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March 5, 2021 --

First, please read this report from American Military News, February 17:

On Tuesday, The New York Times corrected a Jan. 8 report that originally stated Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was killed after being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher by a pro-Trump rioter during the violent Jan. 6 demonstration at Capitol Hill, noting “medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma.”

The original report on Sicknick’s death was used last week as evidence of “incitement” in the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump. The paper corrected the report this week with an update notice that said, “New information has emerged regarding the death of the Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick that questions the initial cause of his death provided by officials close to the Capitol Police.”

In the original story, the Times reported that “Mr. Sicknick, 42, an officer for the Capitol Police, died on Thursday from brain injuries he sustained after Trump loyalists who overtook the complex struck him in the head with a fire extinguisher, according to two law enforcement officials.”

* * * *

Maureen Dowd, in her February 28 column,  reported that Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger, at the Vanity Fair 2017 Oscar party, denied to "movie stars," thanking him for being anti-Trump, that it was not the paper's "mission to be part of the resistance. Rather, he said, the paper would be straight and combat lies with the truth."  Nonsense Maureen. It is the paper's mission to crush Trump and all that it sees it as standing for, including fighting the truth with lies. Just consider the mendacious story about the tragic death of Office Sicknick, which the Times twisted into anti-Trump propaganda for the purpose of making it impossible for Citizen Trump to seek a second term.

Do you consider yourself, now, a newspaperwoman, or a propagandist shill for whomever is targeted by A.G.?

What hospital was Officer Sicknick brought to? What doctors artended him?  Who signed a death certificate stating cause of death?  Is there any such certificate?   Are these questions irrelevant to the "narrative" in the paper declaring that the officer was killed by anti-Trump rioters wielding a fire extinguisher?   Who, indeed, witnessed the attack?  Or is it the practice of the paper, now, to report events devoid of corroborating information? Why aren't the law informants identified?

Is it because they do not exist, or if they did exist, because the paper does not want the public to know whether or not their account is truthful?

In the old days, weren't reporters on beats supposed to ask basic questions: who, what,  when, where. why,  and how. 

Those basic questions were supposed to draw out the facts of a story. These questions are not supposed to be the pillars of political propaganda. Only the "why," seems attainable.  Because the paper wanted to add additional slurs, smears, creating transparent sophistry to its practice of phony coverage of Citizen Trump.

The paper that deserves the name The New York Pravda published disinformation about the death of Office Brian Sicknick, and made matters worse by ignoring reports that he felt okay the night of January 6.

Now, on February 27, a headline appeared in the paper, at the top of page A14:  

"In Breakthrough, F.B. I. Zeroes In on Suspect in Death of Capitol Police Officer"

This extension of the original January 8 "narrative" is filled with more speculation. A name for the alleged assailant of Officer Sicknick -- the instrument is now said to be bear spray -- is not given; just a report that six members of the "far-right nationalist group the Proud Boys" were indicted for conspiring to obstruct the certification of Joe Biden as president.  Why is this indictment mentioned in an article purporting to provide information on the death of Officer Sicknick?

LPR believes that at The New York Pravda any disinformation to smear Citizen Trump is deemed fit to print by publisher A.G. Sulzberger -- with cover-ups required of his underlings,  including columnists like Maureen Dowd.



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If Private Citizen Trump does not seek re-election in 2024

March 5, 2021 --

First, Republicans need to regain control of the House and Senate.

Citizen Trump and allies such as Governors Kristi Noem (R. - S.D.) and Ron DeSantis (R - Fla.) should campaign for legislators loyal to MAGA principles, including appearing together at campaign rallies.  No presidential campaign prior to January 2023!)  First things, first, and the first thing must be an end to Pelosi-Schumer efforts to crush to our founding principles.

If Citizen Trump announces his presidential candidacy after the November 2022 elections, Kristi and Ron should head up a group of Republican officials and VIPs campaigning for the former president's re-election in 2024.  Election Day in 2022 is November 8, a good omen as it will be the 6th anniversary of the election of President Trump in 2016.  May Republicans seek a 2024 return to the White House with GOP majorities in both houses in Congress. 

Also, LPR would consider Secretary Mike Pompeo for president, if Mr. Trump does not run.

Born December 30, 1963, he is now 57 years old, senior to Governor Noem, who is senior by almost eight years to Governor DeSantis.  (Suggesting a Pompeo-Noem ticket for Election Day,  November 5, 2024.)   As a website committed to the conservative populism of Federalist Papeer, No. 57, LPR likes that current 57 years of age for Secretary Pompeo. 

(But does he have the campaign skills of Governors Noem and DeSantis?)

If the two governors are to be the ticket, LPR would prefer the older Gov. Noem to the younger Gov. DeSantis, who would be perfect as her successor.

Perhaps Governors Noem and DeSantis, Secretary Pompeo, should spend time up to November 8, 2022 campaigning around the country, each of them carrying the banner of Trumpism, and explaining how the leftists lie viciously when they denounce and demean Trumpism as toxic to our democratic institutions and history. If Mr. Trump does not seek re-election in 2024 (LOL) Republican candidates must not attack one another.  They must campaign in a spirit of cooperation, not aggrandizement.

 Republican officials need to make it clear to the base of more than 75 million  -- and they seem to have begun doing so at the CPAC conference, February 26 - 28, and to independents,  that the media not only reports "fake news" about Trump and Trumpism, they lie ceaselessly about this movement to revitalize American democracy.  Why?  Because they see an informed public as a serious threat with the aim, finally, of draining The Swamp in which the hopes, ideals, aspirations of a free people have a habit of getting drowned, without mercy.   

Let the cry go forth:  Drain The Swamp.  MAGA For All.  GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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LPR's Recommended Links

March 5, 2021 --

Dmitri Hvorostovsky ...

Singing Scarpia's aria at the end of Tosca, Act I (location) Red Square; conductor Constantine Orbelian (American-Armenian)



Rita Moreno does Tap Your Troubles Away...

... at the Hollywood Bowl's Salute to Jerry Herman



Dmitri Hvorostovsky in an aria
from Gounod's  Faust


The Magnificent Finale to Faust



This song should have every Trump person tapping away to 2024...

And by the way, isn't Anna Jane Casey wonderful and shouldn't  she star in a Broadway revue,  with John Wilson, his orchestra, and entire troupe, once the lights return to min-Manhattan?




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Jerry Herman Invades London

March 5, 2021 --

Songs from Mack and Mabel at the Royal Variety Performance.


These UK performers, cast and orchestra, don't take second place to performers in Mack and Mabel this side of the pond.

LPR encourages its visitors to forward songs from his performance of Jerry Herman's great score to everyone you know.

What a marvelous distraction from the news of the day.



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A lockdown link of 
Tap Your Troubles Away

March 5, 2021 --

Performed at  the MUNY 2020 Variety Show    For those not in the know, the MUNY is located in St. Louis. But check out the George Washington Bridge as background for one of these talented dancers. 


How about the incredible synchronization?   

Please tell family and friends about this video and that you saw it at


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The Cancel Culture Can't
Possibly Beat This Video
from the United Kingdom

March 5, 2021 --

Have an idea popular demand would ask again for this terrific rendition of Mame, if the populace heard it in the first place.  LPR believes no U.S. orchestra and singing group could perform this version of "Mame," better than the U.K.'s marvelous John Wilson, with his wonderful orchestra, singers (including the scrumptious  Anna Jane Casey) and chorus.  Matter of fact, LPR would like Maestro Wilson et al., to perform at New York's Radio City Music Hall, once sanity returns to our shores, for no less than a two-week run.  LPR would name the visit:  "The You Can't Beat This,  Anti-Cancel Culture American Tour." 


LPR has a good idea that once visitors to LPR hear this rendition of "Mame" they'll want to hear it again and again -- so "Mame" will stay posted at LPR at least through April 5. How about the way Maestro Wilson and his U.K. musicians, singers and chorus play this great song by the late, underrated, terrific Jerry Herman?



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The Times "Account"

March 5, 2021 --

Did The New York "Times" corroborate the anonymous account of the death of Officer Brian Sicknick by checking with hospital sources that the officer had been brought to the emergency suffering blunt force trauma. After all, The "Times" account told readers that the officer had been struck with a fire extinguisher and that  he was brought to a hospital.

It should not have been difficult for responsible journalists to check with hospitals to verify the account. If the officer was brought to a hospital suffering a head wound, how could such injury be covered up.  OR DID IT NOT HAPPEN?

How long will people of conscience allow the "Times" to get away with lies for the purpose of destroying Trump and Trumpism thoroughly?   How long will people of conscience allow the "Times" to twist truth into malicious, malevolent propaganda for the express purpose of addressing what it calls the toxic effects of Trumpism?

The reference to destroying Trump and Trumpism is taken from a David Plouffe tweet reported by Amy Chozick in NYT August 2016.

The reference to addressing the toxic effects of Trumpism comes from a NYT editorial in August 2016. Five years ago, the Obama cabal and NYT signaled how they were going to take care of Trump and Trumpism once he was defeated. THAT IS WHAT ELECTION-GATE 2020 IS ALL ABOUT.   STAMPING OUT TRUMP AND TRUMPISM.


Please take the LPR poll …
… found on the right-hand column on this page

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Shame on Newsmax

March 5, 2021 --

Shame on Newsmax (henceforth here as Newsmum -- for News Minimum) for joining The New York Pravda and The Wail Street Journal in asserting that references to  the "rigged" 2020 presidential elections are "baseless charges."   

Here is the version at Newsmum, February 27:

"As the Republican  Party grapples with deep divisions over the extent to which it should embrace Trump after losing the White House and both chambers of Congress, those gathered at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday made clear they are not ready to move on from the former president — or from his baseless charges that the November election was rigged against him."


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On the Absence of a State of the Union Address

March 5, 2021 --

Why hasn't Imperial President Biden yet delivered a State of the Union Address?  One explanation: he doesn't have to.  His executive orders and actions are substitutes for the State of the Union Address.

Or, if he told the truth, he would annoy the Democrats.  If he lied, the media would ignore the address.

Or, he is just not up to delivering a speech before Congress, the Cabinet, the Joint Chiefs, and the Supreme Court that might last as long as 40 minutes - and if it would be much shorter, even Democrats might talk. 

Or, Nancy Pelosi has hinted that she would expect to deliver the address.


Note to LPR clicksters who take pains to click

March 5, 2021 --

On September 25, 2020, LPR crossed the one millionth hit line.

On February 28, 2021, at 9:06 p.m., LPR reached one million, one hundred thousand and one hits.

Thank you, loyal LPRers.  And thanks above all to the immensely gifted Terri Fassio, best webmaster in the country, for making this accomplishment possible.

Hooray Terri!  Hooray LPR clicksters!  Hooray to Heaven Above!

And please tell others about this Trumpist website, established long before the left started demonizing -- at that point they just demeaned  -- conservative populism. 


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Breitbart on Rep. Jim Banks
(R.-Ind) chair of the Republican Study Group

March 5, 2021 --


Banks, in part, said that House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy noted that the Democratic majority - at 5 seats - is their slimmest in years.   LPR asks, however, how come Speaker Pelosi rules as if she had a majority of 75, while Republicans cower as if they had a minority consisting of only 100 seats, AND what Andrea Widburg, of American Thinker,  calls the Republican Democrats like Liz Cheney and a few others, act as if they held a majority of the Republican minority -- and K. McCarthy lets them get away with it?

If anyone doubts that Donald Trump, P. C. (Private Citizen) turned the GOP, for the better, away from country clubs to the working people, recall that against opposition from The Swamp, he improved peace prospects between Israel and the Arab world immensely.   The Swamp, in truth, has been a thorn in the side of GOP presidents, since Teddy Roosevelt left the White House more than one hundred years ago. 

LPR has a hunch that Mr. Trump has learned how to deal with The Swamp from what may be his first term in office.  A second term, with Kristi Noem or Mike Pompeo as vice president, might succeed, finally, in draining The Swamp, putting us firmly on the MAGA track. Mike Pence, as of January 2025 -- secretary of state?


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An Open Memo for Citizen Trump

March 5, 2021 --

Please, if anyone else  decides to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, please don't mock a challenger, don't ridicule, don't demean.

As for your campaign appearances, if any, don't speak as long as you spoke in your CPAC appearances.   And let them be full of fight.  Not reflections, at considerable length, on the past.  If you were to reflect on your first term, you  would have to admit that you misjudged your political enemies.  The proof?  How does a Republican president, with majorities in both houses of Congress get investigated the two years the GOP was in the majority, in House and Senate?  By the time you might have had a clue that your enemies intended to  terminate your first term, Mueller had been seeking your ouster for nearly two years m and when those years were up, you found yourself facing a House with a speaker who intended your impeachment on whatever peg she could grab, and a very short peg it indeed was.

Your return to public life, before CPAC, went on too long -- or, at the very least, dwelled on the wrong subjects: the wall, the covid situation. as examples.  When are you going to start calling The New York Times --The New York Pravda?  

When are you going to cite the disinformation of The New York Pravda on the tragic death of Officer Sicknick as. unfortunately, typical of a paper that delivers All the Anti-Trump Smears it Aims to Print? When are you going to respond to the imperial presidency of Biden? 

Is he ashamed of America, or is it that he hasn't the strength to stand up to European critics of your America First policy?  You are so right that people in foreign lands who put their country first prefer that we put ourselves last -- behind them, for their betterment, not ours.

You are right to stand with the John Does of America.  But why not, then, recur to the language of your speeches from January 2017 - to January 2021 and return to the Frank Capra conservative populist tone in his movies, summarized so well by Sen. Cruz in his CPAC rermarks. We love you in great part because of your willingness to fight not only for us, but with us.  Make America Great again by keeping your tremendous fighting spirit alive. Borrowing from Madison in Federalist No. 57, you nourish America's spirit of liberty as that spirit nourishes you.  God Bless You for Defending the Constitution and the Spirit of American Liberty.


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LPR Photo Gallery

March 5, 2021 --

Night lights from 231st St. Station

World Trade building in distant center

Empire State rising in center

Old Navy on 18th Street

620 Sixth Avenue (Bed, Bath & Beyond)

5.33p.m. 3/3/21

Henry Hudson Pkwy. Nightlights

231st Street Station with train leaving for 238th Street


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LPR Calls on a Pennsylvania Republican Official to respond to The New York Times

March 5, 2021 --

The following Times headline appeared above the paper's lead story February 28:


Perhaps this example of twisting-truth journalism calls for a letter to New York's journal of disinformation from, say, a Pennsylvania legislator in view of a recent legislative resolution that includes these paragraphs:

THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives—

1. Recognizes substantial irregularities and improprieties associated with mail-in balloting, pre-canvassing, and canvassing during the November 3, 2020 election; and

2. Disapproves of the infringement on the General Assembly’s authority pursuant to the United States Constitution to regulate elections; and

3. Disapproves of and disagrees with the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s premature certification of the results of the November 3, 2020 election regarding presidential electors; and

4. Declares that the selection of presidential electors and other statewide electoral contest results in this Commonwealth is in dispute....

It would appear from just four paragraphs in the Pennsylvania resolution that the New York paper prefers that the standard for election laws throughout the country should rest on "substantial irregularities and improprieties" to guarantee that presidential elections shall always be won by the candidate of the Democrat party.

LPR believes that this point would be especially well-taken if made by an official whose state party has been targeted by a Democrat "drive" to impose one-party tyrannical rules upon a free people.

"A vote that represents free will is never wasted"
-- David Zukerman

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The New York Pravda (ne The New York Times) Targets  a Third Party Doing Business With the Trump Organization

March 5, 2021 --

LPR notes that a story in The New York Pravda, (ne Times) February 25 in the "Thursday Styles" section, about Gucci renewing its hefty lease at Trump Tower, that included  an indirect comment from an anti-Trumper that "Mr.Trump's associations with white supremacists was hardly unknown in 2020" and a direct quote from another anti-Trumper that Gucci is "essentially doing business with a white supremacist," is "essentially" a call for Gucci to break the lease renewal -- or for a boycott of Gucci.   

Apparently having failed at addressing the toxicity of Trumpism, politically, (see the paper's lead editorial, Augst 21, 2016),  this domestic version of the Pravda of old will now attempt to boycott Citizen Trump into economic ruin.



Red Line

The New York Pravda, ne The New York Times, Strikes Again, and Again, and Again

March 5, 2021 --

(Perhaps it should be, nee The New York Times, as it used to known, also, as "The Gray Lady.)

This anti-Trump propaganda sheet has long been placing "baseless claims" or "false claims" alongside its reports of Mr. Trump or his base insisting that there was vote fraud, election rigging, insistence that he won the 2020 presidential election.  Now, this variation of Pravda has asserted that Citizen Trump makes a false claim when he says he helped Mitch McConnell get re-elected to the Senate.   How can the paper know that President Trump did not help McConnell get re-elected?  Besides, has boasting become a lie for this Pravda-type rag? This March 1 article by Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman (why was Martin's name placed above Haberman's?) on Mr. Trump's appearance at CPAC also accused him of the false claim that he won the 2020 election.   LPR wonders if poetic license has, for this propaganda sheet, been reduced to "false claims."

One "game" for readers of The Sunday Times was "Spot the Ninas." Arts and Leisure artist Al Hirschfeld would embed the name of his daughter Nina in his caricatures of Broadway notables with the number of Ninas set forth at the bottom of the drawing.  The game was in spotting the number of embedded Ninas.   Mr. Hirschfeld is gone.   Why not have the number of "false claims" attributed to Citizen Trump set forth at the bottom of the table of contents page -- to send the paper's base scurrying off, every morning, looking for all Citizen Trump's "false claims" from the day before?  Think of all the people it would attrract, especially people stymied by the Monday crossword.


Red Line

A Constitutional Question for Prof. Jonathan Turley

March 5, 2021 --

The Democrats in the House and Senate are busily at work with a mammoth 800-page proposal to  federalize the rules for presidential elections.  Please see the following excerpt from a Pennsylvania resolution to dispute the 2020 presidential election.

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution says, ''Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress.''

Note the language from our Constitution indicating that state legislatures are authorized to direct the rules for choosing presidential electors.

Would you agree that the election "reform" pushed forward by the Democrats violates the Constitution, and, if enacted into law, must be over-ruled by the courts of the United States, including, if necessary, the Supreme Court of the United States?

Please consider, also, this statement from Federalist Paper No. 45: "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite."

Where in the Constitution is it stated that  rules for election to the presidency are given to Congress, not to the state legislatures?

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Support cooperative
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Predatory free enterprise
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March 5, 2021 --

Ted Cruz Sounding Like a Character Out of a Capra Movie -- on Citizen Trump …

(Quoted at

“The Republican Party is not the party of the country clubs, it’s the party of steel workers and construction workers and taxi drivers and cops and firefighters and waitresses,” he added. “That is our party, these deplorables are here to stay!”

Jim Jordan for House Speaker …

Rep. Jim Jordan's remarks at the CPAC gathering were terrific. LPR wholeheartedly agrees with his call to respond to every attack from the radical left. As President Lincoln said of Gen. Grant, "he fights." And who can disagree with Rep. Jordan's indication that where one side talks all it wants, but not the other side -- there is no free speech.   

A February 36 Breitbart headline …


Can't understand what a French city has to do with January 6

What is this recent Washington Times headline all about? 

"Democrats ask Biden to cede authority on nuclear launches"

And why are Democrats concerned about the president's finger on the button?


If we don't speak out against economic bullying by Oil, Credit Cards, Municipalities, WHO WILL?

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