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Reflections on why Rep. Doug Collins Should Have Been On the Ballot in Georgia January 5


January 5, 2021 --

What do the sorry  results-- and boy will the country be sorry within 30 days after January 20 -- in Georgia instruct if not that the Georgia GOP has made a mess of things, which can't be called "peachy keen" except for the miscreants who intend on transforming our country into a political echo of  Cuba's Castroland?

Thanks to Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to secede from the Trump-led GOP and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's campaign to proclaim the media line on Election-gate. -- where's the evidence of chicanery? [all around you, you possible Democrat mole, you -- and that goes for Kemp, too] -- the national interest of our glorious U.S.A is going to be whatever the anti-freedom left says it is.

Good-bye Presidents' Day. Hello Chairman Mao's Birthday.  And since the Chairman  was born December 26, 1893, it looks like December 26 will replace December 25 as a national holiday.  What high school will be the first to chuck its presidential name  in favor of Mao-Tse Tung High School 

Republicans who have, all along been uncomfortable with a businessman president intent on draining the swamp, have tried to soothe the concerns of GOP voters by assuring them: "just wait for us to sweep the 2022 House and Senate races."   Do the Republican panty-waists rule out recurrence of massive mail-ins -- with voters including undocumented residents casting undocumented ballots to insure leftist hegemony for the foreseeable -- even unforeseeable -- future.    Consider, please, the condition of the Republican Party in New York City.  There is no Republican Party in New York City.   Behold the face of American politics by the 2024 election.  Or will we vote by computer throughout 2024, with the Democrat candidate gathering 145 million votes; the Republican candidate, Susan Collins, 156,000?

Schumer of the Senate has indicated that with Democrat wins in Georgia, the country will really get a transformation.  Indeed so.  The old two-party system, long considered a hallmark of democracy, will be tossed aside for the uniparty system, races to be run in "non-partisan" primaries, like they already have in California, where the general election for U.S. Senate is already a contest between two Democrats. 

Yes, when Democrats talk about unifying the country, they have in mind one nation, one party, one choice -- all coming from their ranks.

How bad can we expect things to get?  Hate crimes will be prosecuted for dissenting political views: that is, to dissent from the leftist line will be to harbor hatred for specified ethnic groups and social justice to the detriment of the left side of the body politic.  But there will also be instituted language crimes: using language offensive to the new concept of gender neutrality. Hasn't the Pelosi (from now on, "Pelosi" will replace Speaker of the House as the term for the House leader) already declared out of bounds nouns that point to gender identification, thereby causing  confusion when both parents have the same gender organs (to refer to said organs as "sex" has long been taboo).  Instead of two husbands or two wives, we now have, simply, two parents --whatever the nature of their, uh, organs.

Unless John Durham comes up with a report setting out in detail how The Swamp worked assiduously to undermine U.S. democracy from June 2015 to the present, look for a Supreme Court of 15 members (6 new leftists) by March 1, 2021, and "In God We Trust"   to  be replaced as national motto with: Elites are More Equal Than Others.  And, yes, the country's name will have to be changed..  No more United States of America that conjures up images of systemic racism.    Welcome, come July 4th next, to the Transformed States of America.  

And all because Rep. Doug Collins was not on the Republican ballot in the Georgia runoffs, on  5 January 2021.


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Something's not quite right about the "Assault on Capitol Hill"

January 19, 2021 --

Once again, new Never-Trumpers (Ann Coulter), old Never-Trumpers (Sen. Ben Sasse), plain old Trump-loathers (Barack H. Obama - https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/barack-obama-blames-trump-for-mob-at-capitol-says-violent-crescendo-not-surprising/ar-BB1cxppH) are uniting to blame President Trump - this time on the occasion of the alleged storming of Capitol Hill, January 6.  And with the cries of blame, blame, blame, came the obligatory demands for the immediate removal of Mr. Trump from his presidency, by resignation or forced ouster via the 25th Amendment.

It is all too pat - and predictable, however, as if the hate-Trump mob has decided to make the president's life even more unbearable his last days in the Oval Office. Indeed, how can the irrational Trump-haters not spend the concluding two weeks of President Trump demanding his removal from office. To demand his ouster each day of the countdown to the installation of the pitiable Biden, the Trumpophobes, at noon of January 20, can finally send up the cheer: "free at last," etc., thereafter being denied the circumstances that would justify calls for the ouster of Donald J. Trump - or will we then hear the call: "Ban Trump from ever holding public office again"?

Thing is, after four years of media mendacity, rational people no longer take the reports of anti-Trump propagandists at face value.  And so, with that 93% of the media holding "Trump" responsible for the "assault" on the Nation's Capitol, the instant reaction will be: just who was it that raided the Hill? Was it in fact a Trump-incited mob, bent on insurrection?  Or was it more likely that,  reviewing the event with the opposite end of the looking glass,  certain agents provocateur will be observed in the throng?

Mark Levin, on his radio show, June 6, denounced the throng ("thugs" was the term applied to them by Senate Leader McConnell) for its violence (one woman was tragically shot and killed, the identity of the shooter not yet known.)  Levin also referred to calls from Sen, Rand Paul and former Rep. Trey Gowdy for new election law legislation.  Leviin then noted that there is no need for new legislation on election procedures; there is legislation already in state codes giving the legislatures  authority over elections. The problem, Levin went on to explain, was that governors or judges usurped the power over elections given to state legislatures and, Levin might have continued, the state legislatures did not push back.  Then again how does one push back against a judge's ruling, if not by appeal? Those appeals that were made, iplus the direct action by Texas to the Supreme Court, were for nought.

There is a line in the Constitution of the United States, in Article IV, Section 4, which has gotten, to the knowledge of this writer, no attention since Election-gate. It begins as follows:

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government...." [Italics added.]  One would reflect that where the rightful power of a state legislature over election procedures is infringed by other state officials, the guarantee of a Republican form of government in any state should come to the rescue,  but with its rejection of the plea from the State of Texas to consider Election-gate, the Supreme Court has turned its back on that guarantee -- at least to "battleground" states.

And now to consider the high Court's Election-gate failure to act,  in conjunction with the curious conduct of other courts and state officials (even Republican officials) to rush to assert, in effect, that there was no Election-gate. All of this, arguably, does not pass the "let's get on with ending the Trump presidency" smell test.  Let's test the smell test by turning it upside down. Imagine allegations that Trump was lagging behind Biden in the voting, when the vote-counting in battleground sites was suddenly halted.  Add to this, reports that Biden vote-count observers were denied access to the vote counting. Add allegations that reams of ballots were driven from New York to Pennsylvania.  Plus -- the fact that "mail-in ballots" lacked signatures was publicly known. Just these irregularities would have had The New York Times screaming for Congress to block President Trump's re-election.

Parenthetical thought. With the current rage for name-changing, why haven't conservatives taken to calling the N.Y. Times - The New York Pravda? Clearly it practices the same form of journalism that Pravda practiced in the former Soviet Union: reality is what we say it is.

Now for the conclusion.  This is to posit: show me someone who denounces President Trump for the January 6 assault on Capitol Hill and I will show you a denizen of The Swamp.

Added thought on learning that Biden has picked Judge Merrick Garland to be his attorney general.  With Garland as AG, expect Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh,  and Chief Justice Roberts to come under pressure to step down (to avoid prosecution for hate-opinions), their places to be filled by B.H. Obama as chief justice and Garland to replace Gorsuch and H. Clinton to take Kavanaugh's seat.

Conservatives will be thrown a schadenfreude bone on news that Rep. A. Ocasio-Cortez will primary Sen, Majority Leader Schumer (and of course will defeat him, Biden then to send him to Israel as U.S. ambassador).

Onward to the Green New Deal and candles replacing the electric light bulb.



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LPR's YouTube Recommendations

January 19, 2021 --

This rendition of Peter Allen's "I Still Call Australia Home" deserves viral treatment, in LPR's view.  It is a video from Australia's 2014 Schools Spectacular.


In view of the current entertainment ban

This ban includes suspension of a "Music Man" revival starring Hugh Jackman as Harold Hill and Sutton Foster as Marian the Librarian.

LPR has decided to give its visitors this link to the movie performance of "You Got Trouble" with the inimitable Robert Preston as Hill.


And for those who miss tap dancing extravaganzas

Please check out this link to the complete Tony Awards for 2001

Enjoy the opening tap dancing number and the rest of the show!


For an idea what patriotism looks like...

... ask You Tube for Peter Allen's "I Still Call Australia Home." Singers include  Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Oprah Winfrey.

I Still Call Australia Home link:



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The left -- as usual-- up to no good

January 19, 2021 --

What will the left do after Potus leaves office?  They need hatred of him to stick together, I think.  That explains Rep. Clyburn's call to carry over the trial on impeachment to the spring, if not later, seems to me.  Imagine how at sea they would me if they didn't have Trump to kick around.  What would Times and Wapo columnists and editorialists write about? Open borders? Climate control? Wetlands? Gun Control? Nato? The two-state solution?   Hardly the stuff of circulation-boosters.

The left will keep after Potus the way Big Brother kept after Goldstein; Stalin after Trotsky.  They will hound him until he passes on -- and probably won't be convinced of his death.  In any event, they would hound him in his grave and, certainly, anyone who they consider a Trumpist.  A friend told me that his son's yeshiva held teacher-led discussions on the Capitol Hill January 6 matter soon after it was reported.  What next for this school and many others: sessions of the two-minutes hate, for Trump?

It is not surprising to learn of calls for the expulsion from House or Senate of any member expressing concern about election mischief, November 3 and thereafter.  I admit, however, to being jarred by the report that Harvad dismissed Rep. Stefanik from her (ceremonial?) role at the university's Kennedy School.

The dean who cut Rep. Stefanik's ties to Harvard should be asked:  what individual, group, academic institution, or corporation was silenced or boycotted by Trump sympathizers?   For all the false allegations of Trumpian authoritarianism, who had his First Amendment rights torn up as Pelosi tore up her copy of the last Trump State of the Union address.  The smears hurled against President Trump by the left reflected the grossest dissembling or, perhaps, the paranoia of irrational minds.

Behold the left's current slogan:   The Biggest Lie is Truth, Repression is Rail-guarding Against Hate Speech, Democracy is One Party Rule.

Until now, the world of 1984 was just a writer's analogy into Stalinism. It is time for free Americans to use patriotism as bonding cement against the enemies of the Founding Fathers.



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Pelosi's Secret Plan to Make Congress Republican-rein

January 19, 2021 --

The votes on impeachment will be carefully taken, with the list of ayes and nays delivered to Speaker Pelosi.

Thereupon she will give copies of the list of nays to Chairmen Nadler and Schiff.

This triumvirate will announce an immediate press conference.  

Nadler will list the names of the Republicans who voted nay on the second impeachment of the president.

Schiff, after each name is spoken, will declare:  "marked for expulsion."

Pelosi will declare "so ordered."

At the conclusion of this exercise  (to be known in history as "The Press Conference of Long Knives), the Speaker will announce that until such time as the affected states can hold new elections to replace the expelled former House members, and provided that every candidate takes an oath to support, retroactively, the impeachment of the former president, the House of Representatives will consist of 218 members, with 18 constituting a quorum.

One reporter who inquires of the Speaker -- "Does this mean that any Republican, should she be elected and oppose the Speaker on any given vote, will also be expelled ?"-- will receive an email advising that her credentials have been nullified.


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Predicting the Hearing in Congress Investigating "Trump and Trumpism"

January 19, 2021 --

Is it fanciful to imagine that under la Pasionaria Pelosi, hearings will be conducted to investigate Trumpism?   It is not difficult to imagine Chairman Nadler, of the House Justice Committee, or Chairman Schiff at the Intelligence Committee jumping at the chance to hold such hearings.   

Indeed, it is not even difficult to think that Pelosi would dredge up the old House Committee on Un-American Activities as forum for a probe of Trump and Trumpism.  After all, doesn't Speaker Pelosi regard President Trump as a dangerous threat to our democracy? 

See, for example:  


Just look about. The atmosphere is redolent with the aroma of the blacklist, except this time the targets are patriotic Americans, not leftist fellow travelers and Communists turning for political inspiration to Moscow and Stalin, the Soviet dictator.

(Given the extreme sensitivity for "systemic racism," today's leftists might well put patriots on "whitelists.")

The New York Times would be expected to encourage  a probe of "Trump and Trumpism."  More than four years ago, in an August 2016 editorial envisioning a Hillary Clinton presidential victory, the paper indicated that "the toxic effects of Trumpism will have to be addressed."       



Red Line

The Subject of Executive Orders to Be Decreed by Biden the First Ten Days of His Presidency

January 19, 2021 --

Removal from the Bill of Rights of:

the right to petition Government for redress of grievances -- to be considered prima facie evidence of hateful disloyalty.

Also set for deletion:

Due process of law

So-called right to privacy, including freedom from home invasion by SWAT teams, and

freedom from intrusive surveillance.

Additionally, ID not required for voting -- but then ballots will be submitted for every citizen

Mandatory attendance at  place of employment for two-minutes hate sessions to denounce Trump "and his kind" (students to attend in classes; homeless in assigned parks; retirees in apartment lobbies; residents in single or two - family dwellings, by zoom)

Clergy required to include denunciations of Trump and Trumpism in weekly sermons, as derived from passages in Bible or Koran.

Department of Commerce to require liquor stores to sell Government- provided Victory Gin as homage to Eric Blair.

All copies of Animal Fram by George Orwell to be removed from shelves of public libraries

Travel by motor car limited to members of the Democratic Party registered as of November 1, 2016  -- as part of  the Comprehensive Plan to Fight Climate Pollution

Monopoly money to become legal tender and issued by Federal Reserve to local banks for distribution to all citizens with income below $100 thousand the annum.

All letters to editors to be reviewed by the Office of Communication Control (OCC) which will then approve and forward to desired publication or send to the Office of Beneficial Education (OBE) for disciplinary action [see first entry above abolishing right to seek redress of grievances.]



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LPR Photo Gallery

January 19, 2021 --


Red Ferrari

Manhattan Stonehenge

30 Rock rising behind Tree...


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From an online history source ...

January 19, 2021 --

... Jefferson refuting the totalitarians who would silence us for being "in error" about Election-gate

1820, December 27:

Thomas Jefferson wrote, during the years while he and Spencer Roane and the other initial Board of Visitors were still planning the University, “this institution [University of Virginia] will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind. for here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it.”

—Thomas Jefferson to William Roscoe, 27 Dec. 1820


Please take the LPR poll …
… found on the right-hand column on this page

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An Open Letter of Support to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik on Her Dismissal from a Position with the Kennedy School for Questioning the 2020 Presidential Election

January 19, 2021 --

Harvard's action against you indicates the university has no principled commitment to freedom of speech and thought.  I read the portion of he dean's statement to you and it seemed to me bureaucratic gibberish. 

The action taken by Harvard against you is a disgraceful repudiation of the notion of unrestricted academic pursuits, and forever stain's the university's image of a great institution of learning.  It has become, instead, a pathetic university of ruthlessly partisan thought.  Should not the experience of the German universities after the onset of Hitler come to mind?  

The left's campaign against freedom, today, is many times more powerful than the McCarthyism of the 1950's.  Edward R. Murrow must be disconsolate as he views the current atmosphere of repression from his place in the pantheon of true liberals.

And, to use the cliche, the silence of the president-elect is deafening.  We must not be silent.  We must not let the totalitarians bury our founding legacy and chance the country into the Transformed States of America.

This is to urge you to work with the Freedom Caucus to generate interest in the formation of a Committee to Defend Our Founding Legacy of Liberty.   Please invite the tens of millions of American patriots to join this Committee with the demand  to tear down the new Iron Curtain that the totalitarians are presently constructing, with  a petition headed, Mr. President-Elect:  Tear down this new Iron Curtain!

And please enlist your patriotic countrymen in The Cause.

David R. Zukerman, prop.
Lonely Pamphleteer Review


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A Prescient E-Mail

January 19, 2021 --

LPR sent the following to LPR's Webmaster on July 30, 2018.  The note includes the Plouffe demand for the destruction Donald Trump and his voters.  The totalitarians are now carrying their scorching campaign of Plouffe-ism against all Republicans other than those who surrender unconditionally to the totalitarians.

Apart from spirited rallies with a populist tone , there is, of course, the president's love of Twitter. It is ironic that David Plouffe, campaign manager for the 2008 re-election campaign of President Obama, once tweeted, as LPR previously noted, "It is not enough to simply beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly.  HIs kind must not rise again." 

From garnering  some three million Twitter followers, he now approaches 55 million followers, according to www.trackalytics.com. Trump would not be Trump without Twitter. His use of Twitter as rapid response form, as well as internet bullhorn, belies Plouffe's hope to keep the Trump movement down. 




Red Line

A few additional
LPR Observations ...

January 19, 2021 --

Not Only is K. McCarthy's call for censure a bad idea; it is an unconstitutional idea!
In Clinton days, Dems suggested censure instead of impeachment.  Sen. Phil Gramm stood firm against censure, pointing out that there is no provision for censure in the Constitution.  His sound analysis carried the day in the Senate,   (Better to lose on conviction than turn the Constitution into something it isn't,)

Never had much faith in  Rep. McCarthy.  His turn on Potus reveals a pair of weak knees. He is not someone to stand up to the feral left.


The LPR View of Weak-kneed Republlicans

Any Republican officeholder who supports a second Trump impeachment deserves ouster from the GOP, including Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney.

Any  Republican member of the House of Representatives who calls for censure of President Trump betrays ignorance of the Constitution which does  not state that censure is to be compromise for impeachment.  

More than 74 million voters can do without Republican officials who lack the strength to withstand leftist demagoguery.


Jim Jordan Comes Through, Magnificently, Taking Note of Democrat Hypocrisy.

Please click this link to Breitbart.



What's the left's crackdown on claims of election-tampering all about?

In two words:  thought control,   the stuff of totalitarian regimes.

Conservatives are not even allowed to think that President Trump was shafted, last election by the Bidenistas.


Disturbing News

LPR has learned, January 14, that the American Thinker website has disabled its comments feature.  LPR can only conclude that the AT website has come under enormous pressure to silence its readers.  LPR prays that AT, next, will not feel it necessary to spike its pro-Republican criticism of the Democrat totalitarians who are clearly on course to far surpass the anti-First Amendment blacklists of the 1940's and 1950's.

Conservatives:  you must keep Burke's sage insight in mind these dark days:  "The only things necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." The only way the Bidenista bullies can triumph -- and destroy our Founding Legacy -- is if you stay silent.

According to the LPR Crystal Ball

The ten disloyal GOP House members who betrayed the president and their House colleagues to join the immoderate Democrats in their very meanspirited, malevolent and fatuous second impeachment of President Trump will not be Republicans very much longer, certainly not past January 3, 2023, including Liz Cheney, Republican Conference jackal.  Indication for this prediction?  The new opposition to Cheney as Conference  chair from the stouthearted Jim Jordan (O.) along with solid conservatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Andy Biggs (Az.).  With weak-kneed Republicans like Cheney, the GOP would be absorbed by the totalitarians.  And Cheney's offense is even more egregious if it is motivated by spite, in response to the president's criticism of her father.

Indeed, good riddance to all the Never-Trumpers, who are probably mole-creatures from The Swamp.

This Headlline from the Seattle Times...

...tells us all we need to know for evidence that McConnell would destroy President Trump's base, reducing them to disposable deplorables for the Deep State to devour:

McConnell is said to believe impeachment would make it easier to purge Trump from GOP Purging Trump will also purge Trump's people.


Questions underscoring  Democrat Hypocrisy

Where was the outrage from Democrats when leftist agitators harangued and harassed conservatives trying to have dinner, peaceably, in D.C. restaurants.

And, of course, as many have noted, there was no outrage from Democrats, as leftist hooligans wreaked havoc in the urban centers of so many American cities.

Are conservatives to be treated with abuse, with utter impunity, as were  the Jews of medieval Europe?  Will the rabid, out of control House Democrats next demand that conservatives wear yellow stars on their outer garments, and pointy hats on their heads?


Biden Projecting in June 2020

Biden accused President Trump of trying to steal the 2020 presidential election, according to The Washington Post.

LPR has seen just the headline for the allegation, not the story itself, and so cannot say whether the Post also noted that Biden made the accusation "without evidence."


Evidence the Democrats did not need January 6 to demand the resignation of  President Trump and his aides.

The following was copied and pasted from a Rep. Pascrell press release, two months ago:

Washington, DC, November 17, 2020
U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) today called for the widespread investigation and prosecution of members of the outgoing Trump administration.

“Donald Trump and members of his administration have committed innumerable crimes against the United States,” said Rep. Pascrell. “He has endangered our national security. He ripped families apart. He poisoned the Census. He has personally profited from his office. He has attacked our elections and sought to throttle democracy. He was rightly impeached by the House of Representatives. He has engaged in treachery, in treason. He has all but given up on governing and protecting our nation and if he had a shred of dignity he would resign today.


Questions for Mitch McConnell and Prof. Jonathan Turley

Why isn't a Senate trial of a private citizen not. a bill of attainer prohibited in Section 8, Article I of the Constitution.  Or isn't Donald J. Trump ever to be a private citizen again?   Still, where in the Constitution does it say former presidents shall be placed on trial before the United States Senate.  Why isn't such a trial not a bill of attainder?  Or are congressional Democrats above our Constitution?

Also former Senate Majority Leader after 12 noon, January 20, do you support the removal of any Republican member of the Senate whose ouster is thought possible by a Democrat member of the body, such as one Joe Manchin?




Red Line

A Quick LPR Response to the Second Trump  Impeachment  but With Zero Due Process This Time

January 19, 2021 --

LPR understands that the vote on the second impeachment of President Trump was 237 in favor, 197 against.

The votes in favor included votes from 10 Republicans who should be sent far away from the GOP House caucus. Let them join the party of partisan hypocrisy. LPR cannot understand why RINOs were allowed to use the time of Republicans and were not called to express partisan disloyalty by Chairman Gerrold Nadler of the malign Democrat party.

Mr. Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee was in charge of the House Democrats, which prompts LPR to wonder whether Pelosi held a second impeachment to give Nadler an impeachment to take charge of, as Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff was in charge of Impeachment I.

The caginess of Mitch McConnell to agree to a Senate trial on impeachment until after the noon hour of January 20 means that Presidnt Trump would face a Senate trial when he is  former president. 

LPR believes that, at best, a Senate impeachment trial of  a former president is extra-constitutional if not plain unconstitutional. Should the Senate put former president Trump on trial after January 20 -- perhaps long after January 20, what is to prevent impeachments and Senate trial  of other former presidents, including dead ones:

Jackson, for responsibility for the Trail of Tears, forced removal of Indian tribes from the south to the midwest; Wilson, for blatant civil liberties violations and racism; F.D.R., for forcible internment of Japanese Americans?

Hamilton, in Federalist No. 65 predicted that impeachments could become the tool of the most cunning members in the House, or the most numerous faction.  Nancy Pelosi seems intent on proving Hamilton correct, more than 230 years after he gave us his insight on the Constitution, including the power of impeachment.



Red Line

Notice to LPR Visitors

January 19, 2021 --

This link is evidence that the 46th president will act outside the Constitution, placing himself above natural law


Where in the Constitution is the president empowered to act on purely local issues, particularly concerning school sports and school lavatories?

The American people must use the First Amendment to express their opposition to a president who twists all rational meaning out of our Constitution. Silence on matters like these is tantamount to societal nullification of freedom of expression, and acceptance of "thought control" by the Deep State.    Even the term 'transgender" is an assault on common sense.   Gender, prior to the counter-culture, referred to linquistics, not to biology. Before the assault on common sense, the term, in a biological context, was sex. 

Accordingly, the historically accurate term for people who want to "cross-over" is: transsexual. 

Or does the woman who is House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, intend to send Americans, who dare to challenge the Counter-Culturalists, to reprogramming venues?  Collective corrective camps, she might put it, to eradicate such lies as male and famles sexes, husbands and wive, mothers and father, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces. 

Don't look now:  the calendar says 2021, but the mindset says 1984 -- with Trump the hated Goldstein of Orwell's novel.  

If the 46th president can issue diktats on the lavatory rights of transsexuals, what's to keep him from ordering schools to hold two-minute hate sessions every morning, to indoctrinate students to hate "Trump and Trumpism.?"  (Or will the NEA direct such hateful sessions?)


Red Line

Go Bills

January 19, 2021 --

It will be the Buffalo Bills against the Kansas City Chiefs in the game to choose the team that will represent the  American Football  Conference in the LV Super Bowl.  Buffalo, notwithstanding the New York Times pick of the Balitmore Ravens against the Bills, defeated the Ravens, 17 - 3, January 16.  (The Times proved to be just as wrong in picking the Ravens to beat the Bills, as it has been wrong in accusing the president of inciting insurrection on January 6.)

The Chiefs (and how long will they be allowed to keep that name?) beat the Cleveland Browns 22 - 17, on January 17, to proceed to the game against the bills, to be played on the Chiefs' turf, Arrowhead Stadium, as the No. 1 seed - Buffalo is the second seed.  The American Conference title game should be a quarterback duel, the Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes against Josh Allen for the Bills.  LPR will be rooting for the Bills, the only New York state team in the NFL.  Go Bills.


Red Line

Links to dissenting articles at American Thinker on the tumult at the Capitol, January 6

January 19, 2021 --

LPR suggests that it is not the day, but the skewed reports from totalitarian sources that will  live in infamy.

Here is the first link:    CLICK HERE

Here is the second link. LPR has a to American Tinker at the right-hand column.


And here is a link to an American Thinker article on the timing of the January 6 events, by attorney Allan Favish, who argues that the  president could not have incited the tumult at the Capitol.


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January 19, 2021 --

What a disgraceful fee!

LPR learned January 14 that Giuliani was getting a $20 thousand daily fee from the president. LPR learned about this in a report that the president stopped payment on this [outrageous] fee. Heck, twenty years ago, in connection with Giuliani's property tax manipulation at the Dayton Seaside apartment buildings in Rockaway, that sent the buildings into bankruptcy, LPR knew that Giuliani was hardly a sweetheart. 

Note to LPR Visitors …

Neither Twitter nor any other Big (Brother) Tech outfit can silence LPR -- for the simple reason that LPR never had anything to do with these bullies!

The Truth Slithers from The Swamp …

Mitch McConnell reveals himself to be a Swamp mole, all along.

Eugene Robinson, Wapo columnist, calling for us to be "reprogammed" reveals himself to be Stalinist rep in the Swamp.

A Suggested Bumper Sticker …

Monopoly money is less phony than Jack Dorsey, Twitter's commissar.

John Durham …

The American people need NOW your report on the Russia hoax carried out by the Obama anti-democrats.

Quick LPR Question…

Is the president-elect silent these impeachment days because he really doesn't want to unify the country -- or is he indisposed to the point that he must rest to be able to deliver a (ten minute?) inaugural talk?

A thought on the attack of The Swamp on President Trump …

... and The Swamp covered the entire area of the continental United States, and the Deep State saw that it was good.

And now …

... Donald Trump will have to be Trump without Big Tech.

Another LPR Unsolicited Endorsement To: Bottlerocket Wine and Spirit

A very courteous and helpful liquor store located in Manhattan at 5 W. 19th street (between 5th and 6th Avenues)

Conservatives, here is your link to the new Conservatives National Anthem:


Why The New York Times Should Be Called The New York Pravda …

The title of the paper's January 14 editorial was: "The First Step Toward Unity Is Honesty. "

The banner headline on the front page, however, below "IMPEACHED," falsely accused the president of "INCITING RAMPAGE IN CAPITOL."  It is apparent that The New York Pravda ,preferring dissembling propaganda to honesty, has no interest in national unity.


If we don't speak out against economic bullying by Oil, Credit Cards, Municipalities, WHO WILL?

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1/19/2021 -- LPR invites you to participate in our latest poll. We would like your opinion on the following:
1) The Democrats, in considerable part, have constructed Capitol-gate as diversion from John Durham's work, indeed, to discredit a Durham Report that is scathing in its revelation of the dastardly effort of the Obama cabal to tear down the Trump presidency.
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LPR invites business faculty and media to join our regular clicksters for its view of the economy, among other places, as witnessed deep in the grass roots, and its advocacy of the principles of Federalist Paper No. 57, including the caution that the common good is not served when the self-serving few seek great economic sacrifices from the many.

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