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March 19, 2017 --

A letter to The Boston Globe, printed March 7, began: “We are parents of a Middlebury College student and are disturbed by Charles Murray’s recent visit to Middlebury and the Globe’s coverage of the event….”

The parents were apparently annoyed that the paper made Murray seem “a victim of extremists rather that highlighting up front his assertions, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has called ‘white nationalist.’” These parents wrote that they were “angry” that Murray had been invited to Middlebury and “are proud of the hundreds of students who…peacefully stood up against hate.” The parents added, “We also condemn the reported violence, which involved a small number of people.” How “small a number of people, the parents did not report in the letter.

The parents continued: “In considering freedom of speech on college campuses, it is critical to differential between conservatism and hate speech.” LPR concludes that for these Middlebury parents, free speech, at college campuses, extends only to those determined by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, to be nicely thoughtful.

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni discussed the Middlebury situation in his March 12 column, asserting that it was “commendable” that the students turned “their backs” on Murray, but the ensuring physical “confrontation” involving “only a small fraction of Middlebury students,”…. Was? Bruni seemed to have difficulty with the confrontation, but seemed to have even more difficulty finding just the appropriate word to denounce it. He did explain that he would not go as far as Yale Professor Stephen Carter who, Bruni noted, wrote, in Bloomberg View, “’that the true harbinger of an authoritarian future lives not in the White House but in the groves of academe.”

Indeed. How could Bruni go that far, being a columnist for a newspaper that apparently views hateful, and therefore worthy of repression, the speech of defenders of President Trump.

The New York Times, in a March 7 editorial, strained to criticize the silencing of Charles Murray at Middlebury. At Middlebury, the Times editorial stated: “Thought and persuasion, questions and answers, were eclipsed by intimidation.” The editorial, in the following paragraph continued, “True ideas need testing by false ones, lest they become mere prejudices and thoughtless slogans.”

But in the op-ed section of The New York Times, described at its establishment, LPR recalls, as a marketplace of ideas, there is no room for ideas not hostile to the presidency of Donald J. Trump. The editorial was titled: “Smothering Speech at Middlebury.” At The New York Times, the smothering of free speech is, of course, a daily occurrence.


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Leon, We Are Getting To Know Ye -- A Bit Too Much

March 19, 2017 --

Leon Panetta appeared on the CBS News program, Face the Nation (“FtN”), March 5, and on the CBS Evening News, March 8.  Previously, Mr. Panetta appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and avoided giving a direct answer to moderator Chuck Todd’s question if he thought the intelligence community sought to undermine the Trump presidency. Mr. Panetta’s two appearances on CBS News, first with FtN moderator John Dickerson, and then with Scott Pelley, anchor of the CBS Evening News, have convinced LPR   that Leon Panetta has been selected by the anti-Trump forces (“The Resistance”) to be point man in the campaign to undermine the Trump Presidency, looking forward to the glorious day, in the estimation of The Resistance, when the successor to President Pence, declares, echoing Gerald Ford on August 9, 1974, "'My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over."

How will President Mike Pence become ex-president Pence?  Let LPR put it this way: the end of the Pence presidency was foretold the day that the Republican congressional leadership, under pressure from Sen. Charles E. Schumer, Sen. John McCain, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times, and ER.J. Dionne Jr, of The Washington Post, agreed to install Hillary Clinton as vice president to Mr. Pence, as a gesture towards national reconciliation and unity.  Alas, the congressional Republican leadership, too preoccupied with the thought of vast losses in the 2018 elections, failed to realize that once Ms. Clinton became vice president, could her presidency be far behind?

Yes, dear reader, Senator Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan gave no thought to the likelihood that once vice president, accession to the presidency by Hillary Clinton was assured.

During the brief presidential tenure of Mike Pence, Leon Panetta continued his regular appearances on the national television news programs to express serious concerns that chaotic conditions at the White House had not been cured and that, our standing in international affairs had only weakened, further encouraging an expansionist, revanchist Vladimir Putin, notwithstanding the 30-year prison term given Donald J. Trump as “arch-enemy of the American people.”

The sole positive side of the installation of Hillary Clinton as our 47th president was that the solemn, yet genial appearances of Leon Panetta on the network television news program came to an abrupt end. Along with the Electoral College – but that is another matter.


"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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A Lesson From Our UN Ambassador For the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans to Emulate

March 19, 2017 --

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, as LPR noted, last posting, gave a strong statement of American resolve in her first press conference, February 16. LPR here offers one of Amb. Haley’s comments, as guidance to all members of the Trump administration, as well as congressional Republicans, how to make Americans proud of their government again:

“I am here to underscore the ironclad support of the United States for Israel. I’m here to emphasize the United States is determined to stand up to the UN’s anti-Israel bias. We will never repeat the terrible mistake of Resolution 2334 and allow one-sided Security Council resolutions to condemn Israel. Instead, we will push for action on the real threats we face in the Middle East.”

Imagine, now, a Republican congressional leadership that declared:

“We are here to underscore our ironclad support for due process of law and fundamental fairness We are here to emphasize that we members of Congress are determined to stand up to any political harassment of political groups by the IRS.

We will never repeat the terrible mistake of standing aside while the IRS singled out conservative groups for harassment and allow individuals in the bureaucracy to ignore efforts by investigators to disclose unfair treatment of any citizen.” Instead, we will push for action to protect the American people from an abusive IRS and, indeed, from all instances of abuse by bureaucrats.

Or imagine a statement from the Trump White House that declared:

The president underscores his ironclad support for the rule of law. He is here to emphasize that he is determined to stand up to political harassment of political groups by zealous prosecutors riding roughshod over principles of due process and fundamental fairness. He will never repeat the terrible mistake of accepting in silence the ruthless prosecution of political groups, as occurred in Wisconsin, that included midnight raids on the homes of conservatives. He will push for action to ensure that no political group is again subject to the abuse directed at conservatives in Wisconsin by so-called “John Doe” prosecutions.”



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The Conspiracy Against President Trump

March 19, 2017 --

While it is fashionable in leftist circles to accuse President Trump of “dabbling in conspiracy theories,” let’s not forget the charge of then-First Lady Hillary Clinton, who, January 27, 1998, told Matt Lauer, on NBC’s “Today” show, that there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” arrayed against her husband, President Bill Clinton.

More recently, Ms. Clinton has promoted claims of a Trump-Putin conspiracy against her presidential candidacy. And it appears that congressional committees, at the demand of the left, are about to open hearings that, basically, from the left’s point of view (accepted by Sen. McCain and other Never-Trumping GOP members of Congress) accuse President Trump of conspiracy – for insisting on becoming president.

LPR wonders if congressional Republicans will have the courage to put this New York Times front page headline, January 20, in the context of an anti-Trump conspiracy: WIRETAPPED DATE/ USED IN INQUIRY/ OF TRUMP AIDES.” First question; why were these aides being wiretapped?

And how about this New York Times front-page headline, March 2: “Obama Officials Raced to Preserve Russian Trail”.

Why, at the very end of the Obama administration, where “Obama Officials, ” according to this report, racing “to spread information about Russian efforts to undermine the presidential election…across the government.”

LPR wonders if congressional Republicans will have the courage to determine that Obama officials artfully ascribed their owb aims vis-à-vis President Trump – to undermine his presidency and, indeed, end it – and turned those aims, publicly, upside down, the better to achieve them.

Leftist anti-Trump moves have gone from the sharply hostile to the merely bizarre, as indicated by the lawsuit brought by the proprietors of a Washington, D.C. wine bar to close the city’s new Trump International Hotel , claiming it is hurting their business. The proprietors want the hotel to close, or to be sold – or have the president resign. LPR is surprised the proprietors simply don’t get leftists to boycott the hotel. Consideringthe huge Democratic registration in the District of Columbia, LPR wouldn’t be surprised if the court orders the resignation of President Trump.

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"The Gates" Plus 12

March 19, 2017 --

This years marks the 12th anniversary of that fascinating spectacle/artwork in Central Park, called "The Gates."

LPR clicksters might be interested in LPR's "The Gates" retrospective at:

From the LPR Archives (2/18/08): "The Gates" waving …


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LPR Photo Observations

March 19, 2017 --

Lenox before - on subway to groomer,
March 9
Lenox after - on subway after grooming, March 9, in Manhattan at
"A Cut Above"

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March 19, 2017 --

Proudly Declaring Bias Against President Trump ...

A New York Times story, March 11 reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel would meet President Trump in The White House, March 14. The story referred to the chancellor as “the last defender of the liberal world order.” And the president? He was referred to as “[t] great disrupter.”

A Collateral Thought ...

This latest example of anti-Trump bias at The New York Times was written on March 13, the day before a “blizzard” was predicted for the northeast. LPR understands that all instances of severe weather are now said to be attributable to human-provoked climate change. It might be difficult for leftists to explain a blizzard as an example of global warming – but not impossible. LPR does wonder, however, if this means it has become inadmissible to ascribe severe weather occurrences to “acts of God.” Indeed, LPR has begun to wonder that sources quick to denounce “climate-change deniers” are, themselves, “God-deniers."


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