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February 19, 2018 --

After months of claiming that the Russians meddled in the 2016 presidential election to put President Trump in the White House, and relying, in large measure, on allegations presented in a dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele, it turns out that according to a New York Times report, February 10, "a shadowy Russian, offered ""unverified and possibly fabricated information" about Mr. Trump's business ties in Russia.

Reportedly, the Russian was promised one million dollars, starting with a one hundred thousand dollar installment, for information on "stolen National Security Agency cyberweapons," and wanted to throw in "compromising material on President Trump." What did the information include? Compromising anti-Trump material, including "a video of Mr. Trump consorting with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room in 2013...." The Times then added, "There remains no evidence that such a video exists."

Why would such information be offered to American intelligence? To force Trump to leave the presidential race? If the Russians wanted to control Trump, why hand such material to U.S. intelligence?

The Times report added that the U.S. intelligence officials broke off the arrangement , in fear "of being entangled in a Russian operation to create discord inside the American government." LPR would ask, what has been the Never Trump campaign to accuse the president of colluding with the Russians to get elected if not a campaign to create discord among the American people for purpose of undoing the 2016 presidential election?

Now add to the Times report Michael Goodwin's February 11 column in the New York Post, that. in part, refers to a State department official, Jonathan Winer, who received "unverified allegations"about President Trump from author Sidney Blumenthal, a long time Clinton associate and with another Clintonista, one Cody Shearer. Goodwin added that Winer gave the information to, of all people, Christopher Steele, who then gave the material "to the FBI" who took it "as further evidence that Trump worked with the Russians."

Will The New York Times ever apologize for the fake news it has spread for more than a year and a half about Trump and the Russians? Certainly looks like the lying about Russiagate has come from the Never Trump people who seemed to have been engaged in a plot worthy of a John le Carre novel, falsely to accuse President Trump of being, among other things, a Putin tool and unpatriotic. Please recall that in le Carre's "The Spy Who Came In From the Cold," the patriotic East German security official was wrongly depicted -- with the aid of British intelligence! -- of falsely accusing the East German double agent of being in the pay of the Brits -- as, of course, he was.

Goodwin pointed out that Hillary Clinton "[thus...paid for add created allegations against her Republican opponent, gave them to law enforcement, then tipped friendly media to the investigation. And it is almost certain FBI agents supporting Clinton were among the anonymous sources." Clearly, this points to the Hillary Clinton campaign as being the source of the material in Steele's dossier -- NOT Steele. To underscore the Clinton role, Goodwin suggested that without Clintonista involvement there would likely have been no FBI probe. LPR would add, that without the FBI and allegations and innuendo and leaks from former FBI director James Comey, there likely would not have been the ongoing investigation -- to continue until 2020? -- of the Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller.

The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial, February 12, called for the release of all Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court documents related to allegations about Russian meddling. The editorial noted that Democrats reportedly continue to defend the credibility of Christopher Steele and his dossier, and argue that the Republican memo criticizing Steele and his dossier is "partisan." We can expect Democrats to continue to see "partisan" method only in Republican attempts to get to the bottom of the real Dossier-gate -- while their campaign to impeach President Trump[ as soon as they get control of Congress is an act of patriotism.


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Red Line

Happy 13th Anniversary to
"The Gates"

February 19, 2018 --

Hard to believe it is thirteen years since Christo and Jeanne-Claude brought "The Gates" to Central Park, coinciding, LPR believes, with the onset of the digital camera age. LPR recalls Central Park roads and paths teemed with thousands of people taking images of "The Gates" with their new digital cameras. For the record, the images here presented were captured on film.

Here is the LPR posting marking the end of this remarkable cultural event. From mid-February to mid-March.


From the LPR Archives - March 13, 2005: Remembering "The Gates"



President Trump's Path to Making America Great Again

February 19, 2018 --

Former Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal explained the secret of President Trump's political success in a Wall Street Journal op-ed article, February 15: Trump's voters like the way he defends himself when attacked.

Traditionally, Republicans have tended to cave-in to political attack. In 1995, for example, Newt Gingrich was attacked by Democrats for being "mean-spirited" after he engineered the takeover of the House by Republicans who were in the minority some 40 years.

During those 40 years, congressional Republicans became accustomed to accepting whatever scraps they were tossed by the Democrats. The guiding principle of the minority GOP seemed to be, "to go along, we got to get along, as indicated by the leadership, 1981 - 1995, of House GOP Leader Robert H. Michel..

But while Newt brought a Republican majority to the House, he did not bring along a fighting spirit, instead, accepting without much reponse fierce attacks from the left-- and expecting that the media would treat him fairly. A call to House Speaker Newt Gingrich's office brought the response he was too occupied working on the Contract with America, and the Republican National Committee explained that it lacked the funds to respond.

What did passivity get Gingrich? He was forced out as House speaker after just two terms, 1995-1999, one of eighty-four ethics charges brought by the Democrats. The lesson would seem to be: if a Republican is unwilling to defend himself, how can voters expect that he will defend them, too, when their vaues are attacked by the left. JIndal comments, that Trump's voters "decided to support someone whose primary virtue was that he would not back down from fighting for them."

Consider President Trump, however, who is tweet-ready to do battle with the left, much to the delight, of his supporters who, JIndal notes, "suspect, with not inconsiderable evidence, that the GOP's leaders have less in common with them that with the cultural elite." Jindal warns that Trump's coalition "may not be sustainable" because it combines the angry, the frustrated, and the those resentful of past GOP leaders "and the cultural elite." The former governor suggests that "the path forward" should aim for "conservatism's natural optimism, confidence and universalism" Well, isn't that what the phrase "Make America Great Again points to."


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