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Why Keep Calling Our Authoritarians "Progressives?"


November 19, 2020 --

Patriotic Americans -- that is Americans who are devoted loyalists of our Founding Legacy of Freedom --who continue to refer to the leftist authoritarians as progressives and elitists, are engaging in the existential fight to defend the Constitution with one hand tied behind their back, at the very least.

First as for the "elitists," LPR submits that there is nothing elitist about them.  They are no more than insufferable, arrogant snobs inflated with their sense of self-importance not to mention misguided all-knowingness.

As for referring to them as progressive, pray tell what is forward-looking about them. They brook no dissent. They would draw up lists to punish anyone disagreeing with them. They declare "No One is Above the Law," while claiming the power to define what the law is for the rest of us. Madison, in Federalist No. 57, gave us insight into those "progressives" who draw up laws for the "deplorables" to adhere to, while avoiding the impact of the law on their own persons.   

In No. 57, Madison sagely says that if the people tolerate laws imposed on them by legislators who claim the laws are not obligatory on them, it will mean "the people will be prepared to tolerate anything but liberty."

Isn't this a problem with Obamacare. Unless LPR is wrong, this law applies to the common citizen but is not obligatory on the legislators. And so, in this regard haven't we signaled the deep state that we are amenable to tyranny?  And don't we fall deeper into tyranny if we accept "lists" with the aim of proscribing Trump voters?   Also, don't we fall deepest into tyranny if we accept the demands of the enemies of Trumpism -- that is the enemies of our Legacy of Liberty -- to stop questioning the tally of the presidential election just passed, and accept a result certified by no one other than a media (and weak-spined Republicans, among others) hostile to the president to the point of opposing his legitimacy from November 3 to the present?

The 72 or 73 Million voters who  defend the Constitution and  oppose the stratagems of the violent left to impose, in Hayek's phrase, the serfdom of socialism on us, must indeed band together as brothers in defense of freedom. 

For the immediate future we must learn the lesson of the dog that did not bark in the middle of the night -- with reference to the curious case of the halted vote count in several states that seem to have ended in Biden column --and ensure that the vote count in the Georgia U.S. senate seat run-offs is on the level.  Let us have no assertions of extended vote counts, suddenly found batches of Biden ballots, a halted vote count to invite leftist manipulation of vote totals, no interference with GOP observers of the ballot-counting.

Indeed, let us have leaders who will brook banana republic tactics to impose banana republic like dictatorship on a free people. In this regard, LPR would turn to attorney Sidney Powell and Rep. Jim Jordan as co-chairs of a Committee in Defense of Free and Honest Elections.

And please the Almighty, may this suggestion be somehow distributed to, and find favor among, the legions of Trump voters who continue to believe in the Legacy of Freedom bequeathed to us by the Framers of Our Constitution.  This then is a prayer that these remarks go viral among the 73 Million.  Spread the word.



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"Batches of ballots"

November 19, 2020 --

A front page story in The New York Times (known here as The New York Pravda) began by reporting that "batches of ballots" were brought by van to Detroit's TCF center on November 4.

This is how voting is to take place in the 21st century -- brought for tallying in "batches of ballots?" 

It seems to LPR that no better way could be found for mischief in the tallying.

Detroit, by the way, was one of only four cities, according to Town -- the others are Atlanta, Milwaukee and Philadelphia -- where Biden outperformed Hillary Clinton. Isn't that interesting?

This story was co-written by Jim Rutenberg, who sent out word, in a column, August 2016, that candidate Trump was not to be covered by objective reporting.  And 93% of the media complied, continuing  "fake news" journalism throughout  president's term, and continuing it even now.


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A Suggestion for the President Should he Accompany Biden to the Inauguration

November 19, 2020 --

LPR would have President Trump, during the drive from the White House to the Capitol, for the Inauguration,  do nothing more than pepper Biden with questions about the phony claim he was a Putin puppet; who masterminded the unmasking during the transition, whose idea it was to entrap Michael T. Flynn; how much Biden will make out of the Burisma episode; and how much he plans to get from China for himself and his family. 

Also president Trump should inquire if Biden keeps his media backing with payoffs, and to what extent he relies on money from George Soros to keep The Swamp happy.  Questions along those lines.  Off the record, of course!

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Examples Why The New York Times Should Be Called The New York Pravda By American Patriots

November 19, 2020 --

The Times, in its November 16 editorial asserted that Biden won "a decisive victory over Donald Trump."

As of November 16, two weeks after Election Day and still all the votes have not been counted, much less a Biden victory getting certified. 

The reaction of the media, including some conservative outlets, challenging the president for insisting on careful counting of the vote totals, suggests the fear that the original vote count was not accurate and, indeed, did not consider, or threw out votes that, going to the president, would establish that he, in fact, defeated Biden. 

In any event, it should be conceded, generally, that the vote count is too close to merit being considered "decisive for Biden."

Further down in the Times November 16 editorial continues to insinuate that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a "hold" on President Trump.  And so, The New York Times deserves being renamed The New York Pravda for insisting on maintaining the anti-Trump propaganda -- that is to say, disinformation -- that it has employed now for more than four years and, LPR expects, will not stop employing against a president who defended the country against attacks on liberty by the authoritarian, arrogant snobs on the left.


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Images taken on a walk from
Dr. Paly's Office on East 60th Street to Columbus Circle on Veterans Day

and A Comment on the Images Posted This LPR

November 19, 2020 --

Many of the images posted with this LPR edition were taken on a walk from Dr. Bruce Paly's dentist office at 60th Street and near Lexington Avenue to Columbus Circle, on Veteran's Day. 

LPR got one image of a dining shed under construction.  LPR noticed several other such sheds as he walked along 60th Street to Fifth Avenue. 

Building a sidewalk dining shed on East 60th street.

A dining shed on East 60th Street.

At Park Avenue, LPR got an image of the broad avenue, looking south, and then continued along 60th to Fifth Avenue and Grand Army Plaza at 59th Street.

Looking south down Park Avenue from East 60th Street.

Before reaching Fifth Avenue, LPR asked one of the waitresses setting up a dining shed, presumably for lunch, if this was the site of the old, and well-known, Copacabana night club, featured in the movie "Goodfellas."   "Yes it is," she answered. Whereupon LPR got images of the entrance to what is now known as "Avra," a Greek restaurant. 

Avra, once the famous Copacabana

Avra entrance, on 60th Street, just off 5th Avenue

LPR then got an image of the former Plaza Hotel which is now half private residences and half hotel. 

Once the Plaza Hotel, for a time owned by Donald Trump

An Apple store is across Fifth Avenue from the Plaza, and Central Park is across Central Park South from the Plaza.  And further west, where Central Park South ends at Central Park West and Broadway, is the Time Warner building.   

Looking down Fifth Avenue - Empire State bldg. in distance, at right.

The Apple Store on Fifth Ave. across from The Plaza - now half hotel and half private residences

Another view of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue

Central Park from entrance at Sixth Ave.

Peering into Central Park

200 Central Park South, at Seventh Ave.

Looking west on 59th Street towards Columbus Circle.

At Columbus Circle - view of the Time Warner complex.

Across from Time Warner, between Central Park West and Broadway is the Trump International Hotel.  Two policemen informed LPR that protests have taken place at this location, but on November 11, the area was quiet.

Trump International Hotel

At Grand Army Plaza, across from the Plaza Private Residences and Hotel, a Statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman gleamed, notwithstanding the cloudy day.  LPR is not aware of protests concerning this statute, and it was unmarked by graffiti. 

Trees mark southeast corner of Central Park.

General W. T. Sherman in Grand Army Plaza, across from the former Plaza Hotel.

Abby and friend at Sixth Ave. entrance to Central Park.

Walking west on Central Park South, LPR stopped to get images of several horses that work pulling tourists in carriages through the lower part of the park.  The names of the horses photographed by LPR are Abby, Chestnut and Rambo. 

Abby, closer up



On this gloomy day, LPR saw no tourists looking for a ride through the bottom part of the park.

Instead of a horse-drawn carriage

Jogging in the park

LPR ended his walk at Columbus Circle and saw that Christopher was still standing in the center of his circle, notwithstanding recent assaults on historical figures memorialized by statued likenesses. 

Columbus, still standing in Columbus Circle is protected by NYPD barricades.

Another Columbus View

To make sure that Columbus would not be assaulted by troublemakers, New York City placed police barriers around the statue. 

Barricade to protect Columbus from harm

Southwest corner of Central Park, where Broadway crosses Eighth Ave. to form Columbus Circle.

Once, passersby could sit beneath the statue, no more, however -- at least for as long as the threat to statues remains viable.  LPR wonders if a new president will end this threat, or see it carried out.

Curious sliced-off design

Another view of those true skyscrapers

LPR also thought the image of two apartment buildings that have recently been constructed near Columbus Circle and are truly skyscrapers, would be of interest to LPR visitors.  Just look how the taller of the buildings seems sliced off towards its top, like a shaved pencil. 

One Central Park West

As for the Trump Hotel, LPR believes that Ukraine's President Volodomyr Zelensky told the president, in that famous phone call that Democrats seized on as excuse for impeachment, that he stayed in that hotel, on a visit to New York before becoming president. What will Democrats do, no longer having grounds to accuse President Trump of violating the Emoluments Clause, any longer?

Almost forgot about noticing trucks indicating that a TV or movie was on location in the vicinity of Central Park South. Signs on trees said that "Younger" was on location, as I walked by the trucks, snapping an image, a woman with an assistant walked out of one of the trucks and headed to a car parked not too far away. 

Shooting "Younger"

Appearing in "Younger"?

It happened so fast that LPR could not get an image of the woman. But then he spotted another woman in a parked car and asked if this was a movie or TV.  TV she answered.  LPR never heard of "Younger," but later, googling, LPR learned that this was a series starring Sutton Foster that has been on cable since 2015. LPR has no clue if the woman sitting in the parked car has a role in "Younger," or works behind the camera. But that's NYC for you, location venue for movie and TV.


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An Example of Vicious
Anti-Trump Slander

November 19, 2020 --

In the context of marking the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht, the nationwide pogrom on the Jews in Nazi Germany, CNN's Christiane Amanpour said that the Trump administration assaulted the values of "fact, knowledge, history and truth" as did the Nazis.  LPR notes that Israel called on CNN and Amanpour to apologize for this remark.   

Rush Limbaugh reported on November 17 that Amanpour apologized for her comparison of the president to the Nazis -- perhaps after Israel called for the apology.

LPR is puzzled as to why it is Israel and not Republican officials who called for an apology to this vicious slur.

Where are Republicans willing to defend President Trump against outrageous attacks?

On the other hand, LPR has its own comparison to Hitlerite Germany to put forward.

The media -- no surprise -- ignored assaults, physical assaults -- from BLM/antifa thugs on participants in the MAGA march in support of President Trump, November 14, in the District of Columbia. 

LPR would suggest that the BLM/antifa thugs deserve to be compared to the the stormtroopers who assaulted Jews and  political opponents of the Nazis in the 1933-34 period in Hitlerite Germany.


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Should President Trump attend
the January 20, 2021
Inaugural Ceremony?

November 19, 2020 --

Certainly, as stated by White House staffers, as he will be attending the inauguration for his second term.  Okay, but what if he doesn't overcome Biden's current led in the Electoral College?   First, would the radical leftists want to see Mr. Trump at a Biden inauguration?  And don't forget the numbere of Democratic congressmen, including the late John Lewis, who snubbed the president on January 20, 2017.  Consider, too, that Biden, more than once, LPR believes, accused President Trump of ripping the soul out of America. 

Should President Trump welcome Biden to the White House, January 20, 2021, and then ride with Biden from the White House to the Capitol for the inauguration ceremony, LPR wonders that he would have much to say to Biden, except, possibly, "Why did you and Obama work so hard to convince the American people, falsely, that I was a Putin puppet?”

In any event, if the president rides to the inauguration with Biden, LPR advises him to have a tape recorder hidden on his person.


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LPR Image Gallery

November 19, 2020 --

World War I Memorial Tower, Riverdale

Once again Riverdale's WWI Memorial two days before what was once called Armistice Day.

Rust colored leaves against clear blue autumn's early evening Bronx sky.

Inside Key Foods, a Bronx supermarket

Golden leaves of autumn.

More Golden leaves

Even more Golden leaves

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November 19, 2020 --

Here's a question for investigative reporters (if there are any left)?

What has White House Counsel to the President Pat Cipollone been doing since the election?   LPR has seen no mention of his name lately -- and doubts that he has been on vacation this month.

How about these  active nonagenarians?

Let's dismiss comment on the ages of President Trump, age 74, born June 14, 1946, or Joe Biden, born November 20, 1942, to be 78.

Think of Stephen Sondheim, 90, born March 22, 1930, and Clint Eastwood, also 90, born May 31, 2020. Today's 90 seems like 80, if not younger.

An LPR Correction

The last LPR, gave the name of the bridge connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island as Verrazano. LPR regrets the error, as the name is spelled Verrazzano, for Giovanni da Verrazzano, the first European to sail the Atlantic coast of North America, in 1524, including New York bay. (It wasn't until 120 years later that the harbor was named by the British!)

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