turn for advice to aides, including family members, who may tend to be impressed by – and fall for – the anti-Trump propaganda, spewed by The New York Times, and the other leftist propaganda organs.

Should the Democrats win majorities in House and Senate in 2018, is an impeachment resolution far behind– soon after the next Congress convenes in January 2019?  (Note, too, that there remain Republicans who are still Never Trumpers.

LPR predicts that failure by the Republican leadership to stand with President Trump against the anti-Trump “resistance” will put the nation on the, downward track to authoritarianism.

As a first step in firming up the political will of the Republicans, LPR asks  Sen. Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to  call former  Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper to appear before the intelligence committee and explain his assurance on Meet the Press, March 5 that the Trump campaign had not been placed under secret court-approved surveillance --  in light of assertions, recently  reported by The Washington Post that communications of Carter Page. Described as "an adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump" had been monitored at the direction of the F.B.I, with the approval of the secret FISA court, why did the F.B.I. press for such surveillance?  Why should the surveillance of the Trump campaign be seen as less politically-motivated than the harassment of conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service?    When, by the way, will Republicans gain the political will to unmask all the perpetrators of that violation of civil liberties?  Is “unmasking” to be the province of Democrats with the intention of undermining the democratic process – and not to be used to strengthen the spirit of freedom in America?

LPR believes that former President Obama and Hillary Clinton should be asked to testify, under oath, before a committee of Congress, as to what they know about the surveillance of the Trump campaign --and the evidence, if any, that they have of 1)Russian meddling into the 2016 presidential campaign and 2) links between the Trump  campaign and Russians.  Indeed, the former president and the former secretary of state should be asked about any meddling into foreign elections they may have encouraged, and also to show cause why all Democrat insinuations (joined by Republican Never Trumpers) of Russian election-meddling and Trump ties to the Russians should not be considered “Resistance” moves to delegitimize the 2016 election.

LPR, further, calls on liberty-loving Americans to stand up, in a spirit of democratic renewal, and declare that it is unacceptable for anyone, under the guise of “resistance” to undermine the 2016 election, and, absent any evidence, to attribute the defeat of Hillary Clinton to the “aggression” of a “foreign power.”   No less is it acceptable to seize the defeat of Hillary Clinton as reason to undermine the election procedures established under the Constitution of the United States.

Consider, for example, a letter in the New York Times, April 13, asserting that Ms. Clinton got “nearly three million moves more than Donald Trump!”   The letter went on to call for “something” to be done about the intervention by “the Electoral College.”   The letter concluded: “The people spoke, and the states intervened.”

Letters like this, in The New York Times, represent not merely anti-Trump propaganda, but anti-Constitution propaganda.  Neither the states nor the Electoral College “intervened.”    The Electoral College served the constitutional purpose of determining the outcome of the presidential election, as it has since the Framers completed the drafting   of our Constitution, September 17, 1787.

Clearly, the Electoral College has become inconvenient for the left.  What concerns LPR – is that Republicans will fall for the left’s anti-Constitution propaganda, and succeed in undermining not only the Trump presidency -- but, more significantly, the founding concept of government “of, by and for the people.”     At present, the vitality of this concept has become a function of the political will of the Republican Party.   If the Republican leadership falters, and there is no one to pick up, and raise aloft, the banner of liberty, the nation will indeed be transformed into the very dictatorship the left so falsely would ascribe to President Trump and his liberty-loving patriotic supporters.

May God grant the renewal of the American spirit and the triumph of our freedom over its enemies.

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April 19, 2017 --

Blossoms now, leaves later.

Daffodils declaring that spring is here at last.

A daffodil chorus.

The Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue.

An Easter bonnet on Fifth Avenue - Easter Sunday 2017.

Another bonnet.

Easter Sunday... across from...

...Trump Tower on Easter Sunday 2017.

But at Columbus Circle....

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