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August 5, 2022 --

LPR Requests

LPR visitors, please make these verses go viral

sending them into cyberspace in condition most spiral

not that their message should ever become dire

or that they should turn soggy and dissolve into mire

it's only their acceptance for which I aspire

conceding that their creation did not cause me to perspire

* * * *

Hooray for Tulsi Gabbard

Former Democrat Representative Tulsi Gabbard

is not someone to be accused of having baselessly blabbered.

Indeed she is to be applauded for having the honesty to say

The Department of Justice has acted in a hypocritical way,

Ruthlessly obtaining the conviction of Steve Bannon

by twisting into a pretzel a certain legal canon --

the one dealing with the charge of criminal contempt,

turning it into an issue both overwrought and verklempt

* * * *

A third doggerel for LPR's visitors

LPR is on a doggerel roll

and, thus, has now the temerity to assert

to each and every visiting soul

the prediction that the Democrat future is grim and inert

And here, too, a passing nod at Murdoch and The New York Times

treating Donald J. Trump falsely and demonically

rushing to accuse him of evil and intended crimes

a litany of mendacity to be derided sardonically

* * * *

A fourth doggerel after all...
Looking to August 16 in Wyoming

Right now the poll predicts for Cheney 30 percent and Hageman 52

a separation of the candidates enormously wide

One should think that Liz has more than a clue

that her loss will go down as an historic landslide

Yet remarkably oblivious is Liz, current MC resident

She is apparently considering a run for the president

More likely a tv gig so she can continue to grump

about the success of the second term of Donald J. Trump

* * * *

Why Can't House Republicans Learn to Polemically Speak

House Republicans, alas, are given to political blight

Their long suit is hardly a willingness to fight

Democrats harangue, disparage and lie with impunity

A fine example is their "Jan. 6" show trial cartoon-ity

Where is the target of abuse?-- hiding out of sight

* * * *

"Forward" (LOL) rolls the Never Trump Cabal

A new political party is said to be afounding

with the aim of opposing and otherwise hounding

conservative populists who support Donald J. Trump.

Mostly, they're Bushies who, speaking on the stump,

will artfullly deceive people with propaganda and lies

and then when they're called out, exclaim in surprise:

"I was misquoted, my methods are pure;

my opponent is the danger, 'Forward' is the cure."

* * * *

Wyoming, August 16, after the polls close

Lizzie Cheney, who verbally attacks

Donald J. Trump without an axe,

will on August 16 see an end to her fun

when Wyoming's voters say, "That's it, Liz; you're done."


And to think, if her father hadn't been a V.P.

Only as a tourist would she have reached Washington, D.C.

Liz Cheney is not as smart as she thinks she is

The ferociously anti-Trump Republican Liz Cheney

is considered by leftists to be articulate and brainy.

But why oh why cannot she bring herself to utter:

"Biden has raised to $4.59 the cost of whipped butter?"

And so no matter how Pelosi and her panel of puppets

hope to bring about Trump's criminal conviction,

this doggerel of reality-based, and sincere, doublets

predicts the political future will reflect prices concerning the kitchen

* * * *

The media vs. the people

According to a Rasmussen poll

the media ignores the public's concerns,

throwing into a memory hole

the issues whose easing John Doe yearns'

instead, would that Jake Tapper be joking,

the common good is never in mind,

scorning the people, thesupercilious snob go on woking

the masses set upon, their lives daily to grind

* * * *

Maxine Walters as of
January 3, 2023

Democrat Representative Maxine Walters, the irascible,

sends people with mindset harassable

to irk, annoy and afflict the law-abiding.

Her incitement is clearly intolerable,

but with her party's looming defeat not improbable

Ms. Walters will find herself shunted to a political siding.

* * * *

Garland's Gallimaufry

Attorney General Garland (his first name is Merrick)

is probing Donald Trump like a political derrick

his definition of justice

the sly nod to "trust us"

is really a legal hysteric

* * * *

Piling On

Weep not a tear for Liz Cheney

who is as contemptible as she is inane-y

given to political turn-coating

including anti-Republican gloating

her popularity will soon be on
the wane-y

* * * *

The "Jan. 6" panel, very briefly described

Schiff, Thompson and Raskin --

an instigator, chairman and miscreant most leering --

a trio (plus six more) all of whom are baskin'

in a one-sided and unjust congressional hearing

* * * *

An Election-nacht prediction

Watch for shopkeepers putting up plywood boards quite adeptly

to protect store windows against Election-night hordes who are lefty

Cars will be set ablaze, mobs will be looting

and for the tumults, Democrats will be rooting

with encouraging words: "It's yours for the taking,

omelets after all can't be made, unless eggs are breaking."

* * * *

The People vs. Adam Schiff

So Adam Schiff wants to be speaker of the House,

an ambition that's unlikely to be achieved.

It's not just that other Dems oppose and will grouse;

it's that a Dem midterm House win is not to be believed.

* * * *

Let us drink...water?

Milk, by the gallon, at five thirty-nine

is costlier than gas -- that fossile fuel malign.

Are we to conclude, by racking the brain,

that milk's price is now linked to cows passing methane?

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Red Line

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August 5, 2022 --

Der Rosenkavalier Suite

Conducted by the magnificent (so joyful) Maestro Mariss Jansons,
leading the outstanding Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


Symphonic dances from West Side Story

Dima Slobodeniouk conducting the Sinfonica de Galicia (A Coruna, Spain)
LPR thinks this short link should go viral. For 8/19, Slobodeniouk and Mahler!


Will one House Republican explain to Republican voters
why Pelosi puppet Liz Cheney has not been banished
from the House GOP caucus?

Red Line

A July Memory of Rowley's Pond at Camps Wabigoon and Wahanda

August 11, 2022 --

As always, the months of July and August are causes for remembering the summers LPR spent at Camp Wabigoon (sister Camp Wahanda) from 1947, as a seven year -old freshman, to 1961, as a fourth-year and 21-year old counselor. This year's end-of-July heat wave got LPR to thinking of the Wabigoon response to hot July days: all-day swims at our location on the south shore of our lake, officially known as Rowley's Pond. In particular, LPR remembers the comment of Wabigoon head counselor Rusty Grant, announcing activities would be canceled for the swim: "Be thankful you're not in the city on a day like this."

This summer marks 75 years since my first summer at Wabigoon, just two years after the end of World War II. Interestingly, the world has changed a lot less the past 75 years, compared to the 75 years between 1872 and 1947. After all, we had planes and radios and telephones in 1947. All were yet to be invented in 1872.

Under camp directors Dr. Phil and Gladys Brandstein (who was a lawyer in an age when there weren't many women attorneys), campers at Wabigoon and Wahanda enjoyed a variety of cultural, as well as sport, activities. In large measure the culture was some-bred-- with a group putting on a show every Saturday night. The drama staged at Wabigoon in 1956 sticks clearly in mind --amidst a full day of team sports, softball, basketball, volleyball, plus swimming, and gold and tennis, the senior group that year performed Stalag 17 -- where did we find the time to learn our lines?

The boys of Wabigoon probably thought they were going to an athletic camp, but a sense of culture gently intruded on the Wabigoon spirit. There were the annual trips to Tanglewood for the concert by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston. Pops Orchestra (consisting of players from the Boston Symphony). As a camper, I saw my first Shakespeare plays, Measure for Measure at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ct., in 2016 and, the following year, The Merchant of Venice with the marvelous Morris Carnovsky as Shylock. In addition, the girls of Wahanda traveled to the dance festival at Jacob's Pillow, in Massachusetts every summer. Included as a cultural activity must be the weekly "Spell It Out" game at Wabigoon; even the geographical treasure hunts.

The Camp Wabigoon waterfront on Rowley's pond as seen from left field on the old Wabigoon softball field. A fly ball in the lake was usually a home run (unless, in going around the bases, the runner missed second, as this writer once did--the one time he hit a ball into the lake.)

Sunday night was movie night at Wabigoon and Wahanda.

Wednesdays, the seniors went into Winsted for a matinee feature at the Srnd (other other groups less frequently). An annual cultural activity was the group sings at Wabigoon and Wahanda, presaging the sings at the two camps that bought a close to the three-day activity-filled event known as color war, where each camp was separated into two teams, the Green and the White (for the camps' colors).

(LPR was general of the White Norsemen in 1959; we lost, by four points -- out of some 900 -- to the Green Vaqueros.)

Also included as a cultural activity must be the annual Big Show, a Broadway musical, performed halfway into August by the seniors of Wabigoon and Wahanda, after merely two weeks of rehearsals, amidst inter-camp games with teams from Wah-nee, Delaware, Berkshire, Birchwood and Mooween.

The boys of Wabigoon believed strongly that our camp had a spirit unlike any other camp. Part of that spirit was engendered by the all-day swims of a hot day in July on Smith Hill, above Winsted, Connecticut.


"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman
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August 5, 2022 --

Making Clear a News-as-Opinion Headline

"Backers of Lies
About Election
Rise in G.O.P."
[good old party of insurrection]

Why, Henceforth, The Pulitzers Should Be Called The Foolitzers

The New York Times got a Pulitzer Prize
for reporting a whole bunch of lies
that Donald Trump colluded with Russia

The conclusion (it shouldn't surprise)
is that the Grey Lady no longer tries
to be anything more than a truth-telling shusher


Support cooperative
free enterprise.

Predatory free enterprise
is bad for our
economic health.


If we don't speak out against economic bullying by Oil, Credit Cards, Municipalities, WHO WILL?

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